Vascular Plants

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Armstrong, J.A. (15 July 2002), Zieria (Rutaceae): a systematic and evolutionary study. Australian Systematic Botany 15(3) : 277-463 (Paper) Armstrong, J.A. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Boronia arborescens (Sims) F.Muell.
  2. Boronia arborescens F.Muell.
  3. Boronia granulata F.Muell.
  4. Boronia granulata C.Moore ex F.Muell.
  5. Boronia hirsuta (DC.) F.Muell.
  6. Boronia laevigata (Sm.) F.Muell.
  7. Boronia minutiflora F.Muell.
  8. Boronia veronicea F.Muell.
  9. Downy Zieria
  10. Hairy Zieria
  11. Heath Zieria
  12. Pink Zieria
  13. Round-leafed Zieria
  14. Whorled Zieria
  15. Zieria Sm.
  16. Zieria adenodonta (F.Muell.) J.A.Armstr.
  17. Zieria adenophora Blakely
  18. Zieria arborescens Sims
  19. Zieria arborescens subsp. A Sims
  20. Zieria arborescens subsp. B
  21. Zieria arborescens subsp. a
  22. Zieria arborescens Sims subsp. arborescens
  23. Zieria arborescens subsp. decurrens J.A.Armstr.
  24. Zieria arborescens subsp. glabrifolia J.A.Armstr.
  25. Zieria aspalathoides A.Cunn. ex Benth.
  26. Zieria aspalathoides subsp. A
  27. Zieria aspalathoides subsp. B
  28. Zieria aspalathoides subsp. a
  29. Zieria aspalathoides A.Cunn. ex Benth. subsp. aspalathoides
  30. Zieria aspalathoides subsp. b
  31. Zieria aspalathoides subsp. brachyphylla J.A.Armstr.
  32. Zieria aspalathoides subsp. c
  33. Zieria aspalathoides var. obovata C.T.White
  34. Zieria baeuerlenii J.A.Armstr.
  35. Zieria buxijugum J.D.Briggs & J.A.Armstr.
  36. Zieria buxijugum Anon.
  37. Zieria caducibracteata J.A.Armstr.
  38. Zieria canescens Benth.
  39. Zieria chevalieri Virot
  40. Zieria citriodora J.A.Armstr.
  41. Zieria collina C.T.White
  42. Zieria commutata Schult. & Schult.f.
  43. Zieria compacta C.T.White
  44. Zieria compacta var. glabrata C.T.White
  45. Zieria compacta var. robusta C.T.White
  46. Zieria covenyi J.A.Armstr.
  47. Zieria cytisoides Sm.
  48. Zieria cytisoides subsp. A
  49. Zieria cytisoides subsp. B
  50. Zieria cytisoides subsp. a
  51. Zieria cytisoides subsp. b
  52. Zieria cytisoides var. involucrata (R.Br. ex Benth.) C.Moore
  53. Zieria floydii J.A.Armstr.
  54. Zieria formosa J.D.Briggs & J.A.Armstr.
  55. Zieria formosa Anon.
  56. Zieria fraseri Hook.
  57. Zieria fraseri subsp. 'a'
  58. Zieria fraseri subsp. 'b'
  59. Zieria fraseri subsp. A
  60. Zieria fraseri subsp. A
  61. Zieria fraseri subsp. B
  62. Zieria fraseri subsp. B
  63. Zieria fraseri subsp. compacta (C.T.White) J.A.Armstr.
  64. Zieria fraseri Hook. subsp. fraseri
  65. Zieria furfuracea R.Br. ex Benth.
  66. Zieria furfuracea subsp. A
  67. Zieria furfuracea subsp. a
  68. Zieria furfuracea subsp. b
  69. Zieria furfuracea subsp. euthadenia J.A.Armstr.
  70. Zieria furfuracea R.Br. ex Benth. subsp. furfuracea
  71. Zieria furfuracea subsp. gymnocarpa J.A.Armstr.
  72. Zieria granulata C.Moore ex Benth.
  73. Zieria granulata var. adenodonta F.Muell.
  74. Zieria granulata var. adenodonta F.Muell. ex Maiden & Betche
  75. Zieria hindii J.A.Armstr.
  76. Zieria hirsuta DC.
  77. Zieria ingramii J.A.Armstr.
  78. Zieria involucrata R.Br. ex Benth.
  79. Zieria laevigata Bonpl.
  80. Zieria laevigata Sm.
  81. Zieria laevigata subsp. A
  82. Zieria laevigata subsp. B
  83. Zieria laevigata subsp. a
  84. Zieria laevigata subsp. b
  85. Zieria laevigata var. aspalathoides (Benth.) C.Moore
  86. Zieria laevigata var. fraseri (Hook.) Domin
  87. Zieria laevigata var. laxiflora Benth.
  88. Zieria laevigata var. revoluta (A.Cunn.) Domin
  89. Zieria lanceolata R.Br. ex Sm.
  90. Zieria lanceolata Sims
  91. Zieria lasiocaulis J.A.Armstr.
