Vascular Plants

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Albrecht, D.E. in Walsh, N.G. & Entwisle, T.J. (ed.) (1996), Epacridaceae. Flora of Victoria 3 : 464-493 (Paper) Albrecht, D.E. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acrotriche R.Br.
  2. Acrotriche affinis DC.
  3. Acrotriche cordata (Labill.) R.Br.
  4. Acrotriche depressa R.Br.
  5. Acrotriche divaricata R.Br.
  6. Acrotriche leucocarpa Jobson & Whiffin
  7. Acrotriche ovalifolia R.Br.
  8. Acrotriche ovalifolia var. oblongifolia Benth.
  9. Acrotriche ovalifolia R.Br. var. ovalifolia
  10. Acrotriche prostrata F.Muell.
  11. Acrotriche serrulata R.Br.
  12. Alpine heath
  13. Astroloma R.Br.
  14. Astroloma conostephioides (Sond.) F.Muell. ex Benth.
  15. Astroloma denticulata Albr.
  16. Astroloma denticulatum R.Br.
  17. Astroloma humifusum (Cav.) R.Br.
  18. Astroloma humifusum var. denticulata Albr.
  19. Astroloma humifusum var. denticulatum (R.Br.) J.M.Black
  20. Astroloma pinifolium (R.Br.) Benth.
  21. Blunt-leaf Heath
  22. Brachyloma Sond.
  23. Brachyloma ciliatum (R.Br.) Benth.
  24. Brachyloma daphnoides (Sm.) Benth.
  25. Brachyloma depressum (F.Muell.) Benth.
  26. Brachyloma ericoides (Schltdl.) Sond.
  27. Brachyloma ericoides subsp. bicolor R.J.Bates
  28. Brachyloma ericoides (Schltdl.) Sond. subsp. ericoides
  29. Brush Heath
  30. Candle Heath
  31. Carpet Heath
  32. Coast Ground-berry
  33. Common Heath
  34. Coral Heath
  35. Cranberry Heath
  36. Crimson Berry
  37. Cyathodes Labill.
  38. Cyathodes juniperina (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) Druce
  39. Cyathodes juniperina var. oxycedrus (Labill.) Allan
  40. Cyathodes oxycedrus (Labill.) R.Br.
  41. Daphne Heath
  42. Decaspora clarkei F.Muell.
  43. Desert Styphelia
  44. Drumstick Heath
  45. Epacridaceae R.Br.
  46. Epacris Cav.
  47. Epacris bawbawiensis Stapf
  48. Epacris breviflora Stapf
  49. Epacris celata Crowden
  50. Epacris coriacea A.Cunn. ex DC.
  51. Epacris glacialis (F.Muell.) M.Gray
  52. Epacris gunnii Hook.f.
  53. Epacris heteronema var. glacialis F.Muell.
  54. Epacris impressa Labill.
  55. Epacris impressa var. grandiflora Benth.
  56. Epacris juniperina J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  57. Epacris lanuginosa Labill.
  58. Epacris microphylla R.Br.
  59. Epacris microphylla var. gunnii (Hook.f.) Benth.
  60. Epacris microphylla R.Br. var. microphylla
  61. Epacris microphylla var. rhombifolia L.R.Fraser & Vickery
  62. Epacris obtusifolia Sm.
  63. Epacris paludosa R.Br.
  64. Epacris petrophila Hook.f.
  65. Epacris pumila J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
  66. Epacris serpyllifolia R.Br.
  67. Epacris tomentosa Lindl.
  68. Flame Heath
  69. Fringed Brachyloma
  70. Golden Heath
  71. Heaths
  72. Honeypots
  73. Leucopogon exarrhenus F.Muell.
  74. Lilac Berry
  75. Lissanthe R.Br.
  76. Lissanthe ciliata R.Br.
  77. Lissanthe depressa F.Muell.
  78. Lissanthe mucronata DC.
  79. Lissanthe strigosa subsp. subulata (R.Br.) J.M.Powell
  80. Lissanthe subulata R.Br.
  81. Lobopogon ericoides Schltdl.
  82. Melichrus R.Br.
  83. Melichrus urceolatus R.Br.
  84. Monotoca R.Br.
  85. Monotoca billawinica Albr.
  86. Monotoca elliptica (Sm.) R.Br.
  87. Monotoca glauca (Labill.) Druce
  88. Monotoca lineata R.Br.
  89. Monotoca oreophila Albr.
  90. Monotoca patens A.Cunn. ex DC.
  91. Monotoca propinqua A.Cunn. ex DC.
  92. Monotoca rotundifolia J.H.Willis
  93. Monotoca scoparia (Sm.) R.Br.
  94. Monotoca sp. (Grampians)
  95. Monotoca sp. aff. elliptica (Alps)
  96. Mountain Broom Heath
  97. Native Cranberry
  98. Peach Heath
  99. Pentachondra R.Br.
  100. Pentachondra pumila (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) R.Br.
  101. Pentataphrus behrii Schltdl.
  102. Pine Heath
  103. Pink Swamp-heath
  104. Prickly Broom Heath
  105. Richea R.Br.
  106. Richea continentis B.L.Burtt
  107. Richea gunnii Hook.f.
  108. Richea victoriana Menadue
  109. Ridged Ground-berry
  110. Snow Heath
  111. Spreading Brachyloma
  112. Sprengelia Sm.
  113. Sprengelia incarnata Sm.
  114. Stenanthera conostephioides Sond.
  115. Stenanthera pinifolia R.Br.
  116. Styphelia Sm.
  117. Styphelia adscendens R.Br.
  118. Styphelia behrii (Schltdl.) Sleumer
  119. Styphelia cordata Labill.
  120. Styphelia daphnoides Sm.
  121. Styphelia elliptica Sm.
  122. Styphelia exarrhena (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  123. Styphelia glauca Labill.
  124. Styphelia humifusa (Cav.) Pers.
  125. Styphelia pinifolia (R.Br.) Spreng.
  126. Styphelia scoparia Sm.
  127. Styphelia serrulata Labill.
  128. Styphelia sonderi F.Muell.
  129. Styphelia urceolata (R.Br.) F.Muell.
  130. Swamp Heath
  131. Tall Acrotriche
  132. Trailing Ground-berry
  133. Trailing Monotoca
  134. Tree Broom-heath
  135. Trochocarpa R.Br.
  136. Trochocarpa clarkei (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  137. Urn Heath
  138. Ventenatia humifusa Cav.
  139. Wiry Ground-berry
  140. Woolly-style Heath

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