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Kükenthal, G. in Engler, H.G.A. (1909), Cyperaceae - Caricoideae. Das Pflanzenreich 38 : 1-824 (Paper) Kükenthal, G. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Carex [unranked] Pseudo-Cypereae Tuck.
  2. Carex acicularis Boott
  3. Carex acuta L.
  4. Carex alsophila F.Muell.
  5. Carex appressa R.Br.
  6. Carex appressa R.Br. f. appressa
  7. Carex appressa f. diaphana (Boott) Kük.
  8. Carex appressa f. minor Kük.
  9. Carex appressa var. elatior Nees
  10. Carex appressa var. virgata (Sol. ex Boott) Kük.
  11. Carex archeri Boott
  12. Carex barbata Boott
  13. Carex bichenoviana Boott
  14. Carex bicolor All.
  15. Carex breviculmis R.Br.
  16. Carex breviculmis R.Br. var. breviculmis
  17. Carex breviculmis var. stipitata Kük.
  18. Carex brownii Steud.
  19. Carex brownii Tuck.
  20. Carex brunnea Thunb. ex Murray
  21. Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb.
  22. Carex caespitosa L.
  23. Carex canescens L.
  24. Carex canescens var. robusta Blytt
  25. Carex canescens var. robustior Blytt ex Andersson
  26. Carex capillacea Boott
  27. Carex capitata L.
  28. Carex cataractae R.Br.
  29. Carex cephalotes F.Muell.
  30. Carex cernua Boott
  31. Carex cernua var. lobolepis (F.Muell.) Kük.
  32. Carex chlorantha R.Br.
  33. Carex chlorantha var. composita Benth.
  34. Carex compacta (R.Br.) Poir.
  35. Carex conoidea Willd.
  36. Carex contracta F.Muell.
  37. Carex cryptostachys Brongn.
  38. Carex cunninghamii Boott
  39. Carex declinata Boott
  40. Carex diaphana Boott
  41. Carex dissita var. neesiana (Endl.) Kük.
  42. Carex echinata Murray
  43. Carex fascicularis Sol. ex Boott
  44. Carex fissilis Boott
  45. Carex flava L.
  46. Carex fuirenoides Gaudich.
  47. Carex gaudichaudiana Kunth
  48. Carex gaudichaudiana var. contracta (F.Muell.) Kük.
  49. Carex gaudichaudiana Kunth var. gaudichaudiana
  50. Carex gaudichaudiana var. humilior Kük.
  51. Carex gracilis R.Br.
  52. Carex gunniana Boott
  53. Carex gunniana var. barbata (Boott) Kük.
  54. Carex gunniana var. brevior Kük.
  55. Carex gunniana Boott var. gunniana
  56. Carex halmaturina F.Muell. ex Boeckeler
  57. Carex hypandra F.Muell. ex Benth.
  58. Carex indica L.
  59. Carex indica var. fissilis (Boott) Kük.
  60. Carex indica L. var. indica
  61. Carex inversa R.Br.
  62. Carex inversa R.Br. f. inversa
  63. Carex inversa f. major (Boott) Kük.
  64. Carex inversa f. parvula Kük.
  65. Carex inversa var. leichardtii Boeckeler
  66. Carex inversa var. major Boott
  67. Carex inversa var. major Benth.
  68. Carex inversa var. minor Boott
  69. Carex lacistoma R.Br.
  70. Carex littorea Labill.
  71. Carex lobolepis F.Muell.
  72. Carex longebrachiata Boeckeler
  73. Carex longifolia R.Br.
  74. Carex longifolia var. minor Boott
  75. Carex maculata Boott
  76. Carex maculata var. neurochlamys (F.Muell.) Kük.
  77. Carex neesiana Endl.
  78. Carex neurochlamys F.Muell.
  79. Carex nutans γ pumila (Thunb. ex Murray) Boeckeler
  80. Carex oederi Retz.
  81. Carex oederi var. cataractae (R.Br.) Kük.
  82. Carex paniculata L.
  83. Carex paniculata var. subdiaphana Benth.
  84. Carex polyantha F.Muell.
  85. Carex preissii Nees
  86. Carex pseudocyperus L.
  87. Carex pseudocyperus var. fascicularis (Sol. ex Boott) Boott
  88. Carex pumila Thunb. ex Murray
  89. Carex pumila var. bichenoviana (Boott) Kük.
  90. Carex pumila Thunb. ex Murray var. pumila
  91. Carex pyrenaica Wahlenb.
  92. Carex pyrenaica var. cephalotes (F.Muell.) Kük.
  93. Carex rara Boott
  94. Carex rara subsp. capillacea (Boott) Kük.
  95. Carex rara Boott subsp. rara
  96. Carex riparia (R.Br.) Poir.
  97. Carex sect. Bracteosae Pax
  98. Carex sect. Canescentes Fr.
  99. Carex sect. Echinochlaenae (Holmsk.) Kük.
  100. Carex sect. Elatae Kük.
  101. Carex sect. Graciles Kük.
  102. Carex sect. Inversae Kük.
  103. Carex sect. Mitratae Kük.
  104. Carex sect. Multiflorae (Kük.) Kük.
  105. Carex sect. Pseudo-Cypereae Kük.
  106. Carex sect. Rhomboidales Kük.
  107. Carex sect. Spirostachyae Drejer
  108. Carex sect. Stenorhynchae (Holmsk.) Kük.
  109. Carex sect. Tumidae Kük.
  110. Carex sect. Unciniaeformes Kük.
  111. Carex simplicissima F.Muell.
  112. Carex stellulata Gooden.
  113. Carex stellulata var. australis Kük.
  114. Carex striata R.Br.
  115. Carex subg. Eucarex Coss. & Germ.
  116. Carex subg. Primocarex Kük.
  117. Carex subsect. Aciculares Kük.
  118. Carex subsect. Australes Kük.
  119. Carex subsect. Cryptocarpae Kük.
  120. Carex subsect. Eu-Mitratae Kük.
  121. Carex subsect. Graciles (Kük.) Kük.
  122. Carex subsect. Multiflorae Kunth ex Kük.
  123. Carex subsect. Vulgares Asch.
  124. Carex tenella (R.Br.) Poir.
  125. Carex tereticaulis F.Muell.
  126. Carex virgata Sol. ex Boott
  127. Carex vulgaris var. gaudichaudiana (Kunth) Boott
  128. Uncinia clarkei Petrie
  129. Uncinia compacta R.Br.
  130. Uncinia compacta var. δ clarkei (Petrie) Kük.
  131. Uncinia debilior F.Muell.
  132. Uncinia hookeri Boott
  133. Uncinia macrolepis var. elegans (Kük. ex Cheeseman) Kük.
  134. Uncinia riparia R.Br.
  135. Uncinia riparia var. hookeri (Boott) Kük.
  136. Uncinia rupestris Raoul
  137. Uncinia sinclairii var. elegans Kük. ex Cheeseman
  138. Uncinia subg. Eu-Uncinia Kük.
  139. Uncinia Pers. subg. Uncinia
  140. Uncinia tenella R.Br.

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