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Pedley, L. (25 January 1999), Notes on Acacia (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) chiefly from northern Australia. Austrobaileya 5(2) (Paper) Pedley, L. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia abbatiana Pedley
  2. Acacia arbiana Pedley
  3. Acacia argyrotricha Pedley
  4. Acacia barakulensis Pedley
  5. Acacia barakulensis Pedley ex Lithgow
  6. Acacia burdekensis Pedley
  7. Acacia convallium Pedley
  8. Acacia faucium Pedley
  9. Acacia filipes Pedley
  10. Acacia fodinalis Pedley
  11. Acacia hendersonii Pedley
  12. Acacia johannis Pedley
  13. Acacia lacertensis Pedley
  14. Acacia leiocalyx (Domin) Pedley
  15. Acacia longispicata subsp. velutina Pedley
  16. Acacia proiantha Pedley
  17. Acacia rubricola Pedley
  18. Acacia scopularum Pedley
  19. Acacia scopulorum Pedley
  20. Acacia solenota Pedley
  21. Acacia sp. (Barakula L.A.Nielsen 15)
  22. Acacia sp. (Blackdown Tableland R.J.Henderson+ 1199)
  23. Acacia sp. (Inglewood A.R.Bean 1115)
  24. Acacia sp. (Mt Abbot A.R.Bean 4873)
  25. Acacia sp. (Mt Mulligan J.R.Clarkson 8217)
  26. Acacia sp. (Norwich Park J.Martin AQ349851)
  27. Acacia sp. (Ropers Peak P.I.Forster PIF7209)
  28. Acacia sp. (Torrens Creek C.T.White 8725)
  29. Acacia tingoorensis Pedley
  30. Racosperma leiocalyx (Domin) Pedley

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