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July 2011 - Scott Ginn, Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia

2007 - R. Johnson, data taken from Evenhuis, N.L. Catalog of the Diptera of the Australasian and Oceanian Regions (online version, accessed 2007-08)


Neurochaetidae are a small family of flies currently known from some 20 species worldwide. McAlpine established the family in 1978 and has subsequently described many of the known fauna (see McAlpine 1988, 1993). Currently, three species in two genera are described from Australia. A fourth undescribed species is known from the Northern Territory (McAlpine, pers. comm.).

Flies in this family display a curious behaviour, whereby individuals will maintain an inverted (head-down) orientation when landed on any vertical plane. They retain this orientation when walking, and so will walk sideways left or right and walk in reverse if ascending. The biology and life history of Neurochaeta inversa and its association with the host plant Alocasia brisbanensis (F.M. Bailey) Domin is well documented (McAlpine 1878; Shaw et al. 1982).

McAlpine (1993) includes a key to known genera; McAlpine (1988) and Woodley (1982) give keys to species for Neurochaeta.


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