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Bennett, E.M. (7 February 1978), New taxa and new combinations in Australian Pittosporaceae. Nuytsia 2(4) : 184-199 (Paper) Bennett, E.M. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Billardiera Sm.
  2. Billardiera alpina (McGill.) E.M.Benn.
  3. Billardiera bicolor (Putt.) E.M.Benn.
  4. Billardiera bignoniacea (F.Muell.) E.M.Benn.
  5. Billardiera candida (Hügel ex Endl.) E.M.Benn.
  6. Billardiera coeruleo-punctata (Klotzsch) E.M.Benn.
  7. Billardiera coriacea Benth.
  8. Billardiera cymosa F.Muell.
  9. Billardiera drummondiana (Putt.) E.M.Benn.
  10. Billardiera floribunda (Putt.) F.Muell.
  11. Billardiera granulata (Turcz.) E.M.Benn.
  12. Billardiera laxiflora (Benth.) E.M.Benn.
  13. Billardiera lehmanniana F.Muell.
  14. Billardiera longiflora Labill.
  15. Billardiera longiflora Labill. var. longiflora
  16. Billardiera longiflora var. ovalis (Lindl.) E.M.Benn.
  17. Billardiera ovalis Lindl.
  18. Billardiera parviflora DC.
  19. Billardiera procumbens (Hook.) E.M.Benn.
  20. Billardiera prostrata (McGill.) E.M.Benn.
  21. Billardiera ringens (Drumm. ex Harv.) E.M.Benn.
  22. Billardiera scandens Sm.
  23. Billardiera scandens Sm. var. scandens
  24. Billardiera scandens var. sericata E.M.Benn.
  25. Billardiera Sm. sect. Billardiera
  26. Billardiera sect. Billardieriopsis Pax
  27. Billardiera sect. Marianthus (Hügel ex Endl.) E.M.Benn.
  28. Billardiera ser. Bignoniae E.M.Benn.
  29. Billardiera Sm. ser. Billardiera
  30. Billardiera ser. Biloculares E.M.Benn.
  31. Billardiera ser. Calopetalae (Harv.) E.M.Benn.
  32. Billardiera ser. Oncosporeae (Benth.) E.M.Benn.
  33. Billardiera ser. Parviflorae E.M.Benn.
  34. Billardiera ser. Pictae (Benth.) E.M.Benn.
  35. Billardiera ser. Procumbentes (Benth.) E.M.Benn.
  36. Billardiera ser. Uniloculares E.M.Benn.
  37. Billardiera sericea (Turcz.) E.M.Benn.
  38. Billardiera sericophora F.Muell.
  39. Billardiera uniflora E.M.Benn.
  40. Billardiera variifolia DC.
  41. Billardiera versicolor F.Muell. ex Klatt
  42. Billardiera villosa (Turcz.) E.M.Benn.
  43. Bursaria incana Lindl. var. incana
  44. Bursaria incana var. septentrionalis E.M.Benn.
  45. Bursaria lasiophylla E.M.Benn.
  46. Bursaria lasiophylla var. albicoma E.M.Benn.
  47. Bursaria lasiophylla var. atriplicina E.M.Benn.
  48. Bursaria lasiophylla E.M.Benn. var. lasiophylla
  49. Bursaria lasiophylla var. parvifolia E.M.Benn.
  50. Bursaria longisepala Domin var. longisepala
  51. Bursaria longisepala var. pilosa E.M.Benn.
  52. Bursaria occidentalis E.M.Benn.
  53. Bursaria spinosa var. australis E.M.Benn.
  54. Bursaria spinosa var. lanceolata E.M.Benn.
  55. Bursaria spinosa var. obovata E.M.Benn.
  56. Calopetalon Harv.
  57. Cheiranthera alternifolia E.M.Benn.
  58. Cheiranthera cyanea var. borealis E.M.Benn.
  59. Cheiranthera cyanea Brongn. var. cyanea
  60. Marianthus Hügel ex Endl.
  61. Marianthus bignoniaceus F.Muell.
  62. Marianthus ser. Normales Benth.
  63. Marianthus ser. Oncosporeae Benth.
  64. Marianthus ser. Pictae Benth.
  65. Marianthus ser. Procumbentes Benth.
  66. Pittosporum procumbens Hook.
  67. Rhytidosporum alpinum McGill.
  68. Rhytidosporum prostratum McGill.

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