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Weber, J.Z. in Wilson, A.J.G. (ed.) (2007), Cassytha. Flora of Australia 2 : 117-136 (Section) Weber, J.Z. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. (Streaked) Dodder-laurel
  2. Cassyta coronata Nees
  3. Cassytha Osbeck
  4. Cassytha aurea J.Z.Weber
  5. Cassytha aurea J.Z.Weber var. aurea
  6. Cassytha aurea var. candida J.Z.Weber
  7. Cassytha aurea var. hirta J.Z.Weber
  8. Cassytha candida (J.Z.Weber) J.Z.Weber
  9. Cassytha capillaris Meisn.
  10. Cassytha casuarinae Nees
  11. Cassytha ceratopoda Meisn.
  12. Cassytha coronata Nees
  13. Cassytha cuscutiformis Meisn.
  14. Cassytha digitata Nees
  15. Cassytha dispar Schltdl.
  16. Cassytha filiformis L.
  17. Cassytha filiformis f. pycnantha Domin
  18. Cassytha filiformis var. pseudopubescens Domin
  19. Cassytha flava Nees
  20. Cassytha flindersii (J.Z.Weber) J.Z.Weber
  21. Cassytha glabella R.Br.
  22. Cassytha glabella f. bicallosa J.Z.Weber
  23. Cassytha glabella f. casuarinae (Nees) J.Z.Weber
  24. Cassytha glabella f. dispar (Schltdl.) J.Z.Weber
  25. Cassytha glabella R.Br. f. glabella
  26. Cassytha melantha R.Br.
  27. Cassytha micrantha Meisn.
  28. Cassytha microcephala Meisn.
  29. Cassytha muelleri Meisn.
  30. Cassytha multiflora Nees
  31. Cassytha nodiflora Meisn.
  32. Cassytha paniculata R.Br.
  33. Cassytha paniculata var. phaeolasia F.Muell.
  34. Cassytha paniculata var. remotiflora (Meisn.) Benth.
  35. Cassytha pedicellosa J.Z.Weber
  36. Cassytha peninsularis J.Z.Weber
  37. Cassytha peninsularis var. flindersii J.Z.Weber
  38. Cassytha phaeolasia (F.Muell.) Benth.
  39. Cassytha piligera Schltdl.
  40. Cassytha pomiformis Nees
  41. Cassytha pomiformis Nees var. pomiformis
  42. Cassytha pubescens R.Br.
  43. Cassytha pubescens Schltdl.
  44. Cassytha pubescens var. fasciculata Meisn.
  45. Cassytha pubescens var. macrocarpa Kosterm.
  46. Cassytha pubescens var. macrostachya F.Muell.
  47. Cassytha racemosa Nees
  48. Cassytha racemosa f. muelleri (Meisn.) J.Z.Weber
  49. Cassytha racemosa f. pilosa (Benth.) J.Z.Weber
  50. Cassytha racemosa Nees f. racemosa
  51. Cassytha racemosa var. genuina Hochr.
  52. Cassytha racemosa var. pilosa Benth.
  53. Cassytha remotiflora F.Muell. ex Meisn.
  54. Cassytha robusta Meisn.
  55. Cassytha rufa J.Z.Weber
  56. Cassytha rugulosa Meisn.
  57. Cassytha strigosa W.Fitzg.
  58. Cassytha subcapitata Meisn.
  59. Cassytha tasmanica Meisn.
  60. Cassytha tenuis C.K.Allen
  61. Cassytha tepperiana C.F.Ludw. ex Tepper
  62. Cassytha umbellata Meisn.
  63. Devil's Twine
  64. Dodder-laurel
  65. Downy Dodder-laurel
  66. False Dodder
  67. Love Vine
  68. Rusty Dodder-laurel
  69. Slender Devil's Twine
  70. Slender Dodder-laurel
  71. Smooth Cassytha
  72. Spilled Devil's Twine
  73. Tangle foot
  74. Tangled Dodder-laurel

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