Vascular Plants

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Green, P.S. (1990), Notes relating to the floras of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands, III. Kew Bulletin 45(2) : 235-255 (Paper) Green, P.S. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Achras howeana F.Muell.
  2. Achras myrsinoides A.Cunn. ex Benth.
  3. Atractocarpus stipularis (F.Muell.) Puttock
  4. Bryonia affinis Endl.
  5. Bryonia pancheri Naudin
  6. Bryonopsis affinis (Endl.) Cogn.
  7. Bryonopsis pancheri (Naudin) Naudin
  8. Clematis dubia (Endl.) P.S.Green
  9. Coprosma huttoniana P.S.Green
  10. Diplocyclos palmatus subsp. affinis (Endl.) P.S.Green
  11. Diplocyclos palmatus (L.) C.Jeffrey subsp. palmatus
  12. Drypetes affinis Pax & K.Hoffm.
  13. Drypetes deplanchei (Brongn. & Gris) Merr.
  14. Drypetes deplanchei subsp. affinis (Pax & K.Hoffm.) P.S.Green
  15. Drypetes deplanchei (Brongn. & Gris) Merr. subsp. deplanchei
  16. Elatostema grande (Wedd.) P.S.Green
  17. Elatostema reticulatum var. grande (Wedd.) Benth.
  18. Elatostema sessile var. grande Wedd.
  19. Euodia littoralis Endl.
  20. Euodia polybotrya C.Moore & F.Muell.
  21. Hibiscus patersonia Andrews
  22. Lagunaea patersonii P.S.Green
  23. Lagunaria patersonia subsp. bracteata (Benth.) P.S.Green
  24. Lagunaria patersonia subsp. bracteatus P.S.Green
  25. Lagunaria patersonia (Andrews) G.Don subsp. patersonia
  26. Lagunaria patersonia var. bracteata Benth.
  27. Lepidium nesophilum Hewson
  28. Melicope littoralis (Endl.) T.G.Hartley
  29. Melicope polybotrya (C.Moore & F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley
  30. Metrosideros nervulosa C.Moore & F.Muell.
  31. Metrosideros sclerocarpa J.W.Dawson
  32. Pandorea pandorana subsp. austrocaledonica (Bureau) P.S.Green
  33. Pandorea pandorana (Andrews) Steenis subsp. pandorana
  34. Parsonsia straminea var. glabrata Pichon
  35. Pouteria myrsinoides (A.Cunn. ex Benth.) Baehni subsp. myrsinoides
  36. Pouteria myrsinoides subsp. reticulata (Baill.) P.S.Green
  37. Randia stipularis F.Muell.
  38. Randia stipulosa C.Moore & F.Muell.
  39. Rapanea ralstoniae P.S.Green
  40. Ripogonum dubium Endl.
  41. Rottboellia coelorachis G.Forst.
  42. Sideroxylon reticulatum Baill.
  43. Tecoma austrocaledonica Bureau

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