Vascular Plants

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Ross, E.M. in Stanley, T.D. & Ross, E.M. (1984), Caryophyllaceae. Flora of South-eastern Queensland 1 : 108-115 (Section) Ross, E.M. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Achyranthes corymbosa L.
  2. Alsine media L.
  3. Annual Chalkwort
  4. Annual Pearlwort
  5. Arenaria rubra L.
  6. Bladder Soapwort
  7. Brazilian Whitlow
  8. Caryophyllaceae Juss.
  9. Cerastium L.
  10. Cerastium fontanum subsp. triviale (Link) Jalas
  11. Cerastium glomeratum Thuill.
  12. Cerastium holosteoides Fr.
  13. Cerastium vulgatum L.
  14. Chickweed
  15. Corn Spurry
  16. Cowherb
  17. Dianthus nanteuilii Burnat
  18. Dianthus velutinus Guss.
  19. Dichoglottis australis Schltdl.
  20. Drymaria Willd. ex Schult.
  21. Drymaria cordata (L.) Willd. ex Schult.
  22. Drymaria cordata var. pacifica M.Mizush.
  23. Four-leaf Allseed
  24. French Catchfly
  25. Gypsophila L.
  26. Gypsophila australis (Schltdl.) A.Gray
  27. Holosteum cordatum L.
  28. Holosteum diandrum Sw.
  29. Mniarum biflorum J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  30. Mollugo tetraphylla L.
  31. Mouse Ear Chickweed
  32. Nancy
  33. Paronychia Mill.
  34. Paronychia brasiliana DC.
  35. Petrorhagia (Ser.) Link
  36. Petrorhagia nanteuilii (Burnat) P.W.Ball & Heywood
  37. Petrorhagia velutina (Guss.) P.W.Ball & Heywood
  38. Polycarpaea corymbosa var. minor Pedley
  39. Polycarpon L.
  40. Polycarpon tetraphyllum (L.) L.
  41. Proliferous Pink
  42. Sagina L.
  43. Sagina apetala Ard.
  44. Sagina procumbens L.
  45. Sand Spurry
  46. Saponaria vaccaria L.
  47. Scleranthus L.
  48. Scleranthus biflorus (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) Hook.f.
  49. Silene L.
  50. Silene gallica L.
  51. Spergula L.
  52. Spergula arvensis L.
  53. Spergularia (Pers.) J.Presl & C.Presl
  54. Spergularia campestris (L.) Asch.
  55. Spergularia rubra (L.) J.Presl & C.Presl
  56. Spreading Pearlwort
  57. Stellaria L.
  58. Stellaria angustifolia Hook.
  59. Stellaria flaccida Hook.
  60. Stellaria glauca With.
  61. Stellaria media (L.) Vill.
  62. Swamp Starwort
  63. Tropical Chickweed
  64. Vaccaria Wolf
  65. Vaccaria parviflora Moench
  66. Vaccaria pyramidata Medik.
  67. Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke ex Asch.
  68. Velvet Pink

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