Vascular Plants

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Wilson, Paul G. (29 August 1983), A taxonomic revision of the tribe Chenopodieae (Chenopodiaceae) in Australia. Nuytsia 4(2) : 135-262 (Paper) Wilson, Paul G. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Amaranthus enervis (F.Muell.) F.Muell. ex Benth.
  2. Amaranthus tenuis Benth.
  3. Ambrina Spach
  4. Ambrina carinata (R.Br.) Moq.
  5. Ambrina carinata var. parvifolia Moq.
  6. Atriplex glomulifera Nees
  7. Blitum atriplicinum F.Muell.
  8. Blitum carinatum (R.Br.) Steud.
  9. Blitum cristatum F.Muell.
  10. Blitum glandulosum Moq.
  11. Blitum glandulosum var. parvifolium (Moq.) Moq.
  12. Blitum sect. Orthosporum (R.Br.) C.A.Mey.
  13. Blitum virgatum L.
  14. Chenopodium L.
  15. Chenopodium album L.
  16. Chenopodium ambiguum R.Br.
  17. Chenopodium ambiguum var. majus Moq.
  18. Chenopodium ambiguum var. minus Moq.
  19. Chenopodium ambrosioides L.
  20. Chenopodium anidiophyllum Aellen
  21. Chenopodium atriplicinum (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  22. Chenopodium auricomiforme Murr & Thell.
