Vascular Plants

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Lessing, C.F. (1832), Synopsis Generum Compositarum : null - null (Book) Lessing, C.F. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Anacyclus australis Sieber ex Spreng.
  2. Aster echinatus (Thunb.) Less.
  3. Bellis aculeata Labill.
  4. Bellis ciliaris Labill.
  5. Bellis graminea Labill.
  6. Bidens tenuifolia Labill.
  7. Brachycome aculeata Less.
  8. Brachycome ciliaris Less.
  9. Brachyscome aculeata (Labill.) Less.
  10. Brachyscome ciliaris (Labill.) Less.
  11. Brachystephium Less.
  12. Brachystephium leucanthemoides Less.
  13. Breea Less.
  14. Breea arvensis (L.) Less.
  15. Calocephalus citreus Less.
  16. Calocephalus lacteus Less.
  17. Calyptocarpus Less.
  18. Calyptocarpus vialis Less.
  19. Chrysocoma squamata Labill.
  20. Chrysogonum L.
  21. Conyza Less.
  22. Crossolepis Less.
  23. Crossolepis linifolia Less.
  24. Dimorphotheca annua Less.
  25. Erechthites Less.
  26. Gamolepis Less.
  27. Gazania krebsiana Less.
  28. Glossogyne Cass.
  29. Glossogyne tenuifolia (Labill.) Cass. ex Less.
  30. Gymnostyles pterosperma Juss.
  31. Helichrysum ferrugineum (Lam.) Pers.
  32. Helichrysum Mill. subg. Helichrysum
  33. Ixiauchenus Less.
  34. Ixiauchenus lyratus Less.
  35. Leptorhynchos Less.
  36. Leptorhynchos linearis Less.
  37. Leptorhynchos squamatus (Labill.) Less.
  38. Leucophyta brownei Less.
  39. Leucophyta brownii Cass.
  40. Microgyne Less.
  41. Oligocarpus Less.
  42. Oligocarpus calendulaceus (L.f.) Less.
  43. Osteospermum calendulaceum L.f.
  44. Paquerina graminea (Labill.) Less.
  45. Pentzia globosa Less.
  46. Pentzia virgata Less.
  47. Podocoma Cass.
  48. Podosperma angustifolia Labill.
  49. Podotheca angustifolia (Labill.) Less.
  50. Pteronia echinata Thunb.
  51. Pyrethrum diversifolium Graham ex Hook.
  52. Serratula arvensis L.
  53. Soliva pterosperma (Juss.) Less.
  54. Stephanocoma Less.
  55. Stephanocoma carduoides Less.
  56. Strongylosperma Less.
  57. Strongylosperma australe (Sieber ex Spreng.) Less.
  58. Verbesina calendulacea L.
  59. Wedelia calendulacea (L.) Less.
  60. Xeranthemum ferrugineum Lam.

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