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Thompson, J. (1978), Tremandraceae. Contributions from the New South Wales National Herbarium, Flora Series 111 : 1-21 (Paper) Thompson, J. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Boronia polygalifolia Sm.
  2. Tetratheca Sm.
  3. Tetratheca aff. ericifolia
  4. Tetratheca baueraefolia Schuch.
  5. Tetratheca bauerifolia F.Muell. ex Schuch.
  6. Tetratheca calva F.Muell. ex Schuch.
  7. Tetratheca calva var. hispidula Schuch.
  8. Tetratheca calva var. pulchella F.Muell. ex Schuch.
  9. Tetratheca ciliata Lindl.
  10. Tetratheca ciliata var. alba Ewart
  11. Tetratheca ciliata var. glabra Schuch.
  12. Tetratheca decora Joy Thomps.
  13. Tetratheca denticulata Sieber ex Spreng.
  14. Tetratheca ericifolia Sm.
  15. Tetratheca ericifolia var. aphylla F.Muell.
  16. Tetratheca ericifolia var. rubaeoides Benth.
  17. Tetratheca ericifolia var. rubioides (A.Cunn.) Benth.
  18. Tetratheca ericifolia var. thymifolia (Sm.) Maiden & Betche
  19. Tetratheca ericoides Planch.
  20. Tetratheca glandulosa Sm.
  21. Tetratheca glandulosa Labill.
  22. Tetratheca glandulosa var. angustifolia Schuch.
  23. Tetratheca glandulosa var. glabrata Schuch.
  24. Tetratheca glandulosa var. orbifolia Blakely ex Court
  25. Tetratheca glandulosa var. pilosa Hook.f.
  26. Tetratheca juncea Sm.
  27. Tetratheca labillardierei Joy Thomps.
  28. Tetratheca neglecta Joy Thomps.
  29. Tetratheca oppositifolia Pers.
  30. Tetratheca pilosa Labill.
  31. Tetratheca pilosa subsp. latifolia Joy Thomps.
  32. Tetratheca pilosa Labill. subsp. pilosa
  33. Tetratheca pilosa var. calva Rodway
  34. Tetratheca pilosa var. denticulata (Sieber ex Spreng.) Benth.
  35. Tetratheca pilosa var. denticulata Sieber ex Steetz
  36. Tetratheca pilosa var. procumbens (Gunn ex Hook.f.) Benth.
  37. Tetratheca procumbens Gunn ex Hook.f.
  38. Tetratheca richardsiana Blakely
  39. Tetratheca rubiaeoides A.Cunn.
  40. Tetratheca rubioides A.Cunn.
  41. Tetratheca rupicola Joy Thomps.
  42. Tetratheca shiressii Blakely
  43. Tetratheca subaphylla Benth.
  44. Tetratheca thymifolia Sm.
  45. Tetratheca thymifolia f. latifolia Domin
  46. Tetratheca thymifolia var. angustifolia Schuch.
  47. Tetratheca thymifolia var. hebecarpa Schuch.
  48. Tetratheca thymifolia var. latifolia Schuch.
  49. Tetratheca thymifolia var. leiocarpa Schuch.
  50. Tetratheca unnamed species
  51. Tremandraceae R.Br. ex DC.

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