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George, A.S. in Wilson, A.J.G. (ed.) (1999), Banksia. Flora of Australia 17B : 175-250 (Section) George, A.S. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acorn Banksia
  2. Banksia L.f.
  3. Banksia aculeata A.S.George
  4. Banksia aemula R.Br.
  5. Banksia aquifolium Lindl.
  6. Banksia aquilonia (A.S.George) A.S.George
  7. Banksia ashbyi Baker f.
  8. Banksia aspleniifolia Salisb.
  9. Banksia attenuata R.Br.
  10. Banksia audax C.A.Gardner
  11. Banksia australis R.Br.
  12. Banksia australis var. depressa (R.Br.) Hook.f.
  13. Banksia barbigera Meisn.
  14. Banksia baueri R.Br.
  15. Banksia baxteri R.Br.
  16. Banksia benthamiana C.A.Gardner
  17. Banksia blechnifolia F.Muell.
  18. Banksia brevidentata (A.S.George) K.R.Thiele
  19. Banksia brownii Baxter ex R.Br.
  20. Banksia burdettii Baker f.
  21. Banksia caleyi R.Br.
  22. Banksia caleyi var. sinuosa Meisn.
  23. Banksia candolleana Meisn.
  24. Banksia canei J.H.Willis
  25. Banksia chamaephyton A.S.George
  26. Banksia coccinea R.Br.
  27. Banksia collina R.Br.
  28. Banksia compar R.Br.
  29. Banksia conchifera Gaertn.
  30. Banksia conferta A.S.George
  31. Banksia conferta A.S.George subsp. conferta
  32. Banksia conferta subsp. penicillata (A.S.George) A.S.George
  33. Banksia conferta A.S.George var. conferta
  34. Banksia conferta var. penicillata A.S.George
  35. Banksia corniculata Balb.
  36. Banksia cuneata A.S.George
  37. Banksia cuneifolia Hoffmanns.
  38. Banksia cunninghamii Sieber ex Rchb.
  39. Banksia cylindrostachya Lindl.
  40. Banksia dentata L.f.
  41. Banksia denticulata Dum.Cours.
  42. Banksia depressa R.Br.
  43. Banksia depressa var. subintegra Meisn.
  44. Banksia dilleniifolia Knight
  45. Banksia dolichostyla (A.S.George) K.R.Thiele
  46. Banksia dryandroides Baxter ex Sweet
  47. Banksia elatior R.Br.
  48. Banksia elderiana F.Muell. & Tate
  49. Banksia elegans Meisn.
  50. Banksia epica A.S.George
  51. Banksia ericifolia L.f.
  52. Banksia ericifolia L.f. subsp. ericifolia
  53. Banksia ericifolia subsp. macrantha (A.S.George) A.S.George
  54. Banksia ericifolia L.f. var. ericifolia
  55. Banksia ericifolia var. macrantha A.S.George
  56. Banksia eugelii Jacques
  57. Banksia fagifolia Hoffmanns.
  58. Banksia ferrea Spreng.
  59. Banksia floribunda J.Drumm.
  60. Banksia gardneri A.S.George
  61. Banksia gardneri var. brevidentata A.S.George
  62. Banksia gardneri A.S.George var. gardneri
  63. Banksia gardneri var. hiemalis A.S.George
  64. Banksia glauca (R.Br.) Cav.
  65. Banksia goodii R.Br.
  66. Banksia grandidentata Dum.Cours.
  67. Banksia grandis Willd.
  68. Banksia grossa A.S.George
  69. Banksia guentheri Regel
  70. Banksia gunnii Meisn.
  71. Banksia heterophylla Colla
  72. Banksia hiemalis (A.S.George) K.R.Thiele
  73. Banksia hookeri J.Drumm.
  74. Banksia hookeriana Meisn.
  75. Banksia huegelii R.Br. ex Sweet
  76. Banksia hypoleuca Hoffmanns.
  77. Banksia ilicifolia R.Br.
  78. Banksia ilicifolia var. integrifolia Benth.
  79. Banksia incana A.S.George
  80. Banksia incognita Anon.
  81. Banksia insularis R.Br.
  82. Banksia integerrima Dum.Cours.
  83. Banksia integrifolia L.f.
  84. Banksia integrifolia subsp. aquilonia (A.S.George) K.R.Thiele
