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Bell, G.H. in McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) (1998), Davalliaceae. Flora of Australia 48 : 434-450 (Section) Bell, G.H. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Adiantum denticulatum Burm.f.
  2. Adiantum repens L.f.
  3. Arthropteris J.Sm. ex Hook.f.
  4. Arthropteris beckleri (Hook.) Mett.
  5. Arthropteris obliterata (R.Br.) J.Sm.
  6. Arthropteris obliterata var. linearis (F.M.Bailey) Domin
  7. Arthropteris palisotii (Desv.) Alston
  8. Arthropteris submarginalis Domin
  9. Arthropteris tenella (G.Forst.) J.Sm. ex Hook.f.
  10. Aspidium acutum Schkuhr
  11. Aspidium biserratum Sw.
  12. Aspidium cordifolium (L.) Sw.
  13. Aspidium cordifolium var. tambourinense (Domin) F.M.Bailey
  14. Aspidium eumundi F.M.Bailey
  15. Aspidium exaltatum (L.) Sw.
  16. Aspidium exaltatum var. hirsutulum (G.Forst.) F.M.Bailey
  17. Aspidium exaltatum var. longipinna Benth.
  18. Aspidium obliteratum (R.Br.) Spreng.
  19. Aspidium palisotii Desv.
  20. Aspidium ramosum P.Beauv.
  21. Aspidium ramosum var. eumundi (F.M.Bailey) F.M.Bailey
  22. Aspidium ramosum var. lineare F.M.Bailey
  23. Aspidium tuberosum Bory ex Willd.
  24. Aspidium volubile var. cavernicola F.M.Bailey
  25. Davallia Sm.
  26. Davallia denticulata (Burm.f.) Mett. ex Kuhn var. denticulata
  27. Davallia elata (G.Forst.) Sw.
  28. Davallia lindleyi Hook.
  29. Davallia pectinata Sm.
  30. Davallia pedata Sm.
  31. Davallia pyxidata Cav.
  32. Davallia pyxidata var. attenuata Hook. ex T.Moore
  33. Davallia repens (L.f.) Kuhn
  34. Davallia sect. Humata (Cav.) C.Presl
  35. Davallia sect. Pachypleuria C.Presl
  36. Davallia solida (G.Forst.) Sw.
  37. Davallia solida var. caudata Hook.
  38. Davallia solida var. lindleyi (Hook.) Alderw.
  39. Davallia solida var. ornata Mett. ex Kuhn
  40. Davallia solida var. pyxidata (Cav.) Noot.
  41. Davallia solida (G.Forst.) Sw. var. solida
  42. Davallia subg. Humata (Cav.) Baker
  43. Davalliaceae M.R.Schomb.
  44. Fishbone Fern
  45. Herringbone Fern
  46. Humata Cav.
  47. Humata pectinata (Sm.) Desv.
  48. Humata pedata J.Sm.
  49. Isoloma lanuginosa J.Sm.
  50. Lindsaea acutifolia Desv.
  51. Lindsaea lanuginosa (J.Sm.) Wall. ex Hook.
  52. Nephrodium obliteratum R.Br.
  53. Nephrolepis Schott
  54. Nephrolepis acuta (Schkuhr) C.Presl
  55. Nephrolepis acutifolia (Desv.) Christ
  56. Nephrolepis altescandens (Colla) Baker
  57. Nephrolepis arida D.L.Jones
  58. Nephrolepis auriculata (L.) Trimen
  59. Nephrolepis biserrata (Sw.) Schott
  60. Nephrolepis cordifolia (L.) C.Presl
  61. Nephrolepis cordifolia var. tambourinensis Domin
  62. Nephrolepis exaltata var. hirsutula (G.Forst.) Baker
  63. Nephrolepis hirsutula (G.Forst.) C.Presl
  64. Nephrolepis hirsutula var. rufescens (Schrad.) Bonap.
  65. Nephrolepis obliterata (R.Br.) J.Sm.
  66. Nephrolepis radicans var. cavernicola Domin
  67. Nephrolepis ramosa (P.Beauv.) T.Moore
  68. Nephrolepis repens Brack.
  69. Nephrolepis rufescens (Schrad.) Wawra
  70. Nephrolepis tuberosa (Bory ex Willd.) C.Presl
  71. Oleandra Cav.
  72. Oleandra cumingii J.Sm.
  73. Oleandra neriiformis Cav.
  74. Pachypleuria (C.Presl) C.Presl
  75. Pachypleuria repens (L.f.) M.Kato
  76. Polypodium beckleri Hook.
  77. Polypodium cordifolium L.
  78. Polypodium hirsutulum G.Forst.
  79. Polypodium tenellum G.Forst.
  80. Stenolobus ornatus C.Presl
  81. Sword Fern
  82. Trichomanes solidum G.Forst.

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