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Ulbrich, E. in Engler, H.G.A. & Prantl, K.A.E. (1934), Chenopodiaceae. Die Naturlichen Pflanzenfamilien Edn. 2, 16c : 379-584 (Section) Ulbrich, E. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Anisacantha R.Br.
  2. Anisacantha birchii F.Muell.
  3. Anisacantha muricata var. villosa Benth.
  4. Anisacantha tricuspis F.Muell.
  5. Arthrocnemum Moq.
  6. Atriplex chamaeclada Diels
  7. Atriplex cinerea Poir.
  8. Atriplex elachophylla F.Muell. var. elachophylla
  9. Atriplex elachophylla var. tenuis (F.M.Bailey) Ulbr.
  10. Atriplex fissivalvis F.Muell.
  11. Atriplex isatidea Moq.
  12. Atriplex quadrivalvata Diels
  13. Atriplex sect. Austrobione Ulbr.
  14. Atriplex sect. Dialysex Moq.
  15. Atriplex sect. Elachophylla Ulbr.
  16. Atriplex sect. Halimoides Ulbr.
  17. Atriplex sect. Hymenotheca Ulbr.
  18. Atriplex sect. Lobativalvis Ulbr.
  19. Atriplex sect. Nummularia Ulbr.
  20. Atriplex sect. Podiceps Ulbr.
  21. Atriplex sect. Semibaccatae Ulbr.
  22. Atriplex sect. Spongiosa Ulbr.
  23. Atriplex sect. Teutlioides Ulbr.
  24. Atriplex semibaccata f. tenuis F.M.Bailey
  25. Atriplex ser. Austrohalimus Ulbr.
  26. Atriplex ser. Leptocarpa Ulbr.
  27. Atriplex ser. Morrisia Ulbr.
  28. Atriplex ser. Parvilobae Benth.
  29. Atriplex ser. Stipitata Ulbr.
  30. Atriplex ser. Velutinella Ulbr.
  31. Atriplex ser. Vesicariae Benth.
  32. Austrobassia Ulbr.
  33. Austrobassia brachyptera (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  34. Austrobassia convexula (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  35. Austrobassia costata (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  36. Austrobassia decurrens (J.M.Black) Ulbr.
  37. Austrobassia intricata (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  38. Austrobassia longicuspis (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  39. Austrobassia luehmannii (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  40. Austrobassia parallelicuspis (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  41. Austrobassia parviflora (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  42. Austrobassia sclerolaenoides (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  43. Austrobassia Ulbr. sect. Austrobassia
  44. Austrobassia sect. Orthospermae Ulbr.
  45. Austrobassia sect. Stelligerae Ulbr.
  46. Austrobassia sect. Ventricosae Ulbr.
  47. Austrobassia stelligera (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  48. Austrobassia tatei (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  49. Austrobassia ventricosa (J.M.Black) Ulbr.
  50. Bassia convexula R.H.Anderson
  51. Bassia costata R.H.Anderson
  52. Bassia decurrens J.M.Black
  53. Bassia intricata R.H.Anderson
  54. Bassia limbata J.M.Black
  55. Bassia litoralis Diels
  56. Bassia longicuspis F.Muell.
  57. Bassia luehmannii F.Muell.
  58. Bassia obliquicuspis R.H.Anderson
  59. Bassia paradoxa var. latifolia J.M.Black
  60. Bassia parallelicuspis R.H.Anderson
  61. Bassia parviflora R.H.Anderson
  62. Bassia patenticuspis R.H.Anderson
  63. Bassia sect. Muricatae Ulbr.
  64. Bassia sect. Uncinatae Ulbr.
  65. Bassia tatei F.Muell.
  66. Bassia ventricosa J.M.Black
  67. Blitum atriplicinum F.Muell.
  68. Chenopodium sect. Euchenopodium Ulbr.
  69. Dissocarpus paradoxus (R.Br.) F.Muell. ex Ulbr.
  70. Dissocarpus paradoxus var. latifolius (J.M.Black) Ulbr.
  71. Dissocarpus paradoxus (R.Br.) F.Muell. ex Ulbr. var. paradoxus
  72. Duriala (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  73. Duriala villosa (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  74. Echinopsilon sclerolaenoides F.Muell.
  75. Enchylaena villosa F.Muell.
  76. Haloxanthium Ulbr.
  77. Haloxanthium fissivalve (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  78. Haloxanthium quadrivalvatum (Diels) Ulbr.
  79. Kentropsis eriacantha F.Muell.
  80. Kochia brownii Ulbr.
  81. Kochia sect. Austrokochia Ulbr.
  82. Maireana stelligera F.Muell.
  83. Neopreissia Ulbr.
  84. Neopreissia cinerea (Poir.) Ulbr.
  85. Neopreissia isatidea (Moq.) Ulbr.
  86. Rumicastrum Ulbr.
  87. Rumicastrum chamaecladum (Diels) Ulbr.
  88. Salicornia blackiana Ulbr.
  89. Salicornia pachystachya J.M.Black
  90. Sclerobassia Ulbr.
  91. Sclerobassia litoralis (Diels) Ulbr.
  92. Scleroblitum Ulbr.
  93. Scleroblitum atriplicinum (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  94. Sclerochlamys brachyptera F.Muell.
  95. Sclerolaena R.Br.
  96. Sclerolaena eriacantha (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  97. Sclerolaena limbata (J.M.Black) Ulbr.
  98. Sclerolaena muricata var. birchii (F.Muell.) Domin ex Ulbr.
  99. Sclerolaena muricata var. villosa (Benth.) Ulbr.
  100. Sclerolaena obliquicuspis (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  101. Sclerolaena paradoxa R.Br.
  102. Sclerolaena patenticuspis (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr.
  103. Sclerolaena sect. Anisacantha (R.Br.) Ulbr.
  104. Sclerolaena sect. Astrocarpa Ulbr.
  105. Sclerolaena R.Br. sect. Sclerolaena
  106. Sclerolaena tricuspis (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  107. Suaeda sect. Salsina Moq.

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