Vascular Plants

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Gandoger, M. (1918), Sertum plantarum novarum. Pars prima. Bulletin de la Société Botanique de France 65 : 25-69 BHL (Paper) Gandoger, M. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Anthocercis genistifolia Gand.
  2. Anthocercis x tenuipes Gand.
  3. Crantzia novae-zelandiae Gand.
  4. Crantzia polyantha Gand.
  5. Epacris leptalea Gand.
  6. Epacris maidenii Gand.
  7. Eremophila chlorella Gand.
  8. Helichrysum semipapposum f. abrotaniforme Gand.
  9. Helichrysum semipapposum f. adonidiforme Gand.
  10. Helichrysum semipapposum f. hirtoviscosum Gand.
  11. Helichrysum semipapposum f. maidenii Gand.
  12. Helichrysum semipapposum f. porrectum Gand.
  13. Helichrysum semipapposum f. readeri Gand.
  14. Helichrysum semipapposum f. sarcodes Gand.
  15. Helichrysum semipapposum (Labill.) DC. f. semipapposum
  16. Helichrysum semipapposum f. sulcaticaule Gand.
  17. Helichrysum semipapposum f. tasmanicum Gand.
  18. Kunzea glabriuscula Gand.
  19. Leptospermum subargenteum Gand.
  20. Leucopogon cygnorum Gand.
  21. Leucopogon glabratus Gand.
  22. Leucopogon milligani Gand.
  23. Leucopogon milliganii Gand.
  24. Leucopogon morrisonii Gand.
  25. Malaloleuca Gand.
  26. Melaleuca glaucocalyx Gand.
  27. Microderis latifolia Gand.
  28. Microderis obtusifolia Gand.
  29. Microderis tasmanica Gand.
  30. Microderis tenuicula Gand.
  31. Microderis walteri Gand.
  32. Microseris latifolia Gand.
  33. Microseris obtusifolia Gand.
  34. Microseris tasmanica Gand.
  35. Microseris tenuicula Gand.
  36. Microseris walteri Gand.
  37. Monotoca concolor Gand.
  38. Podolepis laevigata Gand.
  39. Podolepis papillosa Gand.
  40. Prostanthera eriocalyx Gand.
  41. Prostanthera patula Gand.
  42. Rubus boormani Gand.
  43. Rubus boormanii Gand.
  44. Rubus simsonianus Gand.
  45. Rubus tasmanicus Gand.
  46. Rubus walterianus Gand.
  47. Rubus x novae-cambriae Gand.
  48. Tristania bakerana Gand.
  49. Tristania bakeriana Gand.
  50. Westringia lurida Gand.
  51. Xanthosia tasmanica Gand.

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