Vascular Plants

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Department of the Environment and Heritage (2004), Species Profile and Threats Database (Database Record) Department of the Environment and Heritage Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Arachnorchis sp. aff. venusta (Kilsyth South)
  2. Baeckea sp. 9 Nowra (F.A.Rodway s.n., 03/1925)
  3. Caladenia sp. 10 (jarrah forest)
  4. Caladenia sp. Jarrah forest (S.D.Hopper 3990)
  5. Caladenia sp. aff. venusta (Kilsyth South)
  6. Callitris sp. (A.M.Gray 473-44; Tasmania)
  7. Callitris sp. 1 aff. oblonga (Tasmania)
  8. Callitris sp. Tasmania aff. oblonga (A.M.Gray 22495)
  9. Callitris sp. aff. oblonga (Apsley River)
  10. Callitris sp. aff. oblonga Apsley River (A.M.Gray 22495)
  11. Corybas sp. Finniss (R.Bates 28794)
  12. Davidsonia sp. (A.G.Floyd 1595; Mullumbimby-Currumbin Ck)
  13. Davidsonia sp. 1 (Mullumbimby-Currumbin Ck.)
  14. Davidsonia sp. Mullumbimby (G.P.Guymer 1625)
  15. Davidsonia sp. Mullumbimby-Currumbin Ck (A.G.Floyd 1595)
  16. Elaeocarpus sp. 2 Minyon
  17. Epacris aff. exserta Mt Cameron
  18. Epacris sp. 1 Allans Hill (S.J.Jarman HO32456)
  19. Epacris sp. 1 Allans Hill (S.J.Jarman sn. (HO 32456))
  20. Epacris sp. Dans Hill
  21. Epacris sp. Dans Hill (S.J.Jarman HO 32456)
  22. Epacris sp. aff. virgata graniticola
  23. Epacris virgata sensu stricto Beaconsfield
  24. Eremophila pinnatifida Chinnock MS
  25. Eremophila sp. Koobabbie (R.J.Chinnock 9540) Chinnock
  26. Eremophila sp. Pinnatifida (R.J.Chinnock 7971) Chinnock
  27. Eucalyptus sp. Howes Swamp Creek (M.Doherty 19/7/1985)
  28. Eucalyptus sp. Howes Swamp Creek (M.Doherty, 19/7/1985 NSW 207054)
  29. Euphrasia sp. 2 (Southport)
  30. Euphrasia sp. Southport (W.M.Curtis 5/12/58)
  31. Euphrasia sp. fabula W.C.Potts & W.R.Barker
  32. Fleshy Greenhood
  33. Fontainea sp. Bahrs Scrub
  34. Fontainea sp. Deep Creek
  35. Fontainea sp. Tweed Valley
  36. Goodenia macbarronnii Anon.
  37. Grevillea althoferi Olde & Marriott
  38. Grevillea christiniae McGill.
  39. Grevillea parviflora R.Br. var. parviflora
  40. Hakea sp. (C.Sandercoe 507; Mariala Scientific Reserve)
  41. Hakea sp. (M.Doherty 17-24; Kowmung River)
  42. Hakea sp. 1 (Mariala Scientific Reserve)
  43. Hakea sp. 2 (Kowmung River)
  44. Hakea sp. Kowmung River (M.Doherty 17-24)
  45. Hakea sp. Manning River SF - Broken Bago SF (P.Hind s.n.)
  46. Hakea sp. Mariala Scientific Res. (C.Sandercoe 507)
  47. Helichrysum incanum Hook.
  48. Helicteres sp. (N.Byrnes 1280; Glenluckie Creek)
  49. Helicteres sp. 1 (D2164)
  50. Helicteres sp. D2164 (Glenluckie Creek)
  51. Helipterum albicans f. grampianum Paul G.Wilson
  52. Helipterum albicans var. incanum (Hook.) Paul G.Wilson
  53. Helipterum bicolorum DC.
  54. Helipterum incanum var. purpureo-album F.Muell.
  55. Helipterum incanum var. tricolor DC.
  56. Huperzia dalhousiana Anon.
  57. Ipomoea (A83192)
  58. Ipomoea sp. 1 (A83192)
  59. Ipomoea sp. Stirling
  60. Leucochrysum albicans var. tricolor (DC.) Paul G.Wilson
  61. Lycopodium dalhousiana Anon.
  62. Macrozamia fearnsidae D.L.Jones
  63. Mesua sp. (A.K.Irvine 1218; Boonjee)
  64. Mesua sp. 1 Boonjee
  65. Mukia sp. 1 (sp. "E" Longreach)
  66. Nematolepis rhytidophyllum Paul G.Wilson
  67. Paspalum batianofi B.K.Simon
  68. Prostanthera sp. (C.Sandercoe C1256; Mt Tinbeerwah)
  69. Prostanthera sp. (D.M.Gordon 84; Dunmore)
  70. Prostanthera sp. (D.M.Gordon 84; Dunmore)
  71. Prostanthera sp. 2 (Mt. Tinbeerwah)
  72. Prostanthera sp. 3 (Dunmore)
  73. Prostanthera sp. Bundjalung Nat. Pk. (B.J.Conn 3471)
  74. Prostanthera sp. Mt Tinbeerwah (C.Sandercoe C1256)
  75. Pteris zahlbruckeriana Anon.
  76. Pterostylis aff. nana (Hale)
  77. Pterostylis sp. (S.D.Hopper 3349; Northampton)
  78. Pterostylis sp. 15
  79. Pterostylis sp. 8 (Northampton)
  80. Pterostylis wapstrarum D.L.Jones
  81. Pultenaea sp. 1 (W. of Wadbilliga trig)
  82. Pultenaea sp. Genowlan Point
  83. Pultenaea sp. K
  84. Quassia sp. (J.King s.n., 1949; Mooney Creek)
  85. Quassia sp. 1 (Mooney Creek)
  86. Quassia sp. Moonee Creek
  87. Rapanea sp. (J.H.Maiden & J.L.Boorman NSW 26751; North Coast)
  88. Rapanea sp. 1 (North Coast)
  89. Roccardia albicans f. bicolorum (DC.) Voss
  90. Sagina sp. (A.M.Buchanan 5115; Mt Anne)
  91. Sagina sp. 1 (Mt. Anne)
  92. Spyridium sp. (Little Desert)
  93. Stemodia haegii Anon.
  94. Syzygium velarum B.Hyland
  95. Syzygium velorum Anon.
  96. Tetratheca paynteri Anon.
  97. Thelymitra epipacroides F.Muell.
  98. Thelymitra manginiae K.W.Dixon & Batty MS
  99. Thomasia sp. (A.S.George 8075; York)
  100. Thomasia sp. 1 York (A.S.George 8075)

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