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Showing Eucalyptus melanophloia subsp. nana
Myrtaceae Juss.
Eucalyptus melanophloia subsp. nana D.Nicolle & Kleinig , legitimate, scientific
Nicolle, D. & Kleinig, D.A. (1 December 2011), Eucalyptus melanophloia subsp. nana D.Nicolle & Kleinig, a new mallee ironbark (E. series Siderophloiae; Myrtaceae) from central Australia and north western Queensland. Austrobaileya 8(3): 350-354, Figs 1-3, Map 1 APC [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Northern Territory. Western slope of Mt Leichhardt, 1 July 2008, D.Nicolle 5205 & M.E.French (holo: AD; iso: CANB, DNA, PERTH).
taxonomic synonym: Eucalyptus melanophloia subsp. (Dajarra V.J.Neldner 1523) [n/a]
  • APC Dist.: NT, Qld
  • Etymology: "From the Latin nanus (a dwarf) referring to the consistently low bushy habit and also in reference to the generally smaller leaves of the new subspecies in comparison to E. melanophloia subsp. melanophloia."