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Adams, L.G., West, J.G. & Cowley, K.J. (22 October 2008), Revision of Spergularia (Caryophyllaceae) in Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 21 : 251-270 (Paper) Adams, L.G., West, J.G. & Cowley, K.J. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Alsine bocconei Scheele
  2. Alsine bocconi Scheele
  3. Arenaria campestris (L.) All.
  4. Arenaria diandra Guss.
  5. Arenaria marginata DC.
  6. Arenaria maritima All.
  7. Arenaria media L.
  8. Arenaria rubra L.
  9. Arenaria rubra var. α campestris L.
  10. Arenaria rubra var. β marina L.
  11. Arenaria sect. Lepigonum Fr.
  12. Arenaria subg. Spergularia Pers.
  13. Boccone's Sand-spurrey
  14. Greater Sea-spurrey
  15. Lepigonum Wahlb.
  16. Lepigonum anceps Bartl.
  17. Lepigonum brevifolium Bartl.
  18. Lepigonum brevifolium var. anceps (Bartl.) Kindb.
  19. Lepigonum brevifolium Bartl. var. brevifolium
  20. Lepigonum brevifolium var. laxiflorum (Bartl.) Kindb.
  21. Lepigonum heterospermum (Guss.) Guss.
  22. Lepigonum laxiflorum Bartl.
  23. Lepigonum tasmanicum Kindb.
  24. Lesser Sea-spurrey
  25. Red Sand-spurrey
  26. Spergula diandra (Guss.) Murb.
  27. Spergula villosa Pers.
  28. Spergularia (Pers.) J.Presl & C.Presl
  29. Spergularia aff. media
  30. Spergularia anceps (Bartl.) Walp.
  31. Spergularia bocconei (Scheele) Graebn.
  32. Spergularia brevifolia (Bartl.) Walp.
  33. Spergularia campestris (L.) Asch.
  34. Spergularia diandra (Guss.) Heldr.
  35. Spergularia diandroides L.G.Adams
  36. Spergularia laxiflora (Bartl.) Walp.
  37. Spergularia levis Cambess.
  38. Spergularia marginata Kitt.
  39. Spergularia marina (L.) Besser
  40. Spergularia maritima (All.) Chiov.
  41. Spergularia media (L.) C.Presl
  42. Spergularia nesophila L.G.Adams
  43. Spergularia rubra (L.) J.Presl & C.Presl
  44. Spergularia rubra var. elongata (Fenzl) Hook.f.
  45. Spergularia rubra var. pinguis Fenzl
  46. Spergularia rupestris var. elongata Fenzl
  47. Spergularia salina J.Presl & C.Presl
  48. Spergularia sp. 1
  49. Spergularia sp. 1 Mollerin (P.G.Wilson 6078)
  50. Spergularia sp. 2
  51. Spergularia sp. 3
  52. Spergularia sp. 3 Bullfinch (R.A.Saffrey 905)
  53. Spergularia sp. 4 Laverton (A.C.Beauglehole 59928 & E.G.Errey)
  54. Spergularia sp. 5 Leeman (G.J.Keighery & J.J.Alford 488) WA Herbarium
  55. Spergularia sp. A
  56. Spergularia sp. Andado (A.S.Mitchell 146) NT Herbarium
  57. Spergularia sp. B
  58. Spergularia sp. Butchers Gap (P.Gibbons 234)
  59. Spergularia sp. Densely papillose (E.N.S Jackson 2133)
  60. Spergularia sp. Mt Mulyah (C.W.E.Moore 7046)
  61. Spergularia tasmanica (Kindb.) L.G.Adams
  62. Spergularia villosa (Pers.) Cambess.

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