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West, J.G. (12 September 1984), A Revision of Dodonaea Miller (Sapindaceae) in Australia. Brunonia 7(1) : 1-194 (Paper) West, J.G. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Dodonaea Mill.
  2. Dodonaea acerosa Lindl.
  3. Dodonaea adenophora Miq.
  4. Dodonaea adenophora var. ovata Ewart
  5. Dodonaea amblyophylla Diels
  6. Dodonaea angustifolia L.f.
  7. Dodonaea angustissima DC.
  8. Dodonaea aptera Miq.
  9. Dodonaea aspleniifolia Rudge
  10. Dodonaea aspleniifolia var. arborescens Hook.f.
  11. Dodonaea attenuata A.Cunn.
  12. Dodonaea attenuata var. denticulata (F.Muell.) Radlk.
  13. Dodonaea attenuata var. linearis Benth.
  14. Dodonaea attenuata var. subintegra (Benth.) Radlk.
  15. Dodonaea baueri Endl.
  16. Dodonaea boroniifolia G.Don
  17. Dodonaea boroniifolia G.Don x Dodonaea viscosa subsp. cuneata (Sm.) J.G.West
  18. Dodonaea burmanniana DC.
  19. Dodonaea bursariifolia F.Muell.
  20. Dodonaea bursariifolia var. major Benth.
  21. Dodonaea caespitosa Diels
  22. Dodonaea caleyana G.Don
  23. Dodonaea calycina A.Cunn. ex Domin
  24. Dodonaea calycina var. genuina Domin
  25. Dodonaea camfieldii Maiden & Betche
  26. Dodonaea ceratocarpa Endl.
  27. Dodonaea cestroides Schltdl.
  28. Dodonaea concinna Benth.
  29. Dodonaea conferta G.Don
  30. Dodonaea coriacea (Ewart & O.B.Davies) McGill.
  31. Dodonaea cryptandroides Diels
  32. Dodonaea cuneata Sm.
  33. Dodonaea cuneata Rudge
  34. Dodonaea cuneata var. coriacea Benth.
  35. Dodonaea cuneata var. rigida Benth.
  36. Dodonaea deflexa F.Muell.
  37. Dodonaea denticulata F.Muell.
  38. Dodonaea dioeca Roxb.
  39. Dodonaea dioica DC.
  40. Dodonaea discolor Desf.
  41. Dodonaea divaricata Benth.
  42. Dodonaea ericifolia G.Don
  43. Dodonaea ericoides Miq.
  44. Dodonaea falcata J.G.West
  45. Dodonaea filifolia Hook.
  46. Dodonaea filiformis Link
  47. Dodonaea foliolosa F.Muell.
  48. Dodonaea glandulosa J.G.West
  49. Dodonaea hackettiana W.Fitzg.
  50. Dodonaea hansenii F.Muell.
  51. Dodonaea heteromorpha J.G.West
  52. Dodonaea heterophylla Colla
  53. Dodonaea hexandra F.Muell.
  54. Dodonaea hirsuta (Maiden & Betche) Maiden & Betche
  55. Dodonaea hirtella Miq.
  56. Dodonaea hispidula Endl.
  57. Dodonaea humifusa Miq.
  58. Dodonaea humifusa var. hirtella Benth.
  59. Dodonaea humilis Endl.
  60. Dodonaea inaequifolia Turcz.
  61. Dodonaea intricata J.G.West
  62. Dodonaea kingii G.Don
  63. Dodonaea lanceolata F.Muell.
  64. Dodonaea lanceolata F.Muell. var. lanceolata
  65. Dodonaea lanceolata var. subsessilifolia J.G.West
  66. Dodonaea larreoides Turcz.
  67. Dodonaea laurifolia Sieber ex Loudon
  68. Dodonaea laurina Sieber ex Spreng.
  69. Dodonaea leptozyga F.Muell.
  70. Dodonaea lindleyana F.Muell.
  71. Dodonaea lobulata F.Muell.
  72. Dodonaea longipes G.Don
  73. Dodonaea macrossanii F.Muell. & Scort.
  74. Dodonaea macrozyga F.Muell.
  75. Dodonaea megazyga (F.Muell.) F.Muell. ex Benth.
  76. Dodonaea microzyga F.Muell.
  77. Dodonaea microzyga var. acrolobata J.G.West
  78. Dodonaea microzyga F.Muell. var. microzyga
  79. Dodonaea mollis Lindl.
  80. Dodonaea multijuga G.Don
  81. Dodonaea multijuga F.Muell.
  82. Dodonaea nematoidea Sherff
  83. Dodonaea neriifolia A.Gray
  84. Dodonaea oblongifolia Link
  85. Dodonaea ovata Dum.Cours.
  86. Dodonaea oxyptera F.Muell.
