Vascular Plants

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Martius, C.F.P. von (1835), Conspectus Regni Vegetabilis (Section) Martius, C.F.P. von Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Aegiceratales Mart.
  2. Artocarpales Mart.
  3. Barringtoniales Mart.
  4. Bauerales Mart.
  5. Betulales Mart.
  6. Burmanniaceae Mart.
  7. Burseraceae Mart.
  8. Burserales Mart.
  9. Caesalpiniales Mart.
  10. Cedrelales Mart.
  11. Cephalotales Mart.
  12. Cephaloteae Mart.
  13. Cestrales Mart.
  14. Circaeales Mart.
  15. Cunoniaceae Mart.
  16. Cunoniales Mart.
  17. Cuscutales Mart.
  18. Cyclanthales Mart.
  19. Dalbergiaceae Mart.
  20. Delimaceae Mart.
  21. Dioscoreae Mart.
  22. Dioscoreales Mart.
  23. Dipterocarpales Mart.
  24. Ehretiales Mart.
  25. Elatinales Mart.
  26. Empetrales Raf.
  27. Empetrales Mart.
  28. Epilobiales Mart.
  29. Flacourtiales Mart.
  30. Fouquieriales Mart.
  31. Francoales Mart.
  32. Garciniales Mart.
  33. Geoffroeaceae Mart.
  34. Glinaceae Mart.
  35. Haemodorales Mart.
  36. Hameliaceae Mart.
  37. Henslowiales Mart.
  38. Hernandiales Mart.
  39. Homaliales Mart.
  40. Hydrangeaceae Mart.
  41. Hydrangeales Mart.
  42. Hydroleales Mart.
  43. Hydrophyllales Mart.
  44. Hymenophyllaceae Mart.
  45. Hypoxidales Mart.
  46. Ilicales Mart.
  47. Illigerales Mart.
  48. Krameriales Mart.
  49. Lacistematales Mart.
  50. Lecythidales Mart.
  51. Lecythideae Mart.
  52. Limnanthales Mart.
  53. Lygodisodeales Mart.
  54. Malesherbiales Mart.
  55. Marantales Mart.
  56. Marcgraviales Mart.
  57. Marsileales Mart.
  58. Memecylales Mart.
  59. Miconiaceae Mart.
  60. Minuartiaceae Mart.
  61. Morales Mart.
  62. Moringales Mart.
  63. Myricales Mart.
  64. Neuradales Mart.
  65. Nitrariales Mart.
  66. Nyssales Mart.
  67. Olacales Mart.
  68. Ophioxylaceae Mart.
  69. Phaseolaceae Mart.
  70. Polycarpaeaceae Mart.
  71. Pontederiales Mart.
  72. Rafflesiales Mart.
  73. Reaumuriales Mart.
  74. Riviniales Mart.
  75. Roxburghiales Mart.
  76. Sarraceniales Mart.
  77. Sauvagesiales Mart.
  78. Scaevolales Mart.
  79. Schisandrales Mart.
  80. Selaginales Mart.
  81. Spondiadales Mart.
  82. Stackhousiales Mart.
  83. Stilaginales Mart.
  84. Stilbales Mart.
  85. Styracales Mart.
  86. Styraceae Mart.
  87. Ternstroemiales Mart.
  88. Tremandrales Mart.
  89. Tropaeolales Mart.
  90. Tropaeoleae Mart.

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