Vascular Plants

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Carolin, R.C. & Hewson, H.J. in Jessop, J.P. (ed.) (1981), Cruciferae (Brassicaceae). Flora of Central Australia : 94-102, Figs 120-121 (Section) Carolin, R.C. & Hewson, H.J. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Alyssum L.
  2. Alyssum linifolium Stephan ex Willd.
  3. Alyssum minimum L.
  4. Arabidella (F.Muell.) O.E.Schulz
  5. Arabidella eremigena (F.Muell.) E.A.Shaw
  6. Arabidella glaucescens E.A.Shaw
  7. Arabidella nasturtium (F.Muell.) E.A.Shaw
  8. Arabidella procumbens (Tate) E.A.Shaw
  9. Arabidella trisecta (F.Muell.) O.E.Schulz
  10. Blennodia R.Br.
  11. Blennodia blennodioides (F.Muell.) Druce
  12. Blennodia brevipes (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  13. Blennodia canescens R.Br.
  14. Blennodia canescens var. pterosperma J.M.Black
  15. Blennodia cunninghamii Benth.
  16. Blennodia eremigena (F.Muell.) Benth.
  17. Blennodia lasiocarpa F.Muell.
  18. Blennodia nasturtioides (F.Muell.) Benth.
  19. Blennodia nasturtioides var. pinnatifida Benth.
  20. Blennodia procumbens (Tate) Tate
  21. Blennodia pterosperma (J.M.Black) J.M.Black
  22. Blennodia trisecta (F.Muell.) Benth.
  23. Brassica L.
  24. Brassica tournefortii Gouan
  25. Capsella Medik.
  26. Capsella andraeana F.Muell.
  27. Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik.
  28. Capsella cochlearina (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  29. Capsella villosula F.Muell. & Tate
  30. Carinavalva Ising
  31. Carinavalva glauca Ising
  32. Carrichtera DC.
  33. Carrichtera annua (L.) DC.
  34. Cruciferae Juss.
  35. Cuphonotus O.E.Schulz
  36. Cuphonotus andraeanus (F.Muell.) E.A.Shaw
  37. Eastern rocket
  38. Erysimum blennodia F.Muell.
  39. Erysimum blennodioides F.Muell.
  40. Erysimum brevipes F.Muell.
  41. Erysimum nasturtium F.Muell.
  42. Erysimum trisectum F.Muell.
  43. Eunomia cochlearina F.Muell.
  44. Fairy spectacles
  45. Flax-leaved alyssum
  46. Harmsiodoxa O.E.Schulz
  47. Harmsiodoxa blennodioides (F.Muell.) O.E.Schulz
  48. Harmsiodoxa brevipes (F.Muell.) O.E.Schulz
  49. Harmsiodoxa brevipes var. major E.A.Shaw
  50. Harmsiodoxa puberula E.A.Shaw
  51. Hutchinsia cochlearina (F.Muell.) J.M.Black
  52. Indian hedge mustard
  53. Lepidium L.
  54. Lepidium edule Domin
  55. Lepidium eremaeum Domin
  56. Lepidium hyssopifolium Desv.
  57. Lepidium muelleri-ferdinandi Thell.
  58. Lepidium oxytrichum Sprague
  59. Lepidium papillosum F.Muell.
  60. Lepidium pedicellosum F.Muell.
  61. Lepidium phlebopetalum (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  62. Lepidium pholidogynum F.Muell.
  63. Lepidium rotundum (Desv.) DC.
  64. Lepidium sagittulatum Thell.
  65. Lepidium strongylophyllum F.Muell. ex Benth.
  66. London rocket
  67. Menkea Lehm.
  68. Menkea australis Lehm.
  69. Menkea crassa E.A.Shaw
  70. Menkea hispidula J.M.Black
  71. Menkea lutea E.A.Shaw
  72. Menkea sphaerocarpa F.Muell.
  73. Menkea villosula (F.Muell. & Tate) J.M.Black
  74. Micromystria eremigena (F.Muell.) O.E.Schulz
  75. Monoploca phlebopetala F.Muell.
  76. Phlegmatospermum O.E.Schulz
  77. Phlegmatospermum cochlearinum (F.Muell.) O.E.Schulz
  78. Shepherd's purse
  79. Sisymbrium L.
  80. Sisymbrium eremigena Carolin & Hewson
  81. Sisymbrium eremigenum F.Muell.
  82. Sisymbrium erysimoides Desf.
  83. Sisymbrium irio L.
  84. Sisymbrium nasturtioides F.Muell.
  85. Sisymbrium orientale L.
  86. Sisymbrium trisectum (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  87. Smooth mustard
  88. Stenopetalum R.Br. ex DC.
  89. Stenopetalum anfractum E.A.Shaw
  90. Stenopetalum decipiens E.A.Shaw
  91. Stenopetalum lineare R.Br. ex DC.
  92. Stenopetalum nutans F.Muell.
  93. Stenopetalum trisectum Tate
  94. Stenopetalum velutinum F.Muell.
  95. Thlaspi bursa-pastoris L.
  96. Thlaspi cochlearinum (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  97. Thlaspi ochranthum F.Muell. ex Benth.
  98. Turnip-weed
  99. Vella annua L.
  100. Ward’s weed
  101. Wild mustard

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