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Beier, B.-A., Chase, M.W. & Thulin, M. (2003), Phylogenetic relationships and taxonomy of subfamily Zygophylloideae (Zygophyllaceae) based on molecular and morphological data. Plant Systematics and Evolution 240 (Paper) Beier, B.-A., Chase, M.W. & Thulin, M. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Roepera ammophila (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  2. Roepera angustifolia (H.Eichler) Beier & Thulin
  3. Roepera apiculata (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  4. Roepera aurantiaca Lindl. subsp. aurantiaca
  5. Roepera aurantiaca subsp. cuneata (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  6. Roepera aurantiaca subsp. simplicifolia (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  7. Roepera aurantiaca subsp. verticillata (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  8. Roepera billardieri Beier & Thulin
  9. Roepera compressa (J.M.Black) Beier & Thulin
  10. Roepera confluens (H.Eichler) Beier & Thulin
  11. Roepera crassissima (Ising) Beier & Thulin
  12. Roepera crenata (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  13. Roepera eichleri (R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  14. Roepera emarginata (H.Eichler) Beier & Thulin
  15. Roepera eremaea (Diels) Beier & Thulin
  16. Roepera flava (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  17. Roepera glauca (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  18. Roepera halophila (R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  19. Roepera howittii (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  20. Roepera humillima (M.Koch ex Tate) Beier & Thulin
  21. Roepera hybrida (Tate) Beier & Thulin
  22. Roepera iodocarpa (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  23. Roepera kochii (Tate) Beier & Thulin
  24. Roepera lobulata (Benth.) Beier & Thulin
  25. Roepera marliesiae (R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  26. Roepera ovata (Ewart & Jean White) Beier & Thulin
  27. Roepera prismatotheca (F.Muell.) Beier & Thulin
  28. Roepera reticulata (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  29. Roepera retivalvis (Domin) Beier & Thulin
  30. Roepera rowelliae (R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  31. Roepera similis (H.Eichler) Beier & Thulin
  32. Roepera tesquorum (J.M.Black) Beier & Thulin
  33. Roepera tetraptera (H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker) Beier & Thulin
  34. Zygophyllum ammophilum F.Muell.
  35. Zygophyllum angustifolium H.Eichler
  36. Zygophyllum apiculatum F.Muell.
  37. Zygophyllum aurantiacum subsp. cuneatum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  38. Zygophyllum aurantiacum subsp. simplicifolium H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  39. Zygophyllum aurantiacum subsp. verticillatum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  40. Zygophyllum compressum J.M.Black
  41. Zygophyllum confluens H.Eichler
  42. Zygophyllum crassissimum Ising
  43. Zygophyllum crenatum F.Muell.
  44. Zygophyllum eichleri R.M.Barker
  45. Zygophyllum emarginatum H.Eichler
  46. Zygophyllum flavum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  47. Zygophyllum fruticulosum var. eremaeum Diels
  48. Zygophyllum glaucum F.Muell.
  49. Zygophyllum halophilum R.M.Barker
  50. Zygophyllum howittii F.Muell.
  51. Zygophyllum humillimum M.Koch ex Tate
  52. Zygophyllum hybridum Tate
  53. Zygophyllum iodocarpum F.Muell.
  54. Zygophyllum iodocarpum var. bilobum Benth.
  55. Zygophyllum kochii Tate
  56. Zygophyllum marliesiae R.M.Barker
  57. Zygophyllum ovatum Ewart & Jean White
  58. Zygophyllum prismatothecum F.Muell.
  59. Zygophyllum reticulatum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker
  60. Zygophyllum retivalve Domin
  61. Zygophyllum rowelliae R.M.Barker
  62. Zygophyllum simile H.Eichler
  63. Zygophyllum terminale Turcz.
  64. Zygophyllum tesquorum J.M.Black
  65. Zygophyllum tetrapterum H.Eichler ex R.M.Barker

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