Vascular Plants

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Holland, A.E. & Pedley, L. in Bostock, P.D. & Holland, A.E. (ed.) (8 December 2010), Fabaceae. Census of the Queensland Flora 2010 : 67-80 (Section) Holland, A.E. & Pedley, L. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Aeschynomene americana L. var. americana
  2. Austrodolichos errabundus var. (Davies Creek J.R.Clarkson+ 7886B)
  3. Austrodolichos errabundus var. (Mareeba I.B.Staples 070572/9B)
  4. Bossiaea armitii F.Muell.
  5. Bossiaea prostrata var. (Tuan Creek M.S.Clemens AQ22827)
  6. Bossiaea sp. (Castletower N.Gibson TOI302)
  7. Callerya sp. (Barratt Creek G.Sankowsky 428)
  8. Callerya sp. (Beatrice River L.S.Smith 10487)
  9. Canavalia sericea A.Gray
  10. Centrosema pascuorum Mart. ex Benth.
  11. Crotalaria sp. (Torres Strait J.R.Clarkson 2044)
  12. Cullen sp. (Westmoreland C.H.Gittins 2491)
  13. Dalbergia candenatensis (Dennst.) Prain
  14. Dalbergia densa var. australis Prain
  15. Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. ex DC.
  16. Daviesia elliptica Crisp x Daviesia mimosoides R.Br. subsp. mimosoides
  17. Daviesia filipes subsp. (Stannary Hills T.L.Bancroft AQ259595)
  18. Daviesia sp. (Calliope N.Gibson TOI308)
  19. Daviesia sp. (Isla Gorge K.R.McDonald KRM231)
  20. Daviesia ulicifolia subsp. (Bybera C.T.White 12612)
  21. Daviesia ulicifolia subsp. (Warwick K.R.McDonald KRM107)
  22. Daviesia ulicifolia subsp. stenophylla G.Chandler & Crisp x Daviesia wyattiana F.M.Bailey
  23. Derris sp. (Claudie River L.J.Webb+ 8348)
  24. Derris sp. (Daintree D.E.Boyland+ 469)
  25. Eutaxia microphylla (R.Br.) C.H.Wright & Dewar
  26. Eutaxia microphylla (R.Br.) C.H.Wright & Dewar var. microphylla
  27. Galactia sp. (Andoom A.Morton 1149)
  28. Galactia sp. (Laura J.C.Tothill JT53A)
  29. Galactia sp. (Myall Creek J.R.Clarkson 4885)
  30. Galactia tenuiflora f. sericea Domin
  31. Galactia tenuiflora var. macrantha Domin
  32. Galactia tenuiflora var. villosa (Wight & Arn.) Benth.
  33. Glycine argyrea Tindale x Glycine clandestina J.C.Wendl.
  34. Glycine max (L.) Merr.
  35. Glycine sp. (Aldinga Grace+ 228)
  36. Glycine sp. (Bolt Head P.I.Forster PIF8948)
  37. Glycine sp. (Karana Downs L.H.Bird AQ473958)
  38. Glycine sp. (Laglan Station L.S.Smith 10302)
  39. Glycine sp. (Mackay S.B.Andrew+ 43)
  40. Glycine sp. (Marburg K.A.Williams 83006)
  41. Glycine sp. (Melaleuca Creek Scrub P.I.Forster+ PIF7949)
  42. Glycine sp. (Mt Moffatt K.A.Williams 86060)
  43. Glycine sp. (Petrie S.T.Blake 2166)
  44. Gompholobium sp. (Dave's Creek P.I.Forster+ PIF15979)
  45. Gompholobium sp. (Point Archer J.Wrigley+ NQ1301)
  46. Hardenbergia sp. (Mt. Mulligan J.R.Clarkson 5775)
  47. Hovea acutifolia A.Cunn. ex G.Don x Hovea impressinerva I.Thomps.
  48. Hovea angustissima I.Thomps. x Hovea tholiformis I.Thomps.
  49. Hovea graniticola I.Thomps. x Hovea heterophylla A.Cunn. ex Hook.f.
  50. Hovea linearis (Sm.) R.Br. x Hovea heterophylla A.Cunn. ex Hook.f.
