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Rye, B.L. (27 November 2014), An update to the taxonomy of some Western Australian genera of Myrtaceae tribe Chamelaucieae. 3. Thryptomene. Nuytsia 24 : 269-306 (Paper) Rye, B.L. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Baeckea micrantha DC.
  2. Scholtzia decandra F.Muell.
  3. Thryptomene caduca Rye & Trudgen
  4. Thryptomene calcicola Rye
  5. Thryptomene dampieri Rye
  6. Thryptomene globifera Rye
  7. Thryptomene hubbardii Rye & Trudgen
  8. Thryptomene micrantha (DC.) C.A.Gardner
  9. Thryptomene nitida Rye & Trudgen
  10. Thryptomene orbiculata Rye & Trudgen
  11. Thryptomene pinifolia Rye & Trudgen
  12. Thryptomene podantha Rye & Trudgen
  13. Thryptomene repens Rye & Trudgen
  14. Thryptomene sect. Astraea Stapf
  15. Thryptomene sect. Thryptocalpe Stapf
  16. Thryptomene sect. Thyptocalpe Rye
  17. Thryptomene shirleyae Rye
  18. Thryptomene sp. Billabong (M.E.Trudgen 12858) WA Herbarium
  19. Thryptomene sp. Carnamah (J.Borger, A.Dring & F.Falconer AD1510-25) WA Herbarium
  20. Thryptomene sp. East Yuna (J.W.Green 4639) WA Herbarium
  21. Thryptomene sp. Eneabba (R.J.Cranfield 8433) WA Herbarium
  22. Thryptomene sp. Eurardy (D. & B.Bellairs 1649) WA Herbarium
  23. Thryptomene sp. Greenough River (J.Docherty 169) WA Herbarium
  24. Thryptomene sp. Kalbarri limestone (D. & B.Bellairs 1652 A) WA Herbarium
  25. Thryptomene sp. Mingenew (Diels & Pritzel 332) WA Herbarium
  26. Thryptomene sp. Moresby Range (A.S.George 14873) WA Herbarium
  27. Thryptomene sp. Steep Point (M.E.Trudgen 7421) WA Herbarium
  28. Thryptomene sp. Tamala (M.E.Trudgen 7384) WA Herbarium
  29. Thryptomene sp. Yuna Reserve (A.C.Burns 100) WA Herbarium
  30. Thryptomene spicata Rye & Trudgen
  31. Thryptomene stapfii Rye & Trudgen
  32. Thryptomene stenophylla E.Pritz.
  33. Thryptomene strongylophylla subsp. Tamala (M.E.Trudgen 7384)
  34. Thryptomene velutina Rye & Trudgen
  35. Thryptomene wannooensis Rye

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