Vascular Plants Australian Plant Census (APC)

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Senna Mill. legitimate | sensu CHAH (2005), Australian Plant Census
Cassia L. auct. non L.: Persoon, C.H. (1817), Synopsis Plantarum 1: 459 Cassia L. auct. non L.: Bentham, G. (5 October 1864), Flora Australiensis 2: 279, p.p.
  • B.R.Randell & B.A.Barlow, Fl. Australia 12: 89-138 (1998) noted that many of the taxa recognised in Australia were not normal sexually reproducing populations, but were the product of (often repeated) polyploidy, apomixis and hybridisation. They treated these taxa as 'form taxa' to draw attention to their anomalous genetic makeup. This approach has not met with uniform approval, taxa are here treated using traditional species and infraspecies nomenclature.
  • WA (native and naturalised), CoI (naturalised), ChI (naturalised), NT (native and naturalised), SA (native and naturalised), Qld (native and naturalised), NSW (native and naturalised), LHI (naturalised), NI (naturalised), ACT, Vic (native and naturalised)