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Showing Olearia rugosa subsp. intermedia
Asteraceae Bercht. & J.Presl
Olearia rugosa subsp. intermedia Messina , legitimate, scientific
Messina, A., Walsh, N.G., Hoebee, S.E. & Green, P.T. (12 April 2013), A morphological assessment of the Olearia phlogopappa complex (Asteraceae) Astereae). Australian Systematic Botany 26: 76, Fig. 27 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Flinders Island, Darling Range. [approx.] 500 m at 27 [degrees] E of N of Walkers Hill [Walkers Lookout], 20 December 1990, J.S. Whinray 9383 (holotype: HO; isotype: MEL, NSW).
Messina, A., Walsh, N.G., Hoebee, S.E. & Green, P.T. (9 December 2014), A revision of Olearia section Asterotriche (Asteraceae: Astereae). Australian Systematic Botany 27(3): 234-235 [secondary reference]
  • APC Dist.: Tas
de Salas, M.F. & Baker, M.L. (2016), Tasmanian vascular plant census. A Census of the Vascular Plants of Tasmania, including Macquarie Island: 20 APC [secondary reference]
pro parte misapplication: Olearia stellulata var. quercifolia (Sieber ex DC.) Benth. legitimate by Bentham, G. (5 January 1867), Orders XLVIII. Myrtaceae- LXII. Compositae. Flora Australiensis 3: 473
  • APC Dist.: Tas