Vascular Plants

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Hooker, J.D. in Hooker, W.J. (ed.) (1840), Contributions towards a Flora of Van Dieman's Land, chiefly from the collections of Ronald Gunn., Esq., and the late Mr Lawrence. The Journal of Botany 2 : 399-421 (Paper) Hooker, J.D. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Boronia hyssopifolia Hook.f.
  2. Boronia nana Hook.
  3. Boronia pilosa Labill.
  4. Boronia tetrandra var. floribunda Hook.
  5. Boronia tetrandra var. grandiflora Hook.
  6. Boronia tetrandra var. laricifolia Hook.
  7. Boronia tetrandra var. pilosa (Labill.) Hook.
  8. Boronia tetrandra var. terminiflora Hook.
  9. Boronia tetrandra Labill. var. tetrandra
  10. Cardamine heterophylla Hook. var. heterophylla
  11. Cardamine heterophylla var. minor Hook.
  12. Dodonaea aspleniifolia var. arborescens Hook.f.
  13. Dodonaea aspleniifolia Rudge var. aspleniifolia
  14. Dodonaea aspleniifolia var. β Hook.f.
  15. Eriostemon virgatus A.Cunn. ex Hook.f.
  16. Fagus L.
  17. Fagus cunninghami Hook.
  18. Fagus cunninghamii Hook.
  19. Hibbertia procumbens var. pilosa Hook.f.
  20. Hibbertia procumbens (Labill.) DC. var. procumbens
  21. Lasiopetalum dasyphyllum Hook.f.
  22. Lavatera australis A.Cunn. ex Hook.f.
  23. Lavatera plebeia var. tomentosa Hook.
  24. Lavatera plebeja Hook.
  25. Lavatera plebeja var. tomentosa Hook.
  26. Lepidium cuneifolium DC.
  27. Ranunculus pimpinellifolius var. glabrior Hook.
  28. Sida tasmanica Hook.
  29. Sida tasmannica Hook.
  30. Spergula affinis Hook.
  31. Stellaria flaccida [unranked] β Hook.
  32. Stellaria graminea L.

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