  51. Hovea linearis (Sm.) R.Br. x Hovea planifolia (Domin) J.H.Ross
  52. Hovea parvicalyx I.Thomps. x Hovea planifolia (Domin) J.H.Ross
  53. Hovea planifolia (Domin) J.H.Ross x Hovea ramulosa A.Cunn. ex Lindl.
  54. Hovea planifolia (Domin) J.H.Ross x Hovea tholiformis I.Thomps.
  55. Indigofera sericovexilla C.T.White
  56. Indigofera sp. (Aramac E.J.Thompson+ JER177)
  57. Indigofera sp. (St Anns Homestead E.J.Thompson+ BUC500)
  58. Kennedia sp. (Blackdown Tableland R.J.Henderson+ H747)
  59. Ononis alopecuroides L.
  60. Pueraria phaseoloides (Roxb.) Benth. var. phaseoloides
  61. Pultenaea cunninghamii (Benth.) F.Muell. ex H.B.Will. x Pultenaea euchila DC.
  62. Pultenaea cunninghamii (Benth.) F.Muell. ex H.B.Will. x Pultenaea villosa Andrews
  63. Tephrosia astragaloides var. (Belyando Crossing E.J.Thompson+ 139)
  64. Tephrosia brachyodon var. longipes Domin
  65. Tephrosia brachyodon var. retinervis Domin
  66. Tephrosia elegans Schumach.
  67. Tephrosia filipes f. vestita Domin
  68. Tephrosia filipes Benth. subsp. filipes
  69. Tephrosia filipes var. (Mt Blackjack A.R.Bean+ 7332)
  70. Tephrosia gaudium-solis Domin
  71. Tephrosia noctiflora Bojer ex Baker
  72. Tephrosia phaeosperma var. (Westmoreland S.Melville 967)
  73. Tephrosia purpurea var. sericea Benth.
  74. Tephrosia sp. (Adels Grove Lestang 359)
  75. Tephrosia sp. (Balacanoona Creek K.Alcock AQ457802)
  76. Tephrosia sp. (Barkly Downs S.L.Everist 3384)
  77. Tephrosia sp. (Battle Camp K.R.McDonald KRM7106)
  78. Tephrosia sp. (Cobbold Gorge B.S.Wannan 1167)
  79. Tephrosia sp. (Copperfield River P.I.Forster PIF14768)
  80. Tephrosia sp. (Esmeralda A.R.Bean 13464)
  81. Tephrosia sp. (Georgetown G.N.Batianoff+ 900402H)
  82. Tephrosia sp. (Glenormiston R.W.Purdie 1362)
  83. Tephrosia sp. (Groote Eylandt R.L.Specht 387)
  84. Tephrosia sp. (Ilfracombe R.D.Law AQ238393)
  85. Tephrosia sp. (Iron Range L.J.Brass 19242)
  86. Tephrosia sp. (Lake Buchanan E.J.Thompson+ BUC2128)
  87. Tephrosia sp. (Laura M.B.Thomas 283)
  88. Tephrosia sp. (Magazine Hill P.Jones 365)
  89. Tephrosia sp. (Miriam Vale E.J.Thompson+ MIR33)
  90. Tephrosia sp. (Mt Isa P.L.Harris 277)
  91. Tephrosia sp. (Muddy Bay P.I.Forster+ PIF15313)
  92. Tephrosia sp. (Mushroom Rock J.R.Clarkson 4693)
  93. Tephrosia sp. (Musselbrook M.B.Thomas+ MRS472)
  94. Tephrosia sp. (Pannikan Springs A.R.Bean+ 5612)
  95. Tephrosia sp. (Petford J.R.Clarkson 2774A)
  96. Tephrosia sp. (Prairie N.B.Byrnes 3945)
  97. Tephrosia sp. (Settlement Creek L.J.Brass 272)
  98. Tephrosia sp. (The Grampians L.H.Bird AQ565381)
  99. Tephrosia sp. (Walsh River L.Pedley 4890)
  100. Tephrosia sp. (Wyreema R.J.Fensham 2082)
  101. Tephrosia timoriensis DC.
  102. Vigna sp. (Greta Creek R.J.Lawn+ AQ532201)
  103. Vigna sp. (McDonald Downs Station R.A.Perry 3416)
  104. Vigna sp. (Station Creek R.J.Lawn CQ3284)
  105. Zornia sp. (Pine River Basin A.Morton AM1084)

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