  85. Banksia integrifolia subsp. compar (R.Br.) K.R.Thiele
  86. Banksia integrifolia L.f. subsp. integrifolia
  87. Banksia integrifolia subsp. monticola K.R.Thiele
  88. Banksia integrifolia var. aquilonia A.S.George
  89. Banksia integrifolia var. compar (R.Br.) F.M.Bailey
  90. Banksia integrifolia var. dentata Meisn.
  91. Banksia integrifolia var. major R.Br. ex Meisn.
  92. Banksia integrifolia var. oblongifolia (Cav.) Domin
  93. Banksia integrifolia var. paludosa (R.Br.) Benth.
  94. Banksia integrifolia var. typica Domin
  95. Banksia intermedia Sweet ex Courtois
  96. Banksia laevigata Meisn.
  97. Banksia laevigata subsp. fuscolutea A.S.George
  98. Banksia laevigata Meisn. subsp. laevigata
  99. Banksia lambertii Courtois
  100. Banksia lanata A.S.George
  101. Banksia laricina C.A.Gardner
  102. Banksia latifolia R.Br.
  103. Banksia latifolia var. minor Maiden & Camfield
  104. Banksia ledifolia Meisn.
  105. Banksia lemanniana Meisn.
  106. Banksia leptophylla A.S.George
  107. Banksia leptophylla A.S.George var. leptophylla
  108. Banksia leptophylla var. melletica A.S.George
  109. Banksia lindleyana Meisn.
  110. Banksia littoralis R.Br.
  111. Banksia littoralis var. seminuda A.S.George
  112. Banksia longifolia Donn ex F.Dietr.
  113. Banksia longifolia var. pubescens (Willd.) Breiter
  114. Banksia lullfitzii C.A.Gardner
  115. Banksia macrophylla Link
  116. Banksia marcescens R.Br.
  117. Banksia marcescens Bonpl.
  118. Banksia marcescens var. praemorsa (Andrews) Colla
  119. Banksia marginata Cav.
  120. Banksia marginata var. cavanillesii Endl.
  121. Banksia marginata var. diffusa Endl.
  122. Banksia marginata var. humilis Meisn.
  123. Banksia marginata var. microstachya (Cav.) Sims
  124. Banksia media R.Br.
  125. Banksia meisneri Lehm.
  126. Banksia meisneri subsp. ascendens (A.S.George) A.S.George
  127. Banksia meisneri Lehm. subsp. meisneri
  128. Banksia meisneri var. ascendens A.S.George
  129. Banksia menziesii R.Br.
  130. Banksia micrantha A.S.George
  131. Banksia microstachya Cav.
  132. Banksia microstachya var. marginata (Cav.) Domin
  133. Banksia mitis Knight
  134. Banksia musculiformis Gaertn.
  135. Banksia nervosa Filla
  136. Banksia nutans R.Br.
  137. Banksia nutans var. cernuella A.S.George
  138. Banksia nutans R.Br. var. nutans
  139. Banksia oblongifolia Cav.
  140. Banksia oblongifolia var. minor (Maiden & Camfield) Conran & Clifford
  141. Banksia occidentalis R.Br.
  142. Banksia occidentalis subsp. formosa Hopper
  143. Banksia oleifolia Cav.
  144. Banksia oligantha A.S.George
  145. Banksia oreophila A.S.George
  146. Banksia ornata F.Muell. ex Meisn.
  147. Banksia ornata var. rufa A.M.Ashby
  148. Banksia paludosa R.Br.
  149. Banksia paludosa subsp. astrolux A.S.George
  150. Banksia paludosa R.Br. subsp. paludosa
  151. Banksia patula R.Br.
  152. Banksia penicillata (A.S.George) K.R.Thiele
  153. Banksia petiolaris F.Muell.
  154. Banksia phylicaefolia Salisb.
  155. Banksia pilostylis C.A.Gardner
  156. Banksia pinifolia Meisn.
  157. Banksia pinnatisecta F.Muell.
  158. Banksia plagiocarpa A.S.George
  159. Banksia polypodiifolia Knight
  160. Banksia praemorsa Andrews
  161. Banksia praemorsa Dum.Cours.
  162. Banksia prionophylla F.Muell.
