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Chinnock, R.J. in McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) (1998), Lycopodiaceae. Flora of Australia 48 : 66-85 (Section) Chinnock, R.J. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Austrolycopodium fastigiatum (R.Br.) Holub
  2. Blue Tassel Fern
  3. Bog Clubmoss
  4. Bushy Clubmoss
  5. Climbing Maidenhair
  6. Clubmoss
  7. Coarse Tassel Fern
  8. Common Tassel Fern
  9. Diphasium C.Presl ex Rothm.
  10. Fir Clubmoss
  11. Huperzia Bernh.
  12. Huperzia australiana (Herter) Holub
  13. Huperzia carinata (Desv.) Trevis.
  14. Huperzia dalhousieana (Spring) Trevis.
  15. Huperzia filiformis (Sw.) Holub
  16. Huperzia lockyeri (D.L.Jones & B.Gray) Holub
  17. Huperzia marsupiiformis (D.L.Jones & B.Gray) Holub
  18. Huperzia phlegmaria (L.) Rothm.
  19. Huperzia phlegmarioides (Gaudich.) Rothm.
  20. Huperzia prolifera (Blume) Trevis.
  21. Huperzia serrata (Thunb.) Murray ex Trevis.
  22. Huperzia squarrosa (G.Forst.) Trevis.
  23. Huperzia varia (R.Br.) Trevis.
  24. Keeled tassel Fern
  25. Lateristachys Holub
  26. Lateristachys lateralis (R.Br.) Holub
  27. Layered Tassel Fern
  28. Lepidotis diffusa (R.Br.) Rothm.
  29. Lepidotis lateralis (R.Br.) Rothm.
  30. Lepidotis magellanica P.Beauv.
  31. Long Clubmoss
  32. Lycopodiaceae P.Beauv. ex Mirb.
  33. Lycopodiella Holub
  34. Lycopodiella cernua (L.) Pic.Serm.
  35. Lycopodiella diffusa (R.Br.) B.Øllg.
  36. Lycopodiella lateralis (R.Br.) B.Øllg.
  37. Lycopodiella limosa Chinnock
  38. Lycopodiella sect. Campylostachys (Müll.Berol.) B.Øllg.
  39. Lycopodiella sect. Caroliniana (J.G.Bruce) B.Øllg.
  40. Lycopodiella sect. Lateristachys (Holub) B.Øllg.
  41. Lycopodiella serpentina (Kunze) B.Øllg.
  42. Lycopodium L.
  43. Lycopodium australianum Herter
  44. Lycopodium carinatum Desv.
  45. Lycopodium carolinianum L.
  46. Lycopodium cernuum L.
  47. Lycopodium clarae F.M.Bailey
  48. Lycopodium clavatum L.
  49. Lycopodium clavatum var. fastigiatum (R.Br.) Benth.
  50. Lycopodium clavatum var. magellanicum (P.Beauv.) Hook.f.
  51. Lycopodium dalhousieanum Spring
  52. Lycopodium decurrens R.Br.
  53. Lycopodium densum Labill.
  54. Lycopodium deuterodensum Herter
  55. Lycopodium diffusum R.Br.
  56. Lycopodium drummondii Spring
  57. Lycopodium fastigiatum R.Br.
  58. Lycopodium filiforme Sw.
  59. Lycopodium hippuris Desv.
  60. Lycopodium laterale R.Br.
  61. Lycopodium laterale var. diffusum (R.Br.) Hook.f.
  62. Lycopodium laterale var. minus Spring
  63. Lycopodium lockyeri D.L.Jones & B.Gray
  64. Lycopodium marsupiiforme D.L.Jones & B.Gray
  65. Lycopodium molongense Herter
  66. Lycopodium myrtifolium G.Forst.
  67. Lycopodium pachystachyum Desv.
  68. Lycopodium phlegmaria L.
  69. Lycopodium phlegmaria var. longibracteatum Domin
  70. Lycopodium phlegmarioides Gaudich.
  71. Lycopodium polytrichoides Kaulf.
  72. Lycopodium proliferum Blume
  73. Lycopodium sanguisorba Spring
  74. Lycopodium scariosum G.Forst.
  75. Lycopodium scariosum var. decurrens (R.Br.) Hook.
  76. Lycopodium sect. Campylostachys Müll.Berol.
  77. Lycopodium sect. Diphasium (C.Presl ex Rothm.) B.Øllg.
  78. Lycopodium sect. Magellanica B.Øllg.
  79. Lycopodium sect. Pseudodiphasium (Holub) B.Øllg.
  80. Lycopodium sect. Pseudolycopodium (Holub) B.Øllg.
  81. Lycopodium selago L.
  82. Lycopodium serpentinum Kunze
  83. Lycopodium serratum Thunb. ex Murray
  84. Lycopodium serratum Thunb.
  85. Lycopodium squarrosum G.Forst.
  86. Lycopodium tetrapterygium F.M.Bailey
  87. Lycopodium varium R.Br.
  88. Lycopodium varium var. alpinum R.Br.
  89. Lycopodium varium var. umbrosum R.Br.
  90. Lycopodium volubile G.Forst.
  91. Lygodium microphyllum (Cav.) R.Br.
  92. Lygodium reticulatum Schkuhr
  93. Mountain Clubmoss
  94. Phylloglossum Kunze
  95. Phylloglossum drummondii Kunze
  96. Pseudodiphasium Holub
  97. Pseudolycopodium Holub
  98. Rat'sTail Tassel Fern
  99. Slender Clubmoss
  100. Snake Fern
  101. Spreading Clubmoss
  102. Square Tassel Fern
  103. Tassel Fern
  104. Ugena microphylla Cav.
  105. Urostachys varius (R.Br.) Herter ex Nessel
  106. Water Tassel Fern
  107. tassel ferns

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