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Balanophoraceae Rich.
Balanophora J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. , legitimate, scientific
Forster, J.R. & Forster J.G.A. (29 November 1775), Characteres Generum Plantarum Edn. 1: 99, t. 50 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: Balanophora fungosa Forster & G.Forster
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orthographic variant: Balonophora F.Muell. orth. var.
  • APC Dist.: Qld
Earp, C. (2013), The date of publication of the Forsters' Characteres Generum Plantarum revisited. New Zealand Journal of Botany 51(4): 252-263 [secondary reference]
  • Comment: The author asserts that the 1775 editions of the Forsters' Characteres Generum Plantarum are not effectively published and that effective publication occurred only with the 1776 quarto edition. Proposals to conserve genera and to suppress other editions are also mooted. The 1775 publication date is maintained here until the outcome of these proposals is known.