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Orchidaceae Juss.
Corysanthes longituba D.L.Jones & L.M.Copel. , legitimate, scientific
Jones, D.L. & Copeland, L.M. (2018), Corysanthes longituba (Orchidaceae: Acianthiinae), a new species from northern New South Wales. Australian Orchid Review 83(6): 56-57 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "New South Wales; Barrington Tops, 50 m downstream of Manning River Camping area, 8 Sept. 2004, W.M.Dowling 412 (holo CANB 652827, iso MEL, NSW)."
taxonomic synonym: Corybas sp. A [n/a] taxonomic synonym: Corybas sp. aff. dilatatus (Barrington Tops) [n/a]
  • Etymology: "From the Latin longus, long and tubus, tube; in reference to the labellum tube being much longer than the lamina."
Renner, M.A.M. (19 December 2019), Two new combinations in Corybas and Genoplesium (Orchidaceae) for New South Wales. Telopea 22: 220 [basionym]
basionym of: Corybas longitubus (D.L.Jones & L.M.Copel.) M.A.M.Renner legitimate
Jones, D.L. (January 2021), Native Orchids of Australia Edn. 3: 68 [secondary reference]
nomenclatural synonym: Corybas longitubus (D.L.Jones & L.M.Copel.) M.A.M.Renner legitimate common name: Barrington Tops Helmet Orchid [n/a]
Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (7 July 2021), Australian Plant Census: - [nomenclatural synonym]
nomenclatural synonym of: Corybas longitubus (D.L.Jones & L.M.Copel.) M.A.M.Renner legitimate