  23. Chenopodium auricomum Lindl.
  24. Chenopodium auricomum f. subglabrum Aellen
  25. Chenopodium australasicum Moq.
  26. Chenopodium baccatum Labill.
  27. Chenopodium biforme Nees
  28. Chenopodium blackianum Aellen
  29. Chenopodium bonus-henricus L.
  30. Chenopodium browneanum Roem. & Schult.
  31. Chenopodium carinatum R.Br.
  32. Chenopodium carinatum f. foliosum Domin
  33. Chenopodium carinatum f. leucocarpum Aellen
  34. Chenopodium carinatum f. rubellum Aellen
  35. Chenopodium carinatum var. holopterum Aellen
  36. Chenopodium carinatum var. melanocarpum J.M.Black
  37. Chenopodium cochlearifolium Aellen
  38. Chenopodium congestum Hook.f.
  39. Chenopodium cristatum (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
  40. Chenopodium cristatum var. holopterum Thell.
  41. Chenopodium curvispicatum Paul G.Wilson
  42. Chenopodium desertorum (J.M.Black) J.M.Black
  43. Chenopodium desertorum subsp. anidiophyllum (Aellen) Paul G.Wilson
  44. Chenopodium desertorum (J.M.Black) J.M.Black subsp. desertorum
  45. Chenopodium desertorum subsp. microphyllum Paul G.Wilson
  46. Chenopodium desertorum subsp. rectum Paul G.Wilson
  47. Chenopodium desertorum subsp. virosum Paul G.Wilson
  48. Chenopodium detestans Kirk
  49. Chenopodium erosum R.Br.
  50. Chenopodium ficifolium Sm.
  51. Chenopodium foliosum (Moench) Asch.
  52. Chenopodium furfuraceum Moq.
  53. Chenopodium gaudichaudianum (Moq.) Paul G.Wilson
  54. Chenopodium glandulosum (Moq.) F.Muell.
  55. Chenopodium glaucum L.
  56. Chenopodium glaucum f. minus (Moq.) Aellen
  57. Chenopodium glaucum subsp. ambiguum (R.Br.) Murr & Thell.
  58. Chenopodium glaucum var. ambiguum (R.Br.) Hook.f.
  59. Chenopodium glaucum var. littorale Rodway
  60. Chenopodium holopterum (Thell.) Thell. & Aellen
  61. Chenopodium hubbardii Aellen
  62. Chenopodium inflatum Aellen
  63. Chenopodium insulare J.M.Black
  64. Chenopodium lanceolatum R.Br.
  65. Chenopodium littorale Moq.
  66. Chenopodium macrospermum Hook.f.
  67. Chenopodium melanocarpum (J.M.Black) J.M.Black
  68. Chenopodium melanocarpum f. leucocarpum (Aellen) Paul G.Wilson
  69. Chenopodium melanocarpum (J.M.Black) J.M.Black f. melanocarpum
  70. Chenopodium microphyllum F.Muell.
  71. Chenopodium microphyllum var. desertorum J.M.Black
  72. Chenopodium multifidum L.
  73. Chenopodium murale L.
  74. Chenopodium murale var. biforme (Nees) Moq.
  75. Chenopodium myriocephalum (Benth.) Aellen
  76. Chenopodium nitrariaceum (F.Muell.) F.Muell. ex Benth.
  77. Chenopodium olidum Curtis
  78. Chenopodium osbornianum Aellen
  79. Chenopodium plantaginellum (F.Muell.) Aellen
  80. Chenopodium polygonoides (Murr) Aellen
  81. Chenopodium preissii (Moq.) Diels
  82. Chenopodium probstii Aellen
  83. Chenopodium pseudomicrophyllum Aellen
  84. Chenopodium pumilio R.Br.
  85. Chenopodium pumilio f. glandulosum (Moq.) Aellen
  86. Chenopodium pumilio var. oblongifolium J.M.Black
  87. Chenopodium rhadinostachyum F.Muell.
  88. Chenopodium rubrum L.
  89. Chenopodium saxatile Paul G.Wilson
  90. Chenopodium sect. Ambrina Hook.f.
  91. Chenopodium sect. Atriplicina Aellen
  92. Chenopodium sect. Auricoma Aellen
  93. Chenopodium sect. Carinatum Standl.
  94. Chenopodium sect. Chenopodiastrum Moq.
  95. Chenopodium sect. Degenia Aellen
  96. Chenopodium sect. Desertorum Paul G.Wilson
  97. Chenopodium sect. Euchenopodium Ulbr.
  98. Chenopodium sect. Leprophyllum Dumort.
  99. Chenopodium sect. Orthosporum R.Br.
  100. Chenopodium sect. Polygonoidea Aellen
  101. Chenopodium sect. Rhagodioides Benth.
  102. Chenopodium sect. Tetrasepala Aellen
  103. Chenopodium simulans (F.Muell. & Tate) F.Muell. & Tate
  104. Chenopodium sp. aff. suecicum
  105. Chenopodium stellulatum (Benth.) Aellen
  106. Chenopodium subg. Ambrosia A.J.Scott
  107. Chenopodium L. subg. Chenopodium
  108. Chenopodium subsect. Pseudoblitum Benth. & Hook.f.
  109. Chenopodium triandrum G.Forst.
  110. Chenopodium triandrum var. lanuginosum F.E.Havil.
  111. Chenopodium triangulare R.Br.
  112. Chenopodium triangulare subsp. convolvulinum Murr
  113. Chenopodium triangulare subsp. polygonoides (Murr) Murr
  114. Chenopodium triangulare var. angustifolium Benth.
  115. Chenopodium triangulare var. convolvulinum (Murr) Maiden & Betche
  116. Chenopodium triangulare var. polygonoides Murr
  117. Chenopodium triangulare var. stellulatum Benth.
  118. Chenopodium trigonocarpum Aellen
  119. Chenopodium trigonum Schult.
  120. Chenopodium truncatum Paul G.Wilson
  121. Chenopodium ulicinum Gand.
  122. Chenopodium viride L.
  123. Chenopodium vulvaria L.
  124. Chenopodium x bontei Aellen
  125. Chenopodium x bontei nothovar. cristatiforme Aellen
  126. Chenopodium x bontei nothovar. submelanocarpum Aellen
  127. Chenopodium x christii Aellen
  128. Chenopodium x christii nothovar. intermedium Aellen
  129. Chenopodium x christii nothovar. semiconnatum Aellen
  130. Dysphania R.Br.
  131. Dysphania benthamiana Domin
  132. Dysphania glandulosa Paul G.Wilson
  133. Dysphania glomulifera (Nees) Paul G.Wilson
  134. Dysphania glomulifera subsp. eremaea Paul G.Wilson
  135. Dysphania glomulifera (Nees) Paul G.Wilson subsp. glomulifera
  136. Dysphania inflata (Aellen) A.J.Scott
  137. Dysphania kalpari Paul G.Wilson
  138. Dysphania littoralis R.Br.
  139. Dysphania myriocephala Benth.
  140. Dysphania plantaginella F.Muell.
  141. Dysphania platycarpa Paul G.Wilson
  142. Dysphania rhadinostachya (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  143. Dysphania rhadinostachya subsp. inflata (Aellen) Paul G.Wilson
