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Lamiaceae Martinov
Anisomeles principis A.R.Bean , legitimate, scientific
Bean, A.R. (3 November 2015), A taxonomic revision of Anisomeles R.Br. (Lamiaceae). Austrobaileya 9(3): 369-371, Figs 5E, 10G, Map 5 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Australia: Western Australia, South-west Osborne Island, Bonaparte Archipelago, 29 June 1973, P.G. Wilson 11152 (holo: PERTH)."
  • APC Dist.: WA
  • Etymology: "From the Latin principis - of the prince. This is in reference to the Prince Regent River, where the distribution of this species is centred."
Percy-Bower, J.M. & Parker, C.M. (16 March 2017), Updates to Western Australia’s vascular plant census for 2016. Nuytsia 28: 120 [secondary reference]