Vascular Plants

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Presl, C.B. [K.B.] (1851), Epimeliae Botanicae : null - null (Section) Presl, C.B. [K.B.] Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Acrostichum grande A.Cunn. ex C.Fraser & Hook.
  2. Acrostichum repandum Blume
  3. Acrostichum reticulatum Kaulf.
  4. Acrostichum spicatum L.f.
  5. Anetium reticulatum (Kaulf.) C.Presl
  6. Anetium sect. Hymenodium C.Presl
  7. Asplenium attenuatum R.Br.
  8. Asplenium excisum C.Presl
  9. Asplenium falcatum Lam.
  10. Asplenium furcatum Thunb.
  11. Asplenium nidus L.
  12. Asplenium polyodon G.Forst.
  13. Blechnopsis C.Presl
  14. Blechnopsis cartilaginea (Sw.) C.Presl
  15. Blechnopsis orientalis (L.) C.Presl
  16. Blechnopsis C.Presl sect. Blechnopsis
  17. Blechnopsis sect. Diafnia C.Presl
  18. Blechnopsis sect. Eublechnopsis C.Presl
  19. Blechnopsis striata (R.Br.) C.Presl
  20. Blechnum cartilagineum Sw.
  21. Blechnum laevigatum Cav.
  22. Blechnum orientale L.
  23. Blechnum striatum R.Br.
  24. Colysis C.Presl
  25. Craspedaria ovalis C.Presl
  26. Crepidomanes (C.Presl) C.Presl
  27. Crypsinus C.Presl
  28. Cyclophorus Desv.
  29. Cyclophorus acrostichoides (G.Forst.) C.Presl
  30. Davallia elegans Sw.
  31. Davallia pectinata Sm.
  32. Davallia sect. Pachypleuria C.Presl
  33. Dermatophlebium C.Presl
  34. Hemitelia australis C.Presl
  35. Hemitelia sect. Euhemitelia C.Presl
  36. Hemitelia R.Br. sect. Hemitelia
  37. Hymenolepis spicata (L.f.) C.Presl
  38. Lastrea leucolepis C.Presl
  39. Lemmaphyllum C.Presl
  40. Macroplethus C.Presl
  41. Neuroplatyceros grandis (A.Cunn. ex C.Fraser & Hook.) Fée
  42. Niphobolus ovalis C.Presl
  43. Orthogramma C.Presl
  44. Orthogramma laevigata (Cav.) C.Presl
  45. Pachypleuria (C.Presl) C.Presl
  46. Pachypleuria pectinata (Sm.) C.Presl
  47. Parablechnum C.Presl
  48. Parablechnum ambiguum C.Presl
  49. Parablechnum procerum var. acuminatum C.Presl
  50. Parestia C.Presl
  51. Parestia elegans (Sw.) C.Presl
  52. Platycerium alcicorne Desv.
  53. Platycerium grande (A.Cunn. ex C.Fraser & Hook.) J.Sm.
  54. Pleuromanes (C.Presl) C.Presl
  55. Pleuromanes pallidum (Blume) C.Presl
  56. Poecilopteris repanda (Blume) C.Presl
  57. Polypodium acrostichoides G.Forst.
  58. Pothos cylindricus C.Presl
  59. Pronephrium C.Presl
  60. Scytopteris C.Presl
  61. Spicanta C.Presl
  62. Tarachia C.Presl
  63. Tarachia attenuata (R.Br.) C.Presl
  64. Tarachia browniana C.Presl
  65. Tarachia falcata (Lam.) C.Presl
  66. Tarachia furcata (Thunb.) C.Presl
  67. Tarachia furcata var. platyphylla C.Presl
  68. Tarachia laserpitiifolium (Lam.) C.Presl
  69. Tarachia polyodon (G.Forst.) C.Presl
  70. Thamnopteris (C.Presl) C.Presl
  71. Thamnopteris nidus (L.) C.Presl
  72. Trichomanes pallidum Blume
  73. Trichomanes sect. Pleuromanes C.Presl
  74. Trichomanes subg. Crepidomanes C.Presl
  75. Typha orientalis C.Presl

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