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Barrett, R.L., Peterson, P.M. & Romaschenko, K. (21 August 2020), A molecular phylogeny of Eragrostis (Poaceae: Chloridoideae: Eragrostideae): making lovegrass monophyletic in Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 33 : 458-476 DOI (Paper) Barrett, R.L., Peterson, P.M. & Romaschenko, K. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Diandrochloa De Winter
  2. Ectrosia R.Br.
  3. Ectrosia agrostoides Benth.
  4. Ectrosia anomala C.E.Hubb.
  5. Ectrosia appressa S.T.Blake
  6. Ectrosia blakei C.E.Hubb.
  7. Ectrosia confusa C.E.Hubb.
  8. Ectrosia danesii Domin
  9. Ectrosia gulliveri F.Muell.
  10. Ectrosia gulliveri var. squarrulosa (Domin) C.E.Hubb.
  11. Ectrosia laxa S.T.Blake
  12. Ectrosia leporina R.Br.
  13. Ectrosia leporina var. longiglumis C.E.Hubb.
  14. Ectrosia leporina var. micrantha Benth.
  15. Ectrosia leporina var. pauciflora C.E.Hubb.
  16. Ectrosia leporina var. spadicea (R.Br.) Domin
  17. Ectrosia nervilemma (B.K.Simon) Night.
  18. Ectrosia ovata Night.
  19. Ectrosia scabrida C.E.Hubb.
  20. Ectrosia schultzii Benth.
  21. Ectrosia schultzii var. annua C.E.Hubb.
  22. Ectrosia spadicea R.Br.
  23. Ectrosia squarrulosa Domin
  24. Ectrosia squarrulosa f. minor Domin
  25. Ectrosia squarrulosa f. normalis Domin
  26. Eragrostis Wolf
  27. Eragrostis agrostoides (Benth.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  28. Eragrostis anomala (C.E.Hubb.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  29. Eragrostis appressa (S.T.Blake) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  30. Eragrostis australasica (Steud.) C.E.Hubb.
  31. Eragrostis baileyi (C.E.Hubb.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  32. Eragrostis blakei (C.E.Hubb.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  33. Eragrostis confusa (C.E.Hubb.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  34. Eragrostis danesii (Domin) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  35. Eragrostis divergens R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  36. Eragrostis gulliveri (F.Muell.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  37. Eragrostis leporina (R.Br.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  38. Eragrostis lilliputiana R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  39. Eragrostis nervilemma (B.K.Simon) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  40. Eragrostis nightingaleae R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  41. Eragrostis ovata (Night.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  42. Eragrostis scabrida (C.E.Hubb.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  43. Eragrostis sect. Ectrosiopsis Ohwi
  44. Eragrostis wiseana (C.A.Gardner & C.E.Hubb.) R.L.Barrett & P.M.Peterson
  45. Glyceria australasica Steud.
  46. Glyceria ramigera (F.Muell.) Benth.
  47. Heterachne Benth.
  48. Heterachne baileyi C.E.Hubb.
  49. Heterachne gulliveri Benth.
  50. Heterachne gulliveri var. major C.E.Hubb.
  51. Panicularia australasica (Steud.) Kuntze
  52. Panicularia ramigera (F.Muell.) Kuntze
  53. Planichloa B.K.Simon
  54. Planichloa nervilemma B.K.Simon
  55. Poa ramigera F.Muell.
  56. Psammagrostis C.A.Gardner & C.E.Hubb.
  57. Psammagrostis wiseana C.A.Gardner & C.E.Hubb.
  58. Sporobolus ramiger (F.Muell.) P.M.Peterson, Romasch. & R.L.Barrett
  59. Sporobolus ramigerus P.M.Peterson, Romasch. & R.L.Barrett

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