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Barlow, B.A. (1974), A revision of Loranthaceae of New Guinea and the south-western Pacific. Australian Journal of Botany 22(3) : 531-621 (Paper) Barlow, B.A. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Aciella dictyophleba (F.Muell.) Tiegh.
  2. Aciella pyramidata Tiegh.
  3. Amyema Tiegh.
  4. Amyema angularis Barlow
  5. Amyema friesiana (K.Schum.) Danser
  6. Amyema friesianum Barlow
  7. Amyema involvens Barlow
  8. Amyema ovariosa Danser
  9. Amyema scandens (Tiegh.) Danser
  10. Amyema scandens subsp. plicatula (K.Krause) Barlow
  11. Amyema scandens subsp. plicatulum Barlow
  12. Amyema seemeniana (K.Schum.) Danser
  13. Amyema seemeniana subsp. flexuosa Barlow
  14. Amyema seemenianum subsp. flexuosum Barlow
  15. Amylotheca Tiegh.
  16. Amylotheca banksiana (Guillaumin) Barlow
  17. Amylotheca dictyophleba (F.Muell.) Tiegh.
  18. Amylotheca hollrungii (K.Schum.) Tiegh.
  19. Amylotheca pyramidata (Tiegh.) Danser
  20. Amylotheca sect. Decaisnina (Tiegh.) Engl. & K.Krause
  21. Amylotheca triflora (Span.) Danser
  22. Cecarria Barlow
  23. Cecarria obtusifolia (Merr.) Barlow
  24. Dactyliophora Tiegh.
  25. Dactyliophora novae-guineae (F.M.Bailey) Danser
  26. Dactyliophora salomonia Danser
  27. Dactyliophora verticillata (Scheff.) Tiegh.
  28. Decaisnina Tiegh.
  29. Decaisnina hollrungii (K.Schum.) Barlow
  30. Decaisnina triflora (Span.) Tiegh.
  31. Dendrophthoe pelagica Barlow
  32. Dendrophthoe verticillata Scheff.
  33. Elytranthe banksiana Guillaumin
  34. Elytranthe hollrungii (K.Schum.) Engl.
  35. Elytranthe triflora (Span.) Engl.
  36. Lepeostegeres deciduus Barlow
  37. Loranthaceae Juss.
  38. Loranthus hollrungii K.Schum.
  39. Loranthus novae-guineae F.M.Bailey
  40. Loranthus plicatulus K.Krause
  41. Loranthus signatus var. petiolatus Blakely ex C.T.White
  42. Loranthus triflorus Span.
  43. Macrosolen (Blume) Blume ex Schult.f.
  44. Macrosolen cochinchinensis (Lour.) Tiegh.
  45. Macrosolen cochinchinensis (Lour.) Tiegh. var. cochinchinensis
  46. Macrosolen cochinchinensis var. lanceolatus Barlow
  47. Tetradyas perfoliata Danser
  48. Treubella Tiegh.

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