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Showing Cyperus gunnii subsp. novae-hollandiae
Cyperaceae Juss.
Cyperus gunnii subsp. novae-hollandiae (Boeckeler) K.L.Wilson , legitimate, scientific
Wilson, K.L. (27 September 1991), Systematic studies in Cyperus section Pinnati (Cyperaceae). Telopea 4(3): 465-466, Figs 22f, 25d-f APC [comb. et stat. nov.]
basionym: Cyperus novae-hollandiae Boeckeler legitimate nomenclatural synonym: Mariscus gunnii var. novae-hollandiae (Boeckeler) Domin legitimate nomenclatural synonym: Cyperus gunnii var. novae-hollandiae (Boeckeler) Kük. legitimate
  • APC Dist.: Qld
Jessup, L.W. (2005), Flora of South-eastern Queensland Volume 3 Changes to names or status of taxa: - [secondary reference]
  • Comment: Applies to the lesser part of Cyperus gunnii as described by Sharpe (1989)