  92. Zieria laxiflora (Benth.) Domin
  93. Zieria littoralis J.A.Armstr.
  94. Zieria macrophylla Bonpl.
  95. Zieria microphylla Bonpl.
  96. Zieria microphylla Sieber ex Schult. & Schult.f.
  97. Zieria minutiflora Domin
  98. Zieria minutiflora subsp. A
  99. Zieria minutiflora subsp. a
  100. Zieria minutiflora subsp. b
  101. Zieria minutiflora Domin subsp. minutiflora
  102. Zieria minutiflora subsp. trichocarpa J.A.Armstr.
  103. Zieria montana J.A.Armstr.
  104. Zieria multiflora Sm.
  105. Zieria murphyi Blakely
  106. Zieria obcordata A.Cunn.
  107. Zieria obcordata subsp. A
  108. Zieria obcordata subsp. B
  109. Zieria obovata (C.T.White) J.A.Armstr.
  110. Zieria odorifera J.A.Armstr.
  111. Zieria oreocena J.A.Armstr.
  112. Zieria parrisiae J.D.Briggs & J.A.Armstr.
  113. Zieria pauciflora Sm.
  114. Zieria pilosa Rudge
  115. Zieria pilosa var. canescens Benth.
  116. Zieria pilosa var. parviflora Benth.
  117. Zieria pilosa var. pauciflora (Sm.) Domin
  118. Zieria pilosa var. typica Hochr.
  119. Zieria prostrata J.A.Armstr.
  120. Zieria revoluta A.Cunn.
  121. Zieria rimulosa C.T.White
  122. Zieria robertsiorum J.A.Armstr.
  123. Zieria robusta Maiden & Betche
  124. Zieria smithii Bonpl.
  125. Zieria smithii Andrews
  126. Zieria smithii subsp. A
  127. Zieria smithii subsp. B
  128. Zieria smithii subsp. a
  129. Zieria smithii subsp. b
  130. Zieria smithii Andrews subsp. smithii
  131. Zieria smithii subsp. tomentosa J.A.Armstr.
  132. Zieria smithii var. fraseri F.Muell. ex Maiden & Betche
  133. Zieria smithii var. furfuracea (R.Br. ex Benth.) C.Moore
  134. Zieria smithii var. furfuracea F.Muell.
  135. Zieria smithii var. macrophylla (Bonpl.) Benth.
  136. Zieria smithii var. parvifolia Benth.
  137. Zieria smithii var. tomentosa Maiden & Betche
  138. Zieria smithii var. typica Hochr.
  139. Zieria smithii var. typica Domin
  140. Zieria southwellii J.A.Armstr.
  141. Zieria sp. 'Q' (Box Range)
  142. Zieria sp. 1 (sp."M";Bomaderry)
  143. Zieria sp. 10 (sp."J";Nightcap Range)
  144. Zieria sp. 13 (sp."K";W. of Mundubbera)
  145. Zieria sp. 14 (sp."P";Box Range North)
  146. Zieria sp. 15 (sp."Q";Box Range South)
  147. Zieria sp. 2 (sp."B" Numeralla-Kybean Trig)
  148. Zieria sp. 3 (sp."D";Goonoo Goonoo S.F.)
  149. Zieria sp. 4 (sp. "A";Herberton)
  150. Zieria sp. 5 (sp."E";McPherson&Eungella Rgs.)
  151. Zieria sp. 6 (sp."G";Mt.Dromedary)
  152. Zieria sp. 7 (sp."O";Lochiel)
  153. Zieria sp. 8 (sp."C";Mt.Warning-Lamngtn N.P.)
  154. Zieria sp. 9 (sp."I";Narrow Neck Peninsula)
  155. Zieria sp. A
  156. Zieria sp. A (aff. arborescens)
  157. Zieria sp. B
  158. Zieria sp. B
  159. Zieria sp. C
  160. Zieria sp. C (aff. granulata)
  161. Zieria sp. D
  162. Zieria sp. D (aff. aspalathoides)
  163. Zieria sp. E
  164. Zieria sp. F
  165. Zieria sp. F (aff. involucrata)
  166. Zieria sp. G
  167. Zieria sp. H
  168. Zieria sp. I
  169. Zieria sp. J
  170. Zieria sp. K
  171. Zieria sp. L
  172. Zieria sp. M
  173. Zieria sp. N
  174. Zieria sp. O
  175. Zieria sp. O (Lochiel)
  176. Zieria sp. P
  177. Zieria sp. Q
  178. Zieria sp. nov. A
  179. Zieria sp. nov. B
  180. Zieria sp. nov. C
  181. Zieria sp. nov. D
  182. Zieria sp. nov. E subsp. a
  183. Zieria sp. nov. E subsp. b
  184. Zieria sp. nov. E subsp. c
  185. Zieria sp. nov. F
  186. Zieria sp. nov. G
  187. Zieria tuberculata J.A.Armstr.
  188. Zieria veronicea (F.Muell.) Benth.
  189. Zieria veronicea F.Muell.
  190. Zieria veronicea subsp. insularis J.A.Armstr.
  191. Zieria veronicea (F.Muell.) Benth. subsp. veronicea
  192. Zieria verrucosa J.A.Armstr.

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