Vascular Plants

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Hooker, J.D. in Hooker, W.J. (1847), Florae Tasmaniae Spicilegium: or, Contributions towards a Flora of Van Diemen's Land. London Journal of Botany 6 (Paper) Hooker, J.D. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Atriplex chrystallina Hook.f.
  2. Chenopodium congestum Hook.f.
  3. Coprosma microphylla A.Cunn. ex Hook.f.
  4. Cyathodes adscendens Hook.f.
  5. Cyathodes ascendens Hook.f.
  6. Decaspora gunnii Hook.f.
  7. Didymotheca Hook.f.
  8. Didymotheca thesioides Hook.f.
  9. Epacris gunnii Hook.f.
  10. Epacris hirtella Hook.f.
  11. Epacris microphylla Hook.f.
  12. Epacris virgata Hook.f.
  13. Exocarpos nanus Hook.f.
  14. Exocarpus nanus Hook.f.
  15. Gaultheria depressa Hook.f.
  16. Gaultheria lanceolata Hook.f.
  17. Goodenia graminifolia Hook.f.
  18. Grevillea australis R.Br. var. australis
  19. Grevillea australis var. brevifolia Hook.f.
  20. Grevillea australis var. erecta Hook.f.
  21. Grevillea australis var. linearifolia Hook.f.
  22. Grevillea australis var. montana Hook.f.
  23. Grevillea australis var. planifolia Hook.f.
  24. Grevillea australis var. subulata Hook.f.
  25. Leucopogon obtusatus Hook.f.
  26. Lissanthe divaricata Hook.f.
  27. Micranthemum Hook.f.
  28. Micranthemum hexandrum Hook.f.
  29. Micrantheum hexandrum Hook.f.
  30. Micromeria affinis Hook.f.
  31. Micromeria repens Hook.f.
  32. Mitrasacme divergens Hook.f.
  33. Mitrasacme perpusilla Hook.f.
  34. Parietaria squalida Hook.f.
  35. Pentachondra ericaefolia Hook.f.
  36. Pentachondra ericifolia Hook.f.
  37. Pentachondra mucronata Hook.f.
  38. Pernettya Gaudich.
  39. Pernettya sect. Perandra Hook.f.
  40. Pernettya Gaudich. sect. Pernettya
  41. Pernettya tasmanica Hook.f.
  42. Persoonia gunnii Hook.f.
  43. Persoonia gunnii var. alpina Hook.f.
  44. Persoonia gunnii Hook.f. var. gunnii
  45. Phyllanthus australis Hook.f.
  46. Phyllanthus gunnii Hook.f.
  47. Pimelea filiformis Hook.f.
  48. Pimelea nivea var. erecta Hook.f.
  49. Pimelea nivea Labill. var. nivea
  50. Pimelea nivea var. nummularia Hook.f.
  51. Pimelea nivea var. thyrsoidea Hook.f.
  52. Plantago glabrata Hook.f.
  53. Plantago leptostachys Hook.f.
  54. Plantago paradoxa Hook.f.
  55. Plantago tasmanica Hook.f.
  56. Polygonum axillare Hook.f.
  57. Polygonum gunnii Hook.f.
  58. Richea gunnii Hook.f.
  59. Richea scoparia Hook.f.
  60. Sprengelia macrantha Hook.f.
  61. Streleskia Hook.f.
  62. Streleskia montana Hook.f.
  63. Stylidium perpusillum Hook.f.
  64. Urtica lucifuga Hook.f.
  65. Urtica lucifuga var. linearifolia Hook.f.
  66. Urtica lucifuga Hook.f. var. lucifuga
  67. Velleia montana Hook.f.
  68. Wilsonia backhousei Hook.f.
  69. Wilsonia backhousii Hook.f.

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