  144. Dysphania rhadinostachya (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott subsp. rhadinostachya
  145. Dysphania sect. Caudatae A.J.Scott
  146. Dysphania sect. Tetrasepalae (Aellen) A.J.Scott
  147. Dysphania simulans F.Muell. & Tate
  148. Dysphania sphaerosperma Paul G.Wilson
  149. Dysphania valida Paul G.Wilson
  150. Einadia Raf.
  151. Einadia hastata (R.Br.) A.J.Scott
  152. Einadia linifolia (R.Br.) Raf.
  153. Einadia nutans (R.Br.) A.J.Scott
  154. Einadia nutans subsp. eremaea Paul G.Wilson
  155. Einadia nutans subsp. linifolia (R.Br.) Paul G.Wilson
  156. Einadia nutans (R.Br.) A.J.Scott subsp. nutans
  157. Einadia nutans subsp. oxycarpa (Gauba) Paul G.Wilson
  158. Einadia nutans var. linifolia (R.Br.) A.J.Scott
  159. Einadia polygonoides (Murr) Paul G.Wilson
  160. Einadia triandra (G.Forst.) A.J.Scott
  161. Einadia trigonos (Schult.) Paul G.Wilson
  162. Einadia trigonos subsp. leiocarpa Paul G.Wilson
  163. Einadia trigonos subsp. stellulata (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson
  164. Einadia trigonos (Schult.) Paul G.Wilson subsp. trigonos
  165. Euxolus enervis F.Muell.
  166. Orthospermum (R.Br.) Opiz
  167. Queensland Bluebush
  168. Red Crumbweed
  169. Rhagodia R.Br.
  170. Rhagodia acicularis Paul G.Wilson
  171. Rhagodia baccata (Labill.) Moq.
  172. Rhagodia baccata (Labill.) Moq. subsp. baccata
  173. Rhagodia baccata subsp. dioica (Nees) Paul G.Wilson
  174. Rhagodia baccata var. angustifolia Moq.
  175. Rhagodia baccata var. congesta (Hook.f.) Hook.f.
  176. Rhagodia baccata var. linearis (Benth.) J.M.Black
  177. Rhagodia billardierei R.Br.
  178. Rhagodia billardierei var. congesta (Hook.f.) Benth.
  179. Rhagodia billardierei var. linearis Benth.
  180. Rhagodia candolleana Moq.
  181. Rhagodia candolleana subsp. argentea Paul G.Wilson
  182. Rhagodia candolleana Moq. subsp. candolleana
  183. Rhagodia chenopodioides Moq.
  184. Rhagodia coralliocarpa S.Moore
  185. Rhagodia crassifolia R.Br.
  186. Rhagodia crassifolia var. latifolia Benth.
  187. Rhagodia cygnorum Gand.
  188. Rhagodia deltophylla (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott
  189. Rhagodia dioica Nees
  190. Rhagodia drummondii Moq.
  191. Rhagodia eremaea Paul G.Wilson
  192. Rhagodia gaudichaudiana Moq.
  193. Rhagodia hastata R.Br.
  194. Rhagodia latifolia (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson
  195. Rhagodia latifolia (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson subsp. latifolia
  196. Rhagodia latifolia subsp. recta Paul G.Wilson
  197. Rhagodia linifolia R.Br.
  198. Rhagodia nitrariacea F.Muell.
  199. Rhagodia nutans R.Br.
  200. Rhagodia nutans var. fallacina Domin
  201. Rhagodia nutans var. oxycarpa Gauba
  202. Rhagodia nutans var. parvifolia Moq.
  203. Rhagodia obovata Moq.
  204. Rhagodia parabolica R.Br.
  205. Rhagodia parabolica var. reclinata (A.Cunn. ex Moq.) Domin
  206. Rhagodia parabolica var. typica Domin
  207. Rhagodia preissii Moq.
  208. Rhagodia preissii subsp. obovata (Moq.) Paul G.Wilson
  209. Rhagodia preissii Moq. subsp. preissii
  210. Rhagodia prostrata A.Cunn. ex Moq.
  211. Rhagodia radiata Nees
  212. Rhagodia reclinata A.Cunn. ex Moq.
  213. Rhagodia spinescens R.Br.
  214. Rhagodia spinescens var. deltophylla F.Muell.
  215. Rhagodia triandra (G.Forst.) Aellen
  216. Rhagodia ulicina (Gand.) Paul G.Wilson
  217. Roubieva Moq.
  218. Salsola carinata (R.Br.) Spreng.
  219. Scleroblitum Ulbr.
  220. Scleroblitum atriplicinum (F.Muell.) Ulbr.
  221. Suaeda sect. Schanginia Volkens

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