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Maslin, B.R. & Reid, J.E. (5 September 2012), A taxonomic revision of Mulga (Acacia aneura and its close relatives: Fabaceae) in Western Australia. Nuytsia 22(4) (Paper) Maslin, B.R. & Reid, J.E. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia aneura F.Muell. ex Benth.
  2. Acacia aneura var. Bloods Range (D.J.Nelson 631) NT Herbarium
  3. Acacia aneura var. argentea Pedley
  4. Acacia aneura var. argentea Pedley
  5. Acacia aneura var. conifera Randell
  6. Acacia aneura var. fuliginea Pedley
  7. Acacia aneura var. fuliginea Pedley
  8. Acacia aneura var. intermedia Pedley
  9. Acacia aneura var. latifolia J.M.Black
  10. Acacia aneura var. macrocarpa Randell
  11. Acacia aneura var. microcarpa Pedley
  12. Acacia aneura var. microcarpa Pedley
  13. Acacia aneura var. pilbarana Pedley
  14. Acacia aneura var. pilbarana Pedley
  15. Acacia aneura var. tenuis Pedley
  16. Acacia aneura var. tenuis Pedley
  17. Acacia aneura variant A
  18. Acacia aptaneura Maslin & J.E.Reid
  19. Acacia ayersiana Maconochie
  20. Acacia ayersiana var. latifolia (J.M.Black) Randell
  21. Acacia caesaneura Maslin & J.E.Reid
  22. Acacia craspedocarpa F.Muell.
  23. Acacia euphleba W.Fitzg.
  24. Acacia fuscaneura Maslin & J.E.Reid
  25. Acacia incurvaneura Maslin & J.E.Reid
  26. Acacia macraneura Maslin & J.E.Reid
  27. Acacia minyura Randell
  28. Acacia minyura variant
  29. Acacia mulganeura Maslin & J.E.Reid
  30. Acacia paraneura Randell
  31. Acacia pteraneura Maslin & J.E.Reid
  32. Acacia sp. Hamersley Range hilltops (S.van Leeuwen 3552)
  33. Acacia sp. Mulga broad wings (B.R.Maslin 9058)
  34. Acacia sp. Mulga dark shoots (B.R.Maslin & J.E.Reid BRM 9754)
  35. Acacia sp. Mulga narrow wings (B.R.Maslin et al. BRM 9149)
  36. Acacia sp. Mulga short phyllodes (B.R.Maslin et al. BRM 9276) WA Herbarium
  37. Big Pod Mulga
  38. Blue Mulga
  39. Broad-leaf Mulga
  40. Broad-wing Mulga
  41. Desert Mulga
  42. Hilltop Mulga
  43. Hop Mulga
  44. Milky Mulga
  45. Mulga
  46. Narrow-leaf Mulga
  47. Racosperma aneurum (Benth.) Pedley
  48. Racosperma aneurum var. argenteum (Pedley) Pedley
  49. Racosperma aneurum var. coniferum (Randell) Pedley
  50. Racosperma aneurum var. fuligineum (Pedley) Pedley
  51. Racosperma aneurum var. macrocarpum (Randell) Pedley
  52. Racosperma aneurum var. microcarpum (Pedley) Pedley
  53. Racosperma aneurum var. pilbaranum (Pedley) Pedley
  54. Racosperma aneurum var. tenue (Pedley) Pedley
  55. Shrubby Desert Mulga
  56. Slender Mulga
  57. Sooty Mulga
  58. Uluru Mulga
  59. Weeping Mulga
  60. Western Blue Mulga

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