Vascular Plants

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Forster, P.I. (24 March 2021), Gymnema R.Br. and Leichhardtia R.Br. (Apocynaceae), reinstated genera for taxa previously included in Marsdenia R.Br.: a conspectus for Australia, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Austrobaileya 11 : 1-18 (Paper) Forster, P.I. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Bidaria (Endl.) Decne.
  2. Bidaria erecta F.Muell.
  3. Bidaria leptophylla F.Muell.
  4. Bidaria trinervis (R.Br.) Decne.
  5. Cynanchum pachylepis (F.M.Bailey) Domin
  6. Gongronema micradenia (Benth.) F.Muell.
  7. Gymnema R.Br.
  8. Gymnema brevifolium Benth.
  9. Gymnema dunnii (Maiden & Betche) P.I.Forst.
  10. Gymnema erectum (F.Muell.) P.I.Forst.
  11. Gymnema geminatum R.Br.
  12. Gymnema graniticola (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  13. Gymnema longipedicellatum (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  14. Gymnema micradenium Benth.
  15. Gymnema muelleri Benth.
  16. Gymnema pleiadenium F.Muell.
  17. Gymnema sect. Bidaria Endl.
  18. Gymnema stenophyllum A.Gray
  19. Gymnema stramineum (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  20. Gymnema suborbiculare K.Schum.
  21. Gymnema sylvestre (Retz.) R.Br. ex Schult.
  22. Gymnema tricholepis Schltr.
  23. Gymnema trinerve R.Br.
  24. Jasminanthes Blume
  25. Leichhardtia R.Br.
  26. Leichhardtia araujacea (F.Muell.) P.I.Forst.
  27. Leichhardtia australis R.Br.
  28. Leichhardtia brevifolia (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  29. Leichhardtia brevis (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  30. Leichhardtia connivens (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  31. Leichhardtia coronata (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  32. Leichhardtia cymulosa (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  33. Leichhardtia flavescens (A.Cunn.) P.I.Forst.
  34. Leichhardtia fraseri (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  35. Leichhardtia glandulifera (C.T.White) P.I.Forst.
  36. Leichhardtia jensenii (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  37. Leichhardtia leptophylla (F.Muell. ex Benth.) Bullock
  38. Leichhardtia liisae (J.B.Williams) P.I.Forst.
  39. Leichhardtia lloydii (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  40. Leichhardtia longiloba (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  41. Leichhardtia micradenia (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  42. Leichhardtia microlepis (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  43. Leichhardtia paludicola (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  44. Leichhardtia pumila (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  45. Leichhardtia racemosa (F.Muell. ex Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  46. Leichhardtia rara (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  47. Leichhardtia rostrata (R.Br.) P.I.Forst.
  48. Leichhardtia suaveolens (R.Br.) P.I.Forst.
  49. Leichhardtia tubulosa (F.Muell.) P.I.Forst.
  50. Leichhardtia velutina (R.Br.) P.I.Forst.
  51. Leichhardtia viridiflora (R.Br.) P.I.Forst.
  52. Leichhardtia viridiflora subsp. tropica (P.I.Forst.) P.I.Forst.
  53. Leichhardtia viridiflora (R.Br.) P.I.Forst. subsp. viridiflora
  54. Marsdenia angustata P.I.Forst.
  55. Marsdenia annae Brennan
  56. Marsdenia araujacea F.Muell.
  57. Marsdenia australis (R.Br.) Druce
  58. Marsdenia brevifolia (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  59. Marsdenia brevis P.I.Forst.
  60. Marsdenia connivens P.I.Forst.
  61. Marsdenia coronata Benth.
  62. Marsdenia cymulosa Benth.
  63. Marsdenia flavescens A.Cunn.
  64. Marsdenia fragrans Domin
  65. Marsdenia fraseri Benth.
  66. Marsdenia geminata (R.Br.) P.I.Forst.
  67. Marsdenia glandulifera C.T.White
  68. Marsdenia graniticola P.I.Forst.
  69. Marsdenia hemiptera Rchb.f.
  70. Marsdenia jensenii P.I.Forst.
  71. Marsdenia klossii S.Moore
  72. Marsdenia leichhardtiana F.Muell.
  73. Marsdenia leptophylla F.Muell. ex Benth.
  74. Marsdenia liisae J.B.Williams
  75. Marsdenia lloydii P.I.Forst.
  76. Marsdenia longiloba Benth.
  77. Marsdenia longipedicellata P.I.Forst.
  78. Marsdenia micradenia (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  79. Marsdenia microlepis Benth.
  80. Marsdenia muelleri (Benth.) P.I.Forst.
  81. Marsdenia paludicola P.I.Forst.
  82. Marsdenia papuana Schltr.
  83. Marsdenia pleiadenia (F.Muell.) P.I.Forst.
  84. Marsdenia pumila P.I.Forst.
  85. Marsdenia rara P.I.Forst.
  86. Marsdenia rhyncholepis F.Muell.
  87. Marsdenia rostrata R.Br.
  88. Marsdenia rostrata var. dunnii Maiden & Betche
  89. Marsdenia sp. (Bromley D.J.Liddle AQ561263)
  90. Marsdenia sp. (Goldsborough P.I.Forster PIF13089)
  91. Marsdenia sp. (Goldsborough PIF 13089)
  92. Marsdenia sp. (Laura P.I.Forster PIF12830)
  93. Marsdenia sp. (Ravenshoe R.Lockyer AQ500633)
  94. Marsdenia sp. (Wongabel PIF 3990)
  95. Marsdenia sp. (Yeti Ridge P.I.Forster+ PIF17132)
  96. Marsdenia straminea P.I.Forst.
  97. Marsdenia suaveolens R.Br.
  98. Marsdenia suberosa S.T.Blake
  99. Marsdenia suborbicularis (K.Schum.) P.I.Forst.
  100. Marsdenia tricholepis (Schltr.) P.I.Forst.
  101. Marsdenia trinervis (R.Br.) P.I.Forst.
  102. Marsdenia tubulosa F.Muell.
  103. Marsdenia velutina R.Br.
  104. Marsdenia verrucosa Warb.
  105. Marsdenia viridiflora R.Br.
  106. Marsdenia viridiflora subsp. tropica P.I.Forst.
  107. Pergularia flavescens (A.Cunn.) D.Dietr.
  108. Pergularia rostrata (R.Br.) Spreng.
  109. Pergularia suaveolens (R.Br.) Spreng.
  110. Pergularia velutina (R.Br.) Spreng.
  111. Thozetia F.Muell. ex Benth.
  112. Thozetia racemosa F.Muell. ex Benth.
  113. Tylophora velutina (R.Br.) G.Don
  114. Vincetoxicum pachylepis F.M.Bailey

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