Vascular Plants

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Conn, B.J. in Walsh, N.G. & Entwisle, T.J. (ed.) (1994), Flowering Plants (Magnoliophyta). Flora of Victoria Edn. 1, 2 : 167-196 (Section) Conn, B.J. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Alepyrum polygynum R.Br.
  2. Aphelia R.Br.
  3. Aphelia gracilis Sond.
  4. Aphelia pumilio F.Muell. ex Sond.
  5. Araceae Juss.
  6. Austral Pipewort
  7. Branching Scale-rush
  8. Brizula gracilis (Sond.) Hieron.
  9. Brizula pumilio (F.Muell. ex Sond.) Hieron.
  10. Calla aethiopica L.
  11. Calorophus Labill.
  12. Calorophus elongatus Labill.
  13. Calorophus elongatus var. minor (Hook.f.) Hook.f.
  14. Calorophus lateriflorus F.Muell.
  15. Calorophus minor Hook.f.
  16. Centrolepidaceae Endl.
  17. Centrolepis Labill.
  18. Centrolepis aristata (R.Br.) Roem. & Schult.
  19. Centrolepis cephaloformis Reader subsp. cephaloformis
  20. Centrolepis fascicularis Labill.
  21. Centrolepis glabra (F.Muell. ex Sond.) Hieron.
  22. Centrolepis polygyna (R.Br.) Hieron.
  23. Centrolepis strigosa (R.Br.) Roem. & Schult. subsp. strigosa
  24. Coarse Twine-rush
  25. Commelinaceae Mirb.
  26. Common Duck-weed
  27. Common Scale-rush
  28. Cushion Centrolepis
  29. Devauxia aristata Nees ex Benth.
  30. Devauxia glabra F.Muell. ex Sond.
  31. Devauxia strigosa R.Br.
  32. Dwarf Aphelia
  33. Dwarf Yellow-eye
  34. Electrosperma australasicum F.Muell.
  35. Empodisma L.A.S.Johnson & D.F.Cutler
  36. Empodisma minus (Hook.f.) L.A.S.Johnson & D.F.Cutler
  37. Erect Scale-rush
  38. Eriocaulaceae Martinov
  39. Eriocaulon L.
  40. Eriocaulon australasicum (F.Muell.) Körn.
  41. Eriocaulon electrospermum F.Muell.
  42. Eriocaulon scariosum Sm.
  43. Flat Cord-rush
  44. Hairy Centrolepis
  45. Hypolaena R.Br.
  46. Hypolaena fastigiata R.Br.
  47. Hypolaena lateriflora Benth.
  48. Ivy-leaf Duckweed
  49. Knotted Scale-rush
  50. Large Duckweed
  51. Lemna L.
  52. Lemna disperma Hegelm.
  53. Lemna minor L.
  54. Lemna oligorrhiza Kurz
  55. Lemna polyrhiza L.
  56. Lemna punctata G.Mey.
  57. Lemna trisulca L.
  58. Lemnaceae Gray
  59. Lepidobolus Nees
  60. Lepidobolus drapetocoleus F.Muell. ex Benth.
  61. Leptocarpus R.Br.
  62. Leptocarpus brownii Hook.f.
  63. Leptocarpus tenax (Labill.) R.Br.
  64. Lepyrodia R.Br.
  65. Lepyrodia anarthria F.Muell. ex Benth.
  66. Lepyrodia flexuosa (Benth.) L.A.S.Johnson & O.D.Evans
  67. Lepyrodia interrupta F.Muell.
  68. Lepyrodia interrupta var. flexuosa Benth.
  69. Lepyrodia muelleri Benth.
  70. Lepyrodia scariosa R.Br.
  71. Lepyrodia tasmanica Hook.f.
  72. Mountain Cord-rush
  73. Pale Pipewort
  74. Pointed Centrolepis
  75. Restio Rottb.
  76. Restio australis R.Br.
  77. Restio complanatus R.Br.
  78. Restio gracilis R.Br.
  79. Restio tetraphyllus Labill. subsp. tetraphyllus
  80. Restionaceae R.Br.
  81. Scale Rush
  82. Scale Shedder
  83. Schoenodum tenax Labill.
  84. Slender Aphelia
  85. Slender Twine-rush
  86. Slender Yellow-eye
  87. Smooth Centrolepis
  88. Spirodela Schleid.
  89. Spirodela oligorrhiza (Kurz) Hegelm.
  90. Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleid.
  91. Spirodela punctata (G.Mey.) C.H.Thomps.
  92. Spreading Rope-rush
  93. Tall Yellow-eye
  94. Tassel Cord-rush
  95. Tassel Rope-rush
  96. Thin Duckweed
  97. Tradescantia L.
  98. Tradescantia albiflora Kunth
  99. Tradescantia fluminensis Vell.
  100. Tufted Centrolepis
  101. Twisting Scale-rush
  102. Wandering Jew
  103. Water Spiderwort
  104. White Arum-lily
  105. Wiry Centrolepis
  106. Wolffia Horkel ex Schleid.
  107. Wolffia angusta Landolt
  108. Wolffia arrhiza (L.) Horkel ex Wimm.
  109. Wolffia arrhiza var. australiana Benth.
  110. Wolffia australiana (Benth.) Hartog & Plas
  111. Wolffia globosa (Roxb.) Hartog & Plas
  112. Xyridaceae C.Agardh
  113. Xyris L.
  114. Xyris gracilis R.Br.
  115. Xyris juncea R.Br.
  116. Xyris operculata Labill.
  117. Zantedeschia Spreng.
  118. Zantedeschia aethiopica (L.) Spreng.

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