Vascular Plants

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Maslin, B.R. & van Leeuwen, S. (2008), Wattles of the Pilbara (Paper) Maslin, B.R. & van Leeuwen, S. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia adoxa Pedley
  2. Acacia adoxa Pedley var. adoxa
  3. Acacia adoxa var. subglabra Pedley
  4. Acacia ampliceps Maslin
  5. Acacia ancistrocarpa Maiden & Blakely
  6. Acacia aneura F.Muell. ex Benth.
  7. Acacia aneura var. conifera Randell
  8. Acacia aneura var. intermedia Pedley
  9. Acacia aneura var. macrocarpa Randell
  10. Acacia aneura var. microcarpa Pedley
  11. Acacia aneura var. pilbarana Pedley
  12. Acacia aneura var. tenuis Pedley
  13. Acacia atkinsiana Maslin
  14. Acacia bivenosa DC.
  15. Acacia citrinoviridis Tindale & Maslin
  16. Acacia colei Maslin & L.A.J.Thomson
  17. Acacia colei Maslin & L.A.J.Thomson var. colei
  18. Acacia colei var. ileocarpa M.W.McDonald & Maslin
  19. Acacia cyperophylla var. omearana Maslin
  20. Acacia dictyophleba F.Muell.
  21. Acacia eriopoda Maiden & Blakely
  22. Acacia gregorii F.Muell.
  23. Acacia hamersleyensis Maslin
  24. Acacia hilliana Maiden
  25. Acacia inaequilatera Domin
  26. Acacia maitlandii F.Muell.
  27. Acacia orthocarpa F.Muell.
  28. Acacia pruinocarpa Tindale
  29. Acacia pyrifolia DC.
  30. Acacia pyrifolia var. morrisonii Maiden
  31. Acacia rhodophloia Maslin
  32. Acacia sclerosperma F.Muell. subsp. sclerosperma
  33. Acacia sibirica S.Moore
  34. Acacia stellaticeps Kodela, Tindale & D.Keith
  35. Acacia synchronicia Maslin
  36. Acacia tetragonophylla F.Muell.
  37. Acacia trachycarpa E.Pritz.
  38. Acacia tumida F.Muell. ex Benth.
  39. Acacia victoriae Benth.
  40. Acacia xiphophylla E.Pritz.
  41. Atkin's wattle
  42. Bardi bush
  43. Christmas wattle (Hamersley region)
  44. Cole's wattle
  45. Elegant wattle
  46. False witchetty bush
  47. Fitzroy wattle
  48. Gregory's wattle
  49. Grey whorled wattle
  50. Hamersley Range wattle
  51. Hill's tabletop wattle
  52. Kanji
  53. Kurara
  54. Limestone wattle
  55. Maitland's wattle
  56. Mimosa bush
  57. Narrow leaf pindan wattle
  58. Northern star wattle
  59. O'Meara's minni ritchi
  60. Pilbara jam
  61. Pilbara minni ritchi
  62. Pilbara pindan wattle
  63. Pilbara weeping wattle
  64. Ranji bush
  65. River jam
  66. Salt wattle
  67. Snakewood
  68. Two-veined wattle
  69. Vachellia farnesiana (L.) Wight & Arn.
  70. Waxy wattle
  71. Western gidgee
  72. minni ritchi
  73. mulga

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