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Bostock, P.D. in McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) (1998), Adiantaceae. Flora of Australia 48 : 248-271 (Section) Bostock, P.D. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acrostichum calomelanos L.
  2. Acrostichum calomelas Sw.
  3. Acrostichum ebeneum L.
  4. Acrostichum leptophyllum (L.) Lam. & DC.
  5. Adiantaceae Newman
  6. Adiantum L.
  7. Adiantum aethiopicum L.
  8. Adiantum aethiopicum f. assimile (Sw.) F.M.Bailey
  9. Adiantum affine Willd.
  10. Adiantum assimile Sw.
  11. Adiantum capillus-veneris L.
  12. Adiantum diaphanum var. affine (Willd.) Alderw.
  13. Adiantum hispidulum var. minus Bostock
  14. Adiantum lunulatum Burm.f.
  15. Adiantum lunulatum var. dolabriforme F.M.Bailey
  16. Adiantum paradoxum R.Br.
  17. Adiantum philippense L.
  18. Adiantum philippense var. dolabriforme D.A.Sm.
  19. Adiantum trigonum Labill.
  20. Adiantum viride (Forssk.) Vahl
  21. Allosorus concolor (Langsd. & Fisch.) Kuntze
  22. Allosorus falcatus (R.Br.) Kunze
  23. Allosorus falcatus var. paradoxus (R.Br.) Luerss.
  24. Allosorus paradoxus (R.Br.) Kunze
  25. Anogramma Link
  26. Anogramma leptophylla (L.) Link
  27. Asplenium leptophyllum (L.) Sw.
  28. Cheilanthes concolor (Langsd. & Fisch.) R.F.Tryon & A.F.Tryon
  29. Cheilanthes preissiana Kunze
  30. Cheilanthes viridis (Forssk.) Sw.
  31. Common Maidenhair
  32. Dictyogramme pinnata (J.Sm.) T.Moore
  33. Doryopteris concolor (Langsd. & Fisch.) Kuhn
  34. Doryopteris ludens (Wall. ex Hook.) J.Sm.
  35. Doryopteris papuana Copel.
  36. Dwarf Sickle Fern
  37. Gold Fern
  38. Gold-dust Fern
  39. Grammitis leptophylla (L.) Sw.
  40. Grammitis muelleri (Hook.) F.Muell.
  41. Grammitis pinnata (J.Sm.) F.Muell.
  42. Grammitis reynoldsii (F.Muell.) Benth.
  43. Grammitis sect. Paraceterach F.Muell.
  44. Gymnogramma calomelanos (L.) Kaulf.
  45. Gymnogramma leptophylla (L.) Desv.
  46. Gymnogramma muelleri Hook.
  47. Gymnogramma novae-zelandiae Colenso
  48. Gymnogramma papaverifolia Kunze
  49. Gymnogramma reynoldsii (F.Muell.) J.M.Black
  50. Gymnogramme muelleri Hook.
  51. Gymnogramme reynoldsii J.M.Black
  52. Gymnopteris muelleri (Hook.) Underw.
  53. Gymnopteris muelleri f. cordifolia Domin
  54. Holttumiella Copel.
  55. Maidenhair Ferns
  56. Nothochlaena reynoldsii F.Muell.
  57. Notholaena reynoldsii F.Muell.
  58. Paraceterach Copel.
  59. Paraceterach muelleri (Hook.) Copel.
  60. Paraceterach reynoldsii (F.Muell.) Tindale
  61. Parkeriaceae Hook.
  62. Pellaea Link
  63. Pellaea calidirupium Brownsey & Lovis
  64. Pellaea concolor (Langsd. & Fisch.) Baker
  65. Pellaea falcata (R.Br.) Fée
  66. Pellaea falcata var. denticulata Bonap.
  67. Pellaea falcata var. nana Hook.
  68. Pellaea geraniaefolia Fée
  69. Pellaea geraniifolia (Raddi) Fée
  70. Pellaea nana (Hook.) Bostock
  71. Pellaea nana ‘Herberton’
  72. Pellaea nana ‘silver Pellaea’
  73. Pellaea paradoxa (R.Br.) Hook.
  74. Pellaea paradoxa var. trichophora Domin
  75. Pellaea rotundifolia (G.Forst.) Hook.
  76. Pellaea viridis (Forssk.) Prantl
  77. Pellaea viridis (Forssk.) Prantl var. viridis
  78. Pityrogramma Link
  79. Pityrogramma austroamericana Domin
  80. Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link
  81. Pityrogramma calomelanos var. austroamericana (Domin) Farw.
  82. Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link var. calomelanos
  83. Pityrogramma chrysophylla (Sw.) Link
  84. Pityrogramma leptophylla (L.) Domin
  85. Platyloma J.Sm.
  86. Platyloma brownii J.Sm.
  87. Platyloma falcata (R.Br.) J.Sm.
  88. Platyloma falcata var. caudata E.J.Lowe
  89. Platyloma falcata var. nana (Hook.) F.M.Bailey
  90. Platyloma geraniifolium (Raddi) E.J.Lowe
  91. Platytaenia Kuhn
  92. Polypodium leptophyllum L.
  93. Pteridella viridis (Forssk.) Kuhn
  94. Pteris blechnoides Willd.
  95. Pteris concolor Langsd. & Fisch.
  96. Pteris falcata R.Br.
  97. Pteris falcata var. nana F.M.Bailey
  98. Pteris falcata var. paradoxa (R.Br.) F.M.Bailey
  99. Pteris geraniifolia Raddi
  100. Pteris ludens Wall. ex Hook.
  101. Pteris paradoxa (R.Br.) Baker ex Benth.
  102. Pteris pedata L.
  103. Pteris rotundifolia G.Forst.
  104. Pteris viridis Forssk.
  105. Riccia tuberosa Taylor
  106. Schizolepton Fée
  107. Sickle Fern
  108. Silver Fern
  109. Syngramma pinnata J.Sm.
  110. Taenitis Willd. ex Schkuhr
  111. Taenitis blechnoides (Willd.) Sw.
  112. Taenitis pinnata (J.Sm.) Holttum
  113. Trismeria Fée

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