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Alderwerelt van Rosenburgh, C.R.W.K. van (1908), Malayan Ferns : null - null (Section) Alderwerelt van Rosenburgh, C.R.W.K. van Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Adiantum affine Willd.
  2. Adiantum diaphanum var. affine (Willd.) Alderw.
  3. Anisogonium C.Presl
  4. Blechnum orientale var. undulatum Hook.
  5. Davallia elata (G.Forst.) Sw.
  6. Davallia lindleyi Hook.
  7. Davallia solida var. caudata Hook.
  8. Davallia solida var. lindleyi (Hook.) Alderw.
  9. Davallia solida var. ornata Mett. ex Kuhn
  10. Didymoglossum latealatum Bosch
  11. Digrammaria robusta Fée
  12. Diplazium accedens Blume
  13. Diplazium pallidum (Blume) T.Moore
  14. Diplazium proliferum var. accedens (Blume) Alderw.
  15. Diplazium proliferum var. robustum (Fée) Alderw.
  16. Diplazium sect. Anisogonium (C.Presl) Alderw.
  17. Diplazium sect. Eudiplazium Alderw.
  18. Dryopteris dissecta (G.Forst.) Kuntze
  19. Dryopteris setigera var. pallida (Brack.) Alderw.
  20. Dryopteris sumatrana Alderw.
  21. Hymenophyllum australe var. atrovirens Alderw.
  22. Hymenophyllum formosum Brack.
  23. Hymenophyllum sect. Euhymenophyllum Alderw.
  24. Hymenophyllum sect. Leptoconium Alderw.
  25. Hypolepis sect. Euhypolepis Alderw.
  26. Lindsaea orbiculata var. polymorpha (Hook. & Grev.) Alderw.
  27. Lindsaea polymorpha Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.
  28. Lindsaea sect. Synaphlebium Alderw.
  29. Lindsaya orbiculata var. polymorpha Alderw.
  30. Lomaria elongata Blume
  31. Lomaria patersoni var. elongata Alderw.
  32. Lomaria patersonii var. elongata (Blume) Alderw.
  33. Lygodium circinnatum var. monstruosum Alderw.
  34. Lygodium sect. Eulygodium Alderw.
  35. Nephrolepis sect. Lindsayopsis Alderw.
  36. Notholaena densa J.Sm.
  37. Notholaena hirsuta var. densa (J.Sm.) Alderw.
  38. Notholaena hirsuta (Poir.) Desv. var. hirsuta
  39. Polypodium pallidum Brack.
  40. Polypodium subauriculatum var. serratifolium Alderw.
  41. Pteris sect. Litobrochia Alderw.
  42. Schizaea sect. Euschizaea Alderw.
  43. Schizaea sect. Lophidium Alderw.
  44. Trichomanes [f.] Trichomanes Alderw.
  45. Trichomanes bimarginatum (Bosch) Bosch
  46. Trichomanes bipunctatum Poir. var. bipunctatum
  47. Trichomanes bipunctatum var. latealatum (Bosch) Alderw.
  48. Trichomanes humile G.Forst.
  49. Trichomanes sect. Leptomanes Prantl
  50. Trichomanes serrulatum Alderw.

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