Vascular Plants

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Persoon, C.H. (1805), Synopsis plantarum, seu enchiridium botanicum, complectens enumerationem systematicam specierum 1 : 1-546 (Section) Persoon, C.H. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Achyranthes javanica (Burm.f.) Pers.
  2. Anthriscus Pers.
  3. Arenaria sect. Spergularia Pers.
  4. Arenaria subg. Spergularia Pers.
  5. Avena redolens (Vahl) Pers.
  6. Beckea Pers.
  7. Brugmansia Pers.
  8. Brugmansia x candida Pers.
  9. Calanchoe Pers.
  10. Calanchoe pinnata Pers.
  11. Canthium cymosum Pers.
  12. Cassia fistula L.
  13. Cassia rotundifolia Pers.
  14. Cathartocarpus Pers.
  15. Cathartocarpus fistula (L.) Pers.
  16. Celtis sinensis Pers.
  17. Cerastium diffusum Pers.
  18. Cerbera peruviana Pers.
  19. Conospermum smithii Pers.
  20. Convolvulus biflorus L.
  21. Cotyledon pinnata Lam.
  22. Cryptandra australis Pers.
  23. Cryptospermum Young ex Pers.
  24. Cryptospermum youngii Pers.
  25. Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.
  26. Daviesia ericoides (Vent.) Pers.
  27. Daviesia juncea (Schrad. & J.C.Wendl.) Pers.
  28. Digitaria distachya Pers.
  29. Digitaria humifusa Pers.
  30. Digitaria longiflora (Retz.) Pers.
  31. Drosera pedata Pers.
  32. Eleusine filiformis Pers.
  33. Epacris juniperina J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  34. Eriostemon australasium Pers.
  35. Eriostemon australasius Pers.
  36. Erythraea maritima (L.) Pers.
  37. Erythraea spicata (L.) Pers.
  38. Escallonia rubra (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers.
  39. Festuca ciliata Pers.
  40. Festuca phleoides Gilib.
  41. Gentiana maritima L.
  42. Gentiana spicata L.
  43. Goodenia albida Sm.
  44. Goodenia laevigata Curtis
  45. Goodenia radicans (Cav.) Pers.
  46. Holcus dora Mieg
  47. Holcus halepensis L.
  48. Holcus nitidus Vahl
  49. Holcus redolens Vahl
  50. Holcus sorghum L.
  51. Hordeum sativum Pers.
  52. Hydrocotyle repanda Pers.
  53. Hypolytrum Rich. ex Pers.
  54. Hypolytrum latifolium Rich. ex Pers.
  55. Ipomoea biflorus (L.) Pers.
  56. Iresine javanica Burm.f.
  57. Jasminum acuminatum (Lam.) Pers.
  58. Jasminum australe Pers.
  59. Kalanchoe pinnata (Lam.) Pers.
  60. Koeleria Pers.
  61. Koeleria cristata Pers.
  62. Koeleria phleoides (Gilib.) Pers.
  63. Lepironia (R.Br.) Rich.
  64. Lepironia mucronata Rich. ex Pers.
  65. Lolium perenne var. cristatum Pers.
  66. Lolium perenne L. var. perenne
  67. Medeola angustifolia Aiton
  68. Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill var. arvensis
  69. Myosotis arvensis var. sylvatica (Hoffm.) Pers.
  70. Myosotis arvensis var. versicolor Pers.
  71. Myosotis sylvatica Hoffm.
  72. Oenothera suaveolens Pers.
  73. Ottelia Pers.
  74. Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers.
  75. Panicum dactylon L.
  76. Panicum miliaceum L.
  77. Panicum milium Pers.
  78. Panicum pubiflorum D.Dietr.
  79. Paspalum longiflorum Retz.
  80. Peroa Pers.
  81. Peroa microphylla Pers.
  82. Persoonia hirsuta Pers.
  83. Persoonia laurina Pers.
  84. Persoonia salicina Pers.
  85. Pimpinella leptophylla Pers.
  86. Polygonum australe Thiéb.-Bern. ex Pers.
  87. Polygonum mite Pers.
  88. Polygonum monspeliense Thiéb.-Bern. ex Pers.
  89. Polygonum nodosum Pers.
  90. Potamogeton filiformis Pers.
  91. Pultenaea ericoides Vent.
  92. Pultenaea juncea (Schrad. & J.C.Wendl.) Willd.
  93. Pultenaea tuberculata Pers.
  94. Ripogonum J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  95. Ripogonum scandens J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  96. Samolus repens (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) Pers.
  97. Scaevola laevigata (Curtis) Pers.
  98. Scaevola laevigata var. albida (Sm.) Pers.
  99. Scaevola laevigata (Curtis) Pers. var. laevigata
  100. Scirpus americanus Pers.
  101. Selliera radicans Cav.
  102. Sheffieldia repens J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  103. Solanum hispidum Pers.
  104. Solanum nigrum L. subsp. nigrum
  105. Solanum nigrum subsp. villosum (L.) Pers.
  106. Solanum nigrum var. villosum L.
  107. Solanum reclinatum L'Hér. ex Pers.
  108. Solanum stellatum Ruiz & Pav.
  109. Sophora juncea Schrad. & J.C.Wendl.
  110. Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers.
  111. Sorghum nitidum (Vahl) Pers.
  112. Sorghum vulgare Pers.
  113. Spergula villosa Pers.
  114. Stereoxylon rubrum Ruiz & Pav.
  115. Stratiotes alismoides L.
  116. Styphelia humifusa (Cav.) Pers.
  117. Styphelia juniperina (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) Pers.
  118. Styphelia procumbens (Cav.) Pers.
  119. Tetratheca ericaefolia Pers.
  120. Tetratheca ericifolia Pers.
  121. Tetratheca oppositifolia Pers.
  122. Thuarea Pers.
  123. Thuarea sarmentosa Pers.
  124. Trisetum Pers.
  125. Trisetum pratense Pers.
  126. Triticum pungens Pers.
  127. Ventenatia humifusa Cav.
  128. Ventenatia procumbens Cav.
  129. Xanthorrhoea resinosa Pers.

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