  163. Banksia prionotes Lindl.
  164. Banksia procumbens Dum.Cours.
  165. Banksia prostrata R.Br.
  166. Banksia pubescens Roem. & Schult.
  167. Banksia pulchella R.Br.
  168. Banksia purpurea Schnizl.
  169. Banksia quercifolia R.Br.
  170. Banksia quercifolia var. integrifolia F.Muell.
  171. Banksia repens Labill.
  172. Banksia reticulata Hoffmanns.
  173. Banksia robur Cav.
  174. Banksia robur var. minor (Maiden & Camfield) Maiden & Betche
  175. Banksia rosmarinifolius G.Benn.
  176. Banksia salicifolia Cav.
  177. Banksia saxicola A.S.George
  178. Banksia scabrella A.S.George
  179. Banksia sceptrum Meisn.
  180. Banksia L.f. sect. Banksia
  181. Banksia sect. Coccinea (A.S.George) T.L.Maguire, Sedgley & Conran
  182. Banksia sect. Cyrtostylis Benth.
  183. Banksia sect. Eubanksia Meisn.
  184. Banksia sect. Orthostylis Benth.
  185. Banksia seminuda (A.S.George) Rye
  186. Banksia seminuda subsp. remanens Hopper
  187. Banksia ser. Abietinae Meisn.
  188. Banksia L.f. ser. Banksia
  189. Banksia ser. Bauerinae A.S.George
  190. Banksia ser. Coccineae A.S.George
  191. Banksia ser. Crocinae A.S.George
  192. Banksia ser. Cyrtostylis (Benth.) A.S.George
  193. Banksia ser. Dryandroideae Meisn.
  194. Banksia ser. Grandes A.S.George
  195. Banksia ser. Lindleyana K.R.Thiele
  196. Banksia ser. Ochraceae K.R.Thiele
  197. Banksia ser. Orthostylis (Benth.) A.S.George
  198. Banksia ser. Prostratae A.S.George
  199. Banksia ser. Quercinae Meisn.
  200. Banksia ser. Salicinae Meisn.
  201. Banksia ser. Spicigerae A.S.George
  202. Banksia ser. Tetragonae A.S.George
  203. Banksia ser. Tricuspidae A.S.George
  204. Banksia serrata L.f.
  205. Banksia serrata var. hirsuta R.T.Baker
  206. Banksia serrata var. latifolia Raf.
  207. Banksia serratifolia Salisb.
  208. Banksia serrifolia Knight
  209. Banksia solandri R.Br.
  210. Banksia solandri var. major Meisn.
  211. Banksia speciosa R.Br.
  212. Banksia sphaerocarpa R.Br.
  213. Banksia sphaerocarpa var. caesia A.S.George
  214. Banksia sphaerocarpa var. dolichostyla A.S.George
  215. Banksia sphaerocarpa var. glabrescens Meisn.
  216. Banksia sphaerocarpa var. latifolia F.Muell. ex Benth.
  217. Banksia sphaerocarpa var. major Fairall
  218. Banksia sphaerocarpa var. pinifolia Blackall
  219. Banksia sphaerocarpa R.Br. var. sphaerocarpa
  220. Banksia sphaerocarpa var. violacea Blackall
  221. Banksia spicata Gaertn.
  222. Banksia spinulosa Sm.
  223. Banksia spinulosa var. collina (R.Br.) A.S.George
  224. Banksia spinulosa var. cunninghamii (Sieber ex Rchb.) A.S.George
  225. Banksia spinulosa var. neoanglica A.S.George
  226. Banksia spinulosa Sm. var. spinulosa
  227. Banksia L.f. subg. Banksia
  228. Banksia subg. Isostylis R.Br.
  229. Banksia subser. Acclives K.R.Thiele
  230. Banksia subser. Cratistyles K.R.Thiele
  231. Banksia subser. Ericifoliae K.R.Thiele
  232. Banksia subser. Integrifoliae K.R.Thiele
  233. Banksia subser. Leptophyllae K.R.Thiele
  234. Banksia subser. Longistyles K.R.Thiele
  235. Banksia subser. Nutantes K.R.Thiele
  236. Banksia subser. Occidentales K.R.Thiele
  237. Banksia subser. Sphaerocarpae K.R.Thiele
  238. Banksia subser. Spinulosae K.R.Thiele
  239. Banksia telmatiaea A.S.George
