Vascular Plants

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Jeanes, J.A. in Walsh, N.G. & Entwisle, T.J. (ed.) (1999), Boraginaceae. Flora of Victoria 4 (Paper) Jeanes, J.A. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Alkanet
  2. Amsinckia Lehm.
  3. Amsinckia calycina (Moris) Chater
  4. Amsinckia hispida I.M.Johnst.
  5. Amsinckia intermedia Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
  6. Amsinckia lycopsoides Lehm.
  7. Amsinckia menziesii (Lehm.) A.Nelson & J.F.Macbr.
  8. Anchusa L.
  9. Anchusa arvensis (L.) M.Bieb.
  10. Anchusa capensis Thunb.
  11. Anchusa sempervirens L.
  12. Austral Forget-me-not
  13. Australian Hound's-tongue
  14. Austrocynoglossum Popov ex R.R.Mill
  15. Austrocynoglossum latifolium (R.Br.) Popov ex R.R.Mill
  16. Blue Comfrey
  17. Blue Heliotrope
  18. Borage
  19. Boraginaceae Juss.
  20. Borago L.
  21. Borago officinalis L.
  22. Bugloss Fiddle-neck
  23. Buglossoides Moench
  24. Buglossoides arvensis (L.) I.M.Johnst.
  25. Burr Stickseed
  26. Cape Forget-me-not
  27. Comfrey
  28. Common Fiddle-neck
  29. Common Forget-me-not
  30. Common Heliotrope
  31. Creeping Heliotrope
  32. Cynoglossum L.
  33. Cynoglossum australe R.Br.
  34. Cynoglossum australe var. drummondii (Benth.) Brand
  35. Cynoglossum drummondii Benth.
  36. Cynoglossum latifolium R.Br.
  37. Cynoglossum suaveolens R.Br.
  38. Echinospermum concavum F.Muell.
  39. Echium L.
  40. Echium lycopsis L.
  41. Echium menziesii Lehm.
  42. Echium plantagineum L.
  43. Echium vulgare L.
  44. Forest Hound's-tooth
  45. Hairy Fiddle-neck
  46. Hairy Forget-me-not
  47. Hairy Sheepweed
  48. Halgania Gaudich.
  49. Halgania andromedifolia Behr & F.Muell.
  50. Halgania cyanea Lindl.
  51. Halgania lavandulacea Endl.
  52. Heliotropium L.
  53. Heliotropium amplexicaule Vahl
  54. Heliotropium asperrimum R.Br.
  55. Heliotropium curassavicum L.
  56. Heliotropium elachanthum F.Muell.
  57. Heliotropium europaeum L.
  58. Heliotropium supinum L.
  59. Lithospermum apulum (L.) Vahl
  60. Lithospermum arvense L.
  61. Lithospermum calycinum Moris
  62. Lithospermum lycopsoides Lehm.
  63. Lycopsis arvensis L.
  64. Lycopsis lutea Desr.
  65. Maccoya plurisepalea F.Muell.
  66. Myosotis L.
  67. Myosotis apula L.
  68. Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill
  69. Myosotis australis R.Br.
  70. Myosotis cespitosa Schultz
  71. Myosotis discolor Pers.
  72. Myosotis exarrhena F.Muell.
  73. Myosotis laxa subsp. cespitosa (Schultz) Hyl. ex Nordh.
  74. Myosotis scorpioides var. arvensis L.
  75. Myosotis suaveolens (R.Br.) Poir.
  76. Myosotis sylvatica Hoffm.
  77. Neatostema I.M.Johnst.
  78. Neatostema apulum (L.) I.M.Johnst.
  79. Nonea Medik.
  80. Nonea lutea (Desr.) Rchb. ex A.DC.
  81. Omphalolappula Brand
  82. Omphalolappula concava (F.Muell.) Brand
  83. Paterson's Curse
  84. Pentaglottis Tausch
  85. Pentaglottis sempervirens (L.) Tausch ex L.H.Bailey
  86. Plagiobothrys Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
  87. Plagiobothrys canescens Benth.
  88. Plagiobothrys elachanthus (F.Muell.) I.M.Johnst.
  89. Plagiobothrys plurisepaleus (F.Muell.) I.M.Johnst.
  90. Rigid Fiddle-back
  91. Rough Halgania
  92. Rough Heliotrope
  93. Salvation Jane
  94. Sheepweed
  95. Smooth Halgania
  96. Smooth Heliotrope
  97. Sweet Forget-me-not
  98. Sweet Hound's-tongue
  99. Symphytum L.
  100. Symphytum officinale L.
  101. Symphytum x uplandicum Nyman
  102. Valley Popcorn Flower
  103. Viper's Bugloss
  104. Water Forget-me-not
  105. White Rochelia
  106. Wild Bugloss
  107. Wood Forget-me-not
  108. Yellow Alkanet
  109. Yellow-and-blue Forget-me-not

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