  87. Dodonaea pachyneura F.Muell.
  88. Dodonaea paulliniaefolia A.Cunn. ex Steud.
  89. Dodonaea peduncularis Lindl.
  90. Dodonaea peduncularis var. coriacea Ewart & O.B.Davies
  91. Dodonaea peduncularis var. hirsuta Maiden & Betche
  92. Dodonaea petiolaris F.Muell.
  93. Dodonaea physocarpa F.Muell.
  94. Dodonaea pinifolia Miq.
  95. Dodonaea pinifolia var. submutica Benth.
  96. Dodonaea pinnata Sm.
  97. Dodonaea platyptera F.Muell.
  98. Dodonaea polyandra Merr. & L.M.Perry
  99. Dodonaea polyzyga F.Muell.
  100. Dodonaea preissiana Miq.
  101. Dodonaea procumbens F.Muell.
  102. Dodonaea procumbens F.Muell. x Dodonaea viscosa Jacq.
  103. Dodonaea ptarmicaefolia Turcz.
  104. Dodonaea ptarmicifolia var. subintegra Benth.
  105. Dodonaea pterocaulis Miq.
  106. Dodonaea pubescens Lindl.
  107. Dodonaea repanda Thonn.
  108. Dodonaea rhombifolia N.A.Wakef.
  109. Dodonaea rigida J.G.West
  110. Dodonaea rupicola C.T.White
  111. Dodonaea salicifolia DC.
  112. Dodonaea salsolifolia A.Cunn. ex Hook.
  113. Dodonaea scabra Loudon
  114. Dodonaea serratifolia McGill.
  115. Dodonaea sinuolata J.G.West
  116. Dodonaea sinuolata subsp. acrodentata J.G.West
  117. Dodonaea sinuolata J.G.West subsp. sinuolata
  118. Dodonaea sororia Miq.
  119. Dodonaea spatulata Sm.
  120. Dodonaea stenophylla F.Muell.
  121. Dodonaea stenozyga F.Muell.
  122. Dodonaea subglandulifera J.G.West
  123. Dodonaea submutica (Benth.) Domin
  124. Dodonaea tenuifolia Lindl.
  125. Dodonaea tepperi F.Muell. ex Tepper
  126. Dodonaea thunbergiana var. linearis Harv. & Sond.
  127. Dodonaea triangularis Lindl.
  128. Dodonaea trifida F.Muell.
  129. Dodonaea trigona Lindl.
  130. Dodonaea triquetra J.C.Wendl.
  131. Dodonaea truncatiales F.Muell.
  132. Dodonaea truncatiales var. heterophylla Maiden & Betche
  133. Dodonaea umbellata G.Don
  134. Dodonaea uncinata J.G.West
  135. Dodonaea vestita Hook.
  136. Dodonaea viscosa Jacq.
  137. Dodonaea viscosa f. angustifolia (L.f.) Sherff
  138. Dodonaea viscosa f. burmanniana (DC.) Radlk.
  139. Dodonaea viscosa f. repanda Radlk.
  140. Dodonaea viscosa f. schiedeana (Schltdl.) Radlk.
  141. Dodonaea viscosa f. spatulata (Sm.) Sherff
  142. Dodonaea viscosa subf. laurina Radlk.
  143. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia (L.f.) J.G.West
  144. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustissima (DC.) J.G.West
  145. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. burmanniana (DC.) J.G.West
  146. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. cuneata (Sm.) J.G.West
  147. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. mucronata J.G.West
  148. Dodonaea viscosa subsp. spatulata (Sm.) J.G.West
  149. Dodonaea viscosa Jacq. subsp. viscosa
  150. Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia (L.f.) Benth.
  151. Dodonaea viscosa var. arborescens (Hook.f.) Sherff
  152. Dodonaea viscosa var. aspleniifolia (Rudge) Hook.f.
  153. Dodonaea viscosa var. laurina Britten
  154. Dodonaea viscosa var. linearis (Harv. & Sond.) Sherff
  155. Dodonaea viscosa var. megazyga F.Muell.
  156. Dodonaea viscosa var. spatulata (Sm.) Benth.
  157. Dodonaea viscosa α vulgaris Benth.
  158. Empleurosma virgata Bartl.
  159. Ptelea viscosa L.
  160. Serjania australis Spreng.
  161. Thouinia adenophora Miq.

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