  240. Banksia tomentosa F.Muell.
  241. Banksia tricuspis Meisn.
  242. Banksia uncigera Knight
  243. Banksia undulata Lindl.
  244. Banksia verticillata R.Br.
  245. Banksia victoriae Meisn.
  246. Banksia violacea C.A.Gardner
  247. Bull Banksia
  248. Burdett's Banksia
  249. Burma Road Banksia
  250. Creeping Banksia
  251. Dallachy's Banksia
  252. Eubanksia Endl.
  253. Firewood Banksia
  254. Fox Banksia
  255. Grampians Banksia
  256. Granite Banksia
  257. Holly-leaved Banksia
  258. Isostylis (R.Br.) Spach
  259. Isostylis dentata (L.f.) Britten
  260. Isostylis ericifolia (L.f.) Britten
  261. Isostylis integrifolia (L.f.) Britten
  262. Isostylis serrata (L.f.) Britten
  263. Lesueur Banksia
  264. Mangite
  265. Matchstick Banksia
  266. Menzies' Banksia
  267. Mountain Banksia
  268. Nodding Banksia
  269. Porcupine Banksia
  270. Red Swamp Banksia
  271. River Banksia
  272. Rose Banksia
  273. Saw Banksia
  274. Scarlet Banksia
  275. Sceptre Banksia
  276. Sirmuellera Kuntze
  277. Sirmuellera attenuata (R.Br.) Kuntze
  278. Sirmuellera baueri (R.Br.) Kuntze
  279. Sirmuellera baxteri (R.Br.) Kuntze
  280. Sirmuellera brownii (R.Br.) Kuntze
  281. Sirmuellera caleyi (R.Br.) Kuntze
  282. Sirmuellera candolleana (Meisn.) Kuntze
  283. Sirmuellera coccinea (R.Br.) Kuntze
  284. Sirmuellera collina (R.Br.) Kuntze
  285. Sirmuellera dentata (L.f.) Kuntze
  286. Sirmuellera dryandroides (Sweet) Kuntze
  287. Sirmuellera elegans (Meisn.) Kuntze
  288. Sirmuellera ericifolia (L.f.) Kuntze
  289. Sirmuellera goodii (R.Br.) Kuntze
  290. Sirmuellera grandis (Willd.) Kuntze
  291. Sirmuellera hookeriana (Meisn.) Kuntze
  292. Sirmuellera ilicifolia (R.Br.) Kuntze
  293. Sirmuellera integrifolia (L.f.) Kuntze
  294. Sirmuellera laevigata (Meisn.) Kuntze
  295. Sirmuellera lemanniana (Meisn.) Kuntze
  296. Sirmuellera lindleyana (Meisn.) Kuntze
  297. Sirmuellera littoralis (R.Br.) Kuntze
  298. Sirmuellera media (R.Br.) Kuntze
  299. Sirmuellera meisneri (Lehm.) Kuntze
  300. Sirmuellera menziesii (R.Br.) Kuntze
  301. Sirmuellera nutans (R.Br.) Kuntze
  302. Sirmuellera occidentalis (R.Br.) Kuntze
  303. Sirmuellera ornata (Meisn.) Kuntze
  304. Sirmuellera petiolaris (F.Muell.) Kuntze
  305. Sirmuellera praemorsa (Andrews) Kuntze
  306. Sirmuellera prionotes (Lindl.) Kuntze
  307. Sirmuellera prostrata Kuntze
  308. Sirmuellera pulchella (R.Br.) Kuntze
  309. Sirmuellera quercifolia (R.Br.) Kuntze
  310. Sirmuellera repens (Labill.) Kuntze
  311. Sirmuellera robur (Cav.) Kuntze
  312. Sirmuellera sceptrum (Meisn.) Kuntze
  313. Sirmuellera serrata (L.f.) Kuntze
  314. Sirmuellera solandri (R.Br.) Kuntze
  315. Sirmuellera speciosa (R.Br.) Kuntze
  316. Sirmuellera sphaerocarpa (R.Br.) Kuntze
  317. Sirmuellera spinulosa (Sm.) Kuntze
  318. Sirmuellera tricuspis (Meisn.) Kuntze
  319. Sirmuellera verticillata (R.Br.) Kuntze
  320. Sirmuellera victoriae (Meisn.) Kuntze
  321. Slender Banksia
  322. Southern Plains Banksia
  323. Stirling Range Banksia
  324. Swamp Banksia
  325. Swamp Fox Banksia
  326. Teasel Banksia
  327. Tropical Banksia
  328. Violet Banksia
  329. Wallum Banksia
  330. Western Mountain Banksia
  331. Woolly Banksia
  332. Woolly Orange Banksia

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