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Dacrydium franklinii Hook.f., legitimate, scientific tax. nov. apni
Hooker, J.D. in Hooker, W.J. (1845), On the Huon Pine, and on Microcachrys, a new genus of Coniferae from Tasmania. London Journal of Botany 4: 152, t. VI. [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Tasmania, Huon River; Gunn, n. 1248; McQuarrie Harbour, Mr. A. Cunningham."
  • Etymology: "I am much gratified in being able to attach the name of the late excellent Governor of Tasmania to so remarkable a tree, and one, too, quite peculiar to that island, and belonging to a most interesting Natural Order. The services of Sir John Franklin as an officer, a traveller, and man of science, are too well known and appreciated to require comment here; but to his zealous cooperation in all the objects or the Antarctic Expedition, to the kindness shown by him, Lady Franklin, and their family, towards the officers of the Erebus and Terror, and to the unwearied zeal and unexampled liberality of both those enlightened individuals in forwarding the cause of science in that colony, it behoves me in duty and in gratitude to record my obligations."

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basionym of: Lagarostrobos franklinii (Hook.f.) Quinn legitimate nomenclatural synonym of: Lagarostrobos franklinii (Hook.f.) Quinn legitimate

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