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Duretto, M.F. & Forster, P.I. (30 November 2007), A taxonomic revision of the genus Zieria Sm. (Rutaceae) in Queensland. Austrobaileya 7(3) : 473-544 (Paper) Duretto, M.F. & Forster, P.I. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Boronia minutiflora F.Muell.
  2. Zieria Sm.
  3. Zieria actites Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  4. Zieria adenodonta (F.Muell.) J.A.Armstr.
  5. Zieria alata Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  6. Zieria arborescens Sims
  7. Zieria arborescens Sims subsp. arborescens
  8. Zieria arborescens subsp. glabrifolia J.A.Armstr.
  9. Zieria aspalathoides A.Cunn. ex Benth.
  10. Zieria aspalathoides A.Cunn. ex Benth. subsp. aspalathoides
  11. Zieria aspalathoides subsp. brachyphylla J.A.Armstr.
  12. Zieria aspalathoides var. (Springsure L.Cockburn AQ195493)
  13. Zieria aspalathoides var. intermedia C.T.White
  14. Zieria aspalathoides var. obovata C.T.White
  15. Zieria bifida Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  16. Zieria boolbunda Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  17. Zieria cephalophila Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  18. Zieria collina C.T.White
  19. Zieria compacta C.T.White
  20. Zieria compacta C.T.White var. compacta
  21. Zieria compacta var. glabrata C.T.White
  22. Zieria compacta var. robusta C.T.White
  23. Zieria cytisoides Sm.
  24. Zieria distans Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  25. Zieria eungellaensis Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  26. Zieria exsul Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  27. Zieria fraseri Hook.
  28. Zieria fraseri subsp. compacta (C.T.White) J.A.Armstr.
  29. Zieria fraseri Hook. subsp. fraseri
  30. Zieria fraseri subsp. robusta (C.T.White) Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  31. Zieria furfuracea R.Br. ex Benth.
  32. Zieria furfuracea subsp. (Belmont Scrub Unknown AQ152898)
  33. Zieria furfuracea subsp. (Kin Kin V.K.Moriarty 134)
  34. Zieria furfuracea subsp. euthadenia J.A.Armstr.
  35. Zieria furfuracea subsp. gymnocarpa J.A.Armstr.
  36. Zieria graniticola J.A.Armstr. ex Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  37. Zieria granulata var. adenodonta F.Muell.
  38. Zieria hydroscopica Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  39. Zieria inexpectata Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  40. Zieria insularis Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  41. Zieria laevigata Bonpl.
  42. Zieria laevigata subsp. (Wyberba T.L.Ryan 37)
  43. Zieria laevigata var. fraseri (Hook.) Domin
  44. Zieria laevigata var. laxiflora Benth.
  45. Zieria laxiflora (Benth.) Domin
  46. Zieria madida Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  47. Zieria minutiflora Domin
  48. Zieria minutiflora subsp. (Danbulla L.J.Webb+ 5732)
  49. Zieria minutiflora Domin subsp. minutiflora
  50. Zieria minutiflora subsp. trichocarpa J.A.Armstr.
  51. Zieria montana J.A.Armstr.
  52. Zieria obovata (C.T.White) J.A.Armstr.
  53. Zieria rimulosa C.T.White
  54. Zieria robertsiorum J.A.Armstr.
  55. Zieria scopulus Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  56. Zieria smithii subsp. (SFR144 B.Gray 428)
  57. Zieria southwellii J.A.Armstr.
  58. Zieria sp. (Amiens L.Pedley 1518)
  59. Zieria sp. (Binjour P.I.Forster PIF14134)
  60. Zieria sp. (Brolga Park A.R.Bean 1002)
  61. Zieria sp. (Brolga Park; A.R.Bean 1002)
  62. Zieria sp. (Coominglah A.R.Bean+ 8959)
  63. Zieria sp. (Flinders Peak S.L.Everist 1169)
  64. Zieria sp. (Herberton J.A.Armstrong 1025)
  65. Zieria sp. (Lamington G.Leiper AQ502702)
  66. Zieria sp. (Monogorilby P.I.Forster PIF1004)
  67. Zieria sp. (Mooloolaba G.Leiper AQ636552)
  68. Zieria sp. (Mt Larcom N.Gibson TO18)
  69. Zieria sp. (Pieter Botte M.Godwin C2471)
  70. Zieria sp. (Ravenshoe E.W.Bick 116)
  71. Zieria sp. (Russell River S.Johnson in 1892)
  72. Zieria sp. (Sydney Heads A.R.Bean 2562)
  73. Zieria sp. (Thornton Peak J.R.Clarkson 5556)
  74. Zieria sp. (White Mt D.G.Fell+ DGF1257)
  75. Zieria sp. 1
  76. Zieria sp. 12 (sp. 'L'; Russel River, S.Johnson s.n., 189)
  77. Zieria sp. nov. (Mt William)
  78. Zieria tenuis Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  79. Zieria vagans Duretto & P.I.Forst.
  80. Zieria verrucosa J.A.Armstr.
  81. Zieria whitei J.A.Armstr. ex Duretto & P.I.Forst.

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