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Orchidaceae Juss.
Diuris bracteata Fitzg. , legitimate, scientific
Fitzgerald, R.D. (March 1888), Australian Orchids 2(4): 2nd plate [tax. nov.]
  • Type: " ... was found by H. Deane, F.L.S., near Gladesville, on the Parramatta River, New South Wales. It flowers in September."
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  • Lectotype: "`Gladesville on the edge of the Parramatta River', Sep., H. Deane s.n. (type not found; lectotype Fitzgerald's plate CBG! here designated)."
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  • APC Dist.: NSW
Jones, D.L. (January 2021), Native Orchids of Australia Edn. 3: 225-226 [secondary reference]
common name: Bracteate Donkey Orchid [n/a]