Vascular Plants Australian Plant Name Index (APNI)

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Apocynaceae Juss.
Oxypetalum R.Br. , nom. cons., scientific
Brown, R. (3 April 1810), On the Asclepiadeae: 30 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Oxypetalum banksii Schultes
  • Comment: nom. cons. (ref. I.C.B.N. (1988) No. 6857). R.Brown did not validly make the combination for the type species.
Beadle, N.C.W., Evans, O.D. & Carolin, R.C. (1962), Handbook of the Vascular Plants of the Sydney District and Blue Mountains: 352 [secondary reference]
Jacobs, S.W.L. & Pickard, J. (1981), Plants of New South Wales: 70 [taxonomic synonym]
taxonomic synonym of: Tweedia Hook. & Arn. legitimate
Forster, P.I. in Orchard, A.E. (ed.) (1996), Asclepiadaceae. Flora of Australia 28: 213 [secondary reference]
  • APC Dist.: Qld (naturalised), NSW (naturalised), Vic (doubtfully naturalised)
Mabberley, D.J. (1 May 2008), Mabberley's Plant-Book Edn. 3: 617 [secondary reference]
taxonomic synonym: Tweedia Hook. & Arn. legitimate
Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (29 September 2022), Australian Plant Census: - APC [secondary reference]
  • APC Dist.: Qld (naturalised), NSW (naturalised), ACT (naturalised), Vic (doubtfully naturalised)