Vascular Plants

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Hereman, S. (ed.) (1868), Paxton's Botanical Dictionary (Book) Hereman, S. Editor
Names in this reference:
  1. Acacia bispinosa Hereman
  2. Acroclinium x atroroseum Hereman
  3. Aotus lanigera var. incana Hereman
  4. Aotus lanigera A.Cunn. ex Benth. var. lanigera
  5. Aphelexis macrantha (Benth.) Hereman
  6. Aphelexis macrantha (Benth.) Hereman var. macrantha
  7. Aphelexis macrantha var. rosea Hereman
  8. Brachysema drummondii Hereman
  9. Chorizema cordata var. splendens Hereman
  10. Chorizema cordatum var. elegans Hereman
  11. Chorizema genistifolia Hereman
  12. Chorizema varia var. chandleri Hereman
  13. Chorizema varia var. grandiflorum Hereman
  14. Chorozema genistaefolia Hereman
  15. Daviesia racemulosa DC.
  16. Dillwynia rudis var. sanguinea Hereman
  17. Dryandra pteridifolia var. blechnifolia Hereman
  18. Dryandra pteridifolia R.Br. var. pteridifolia
  19. Eriochasma Hereman
  20. Eriochasma distans Hereman
  21. Eriochasma stellapilis Hereman
  22. Eriochasma sulcata Hereman
  23. Eriochasma tomentosa Hereman
  24. Eriochosma (J.Sm.) Hereman
  25. Eriochosma distans (R.Br.) Hereman
  26. Eriochosma tomentosa (Desv.) Hereman
  27. Haloragis cordigera Fenzl
  28. Haloragis scoparia Fenzl
  29. Helichrysum macranthum Benth.
  30. Loudonia cordigera (Fenzl) Hereman
  31. Loudonia scoparia (Fenzl) Hereman
  32. Nothoclaena Hereman
  33. Nothoclaena tomentosa Hereman
  34. Notholaena [infragenus] Eriochosma J.Sm.
  35. Notholaena distans R.Br.
  36. Notholaena tomentosa Desv.
  37. Persoonia heterophylla var. lutea Hereman
  38. Podolobium aquifolium Hereman
  39. Podolobium staurophyllum Sieber ex DC.
  40. Roella L.
  41. Roella fruticulosa (DC.) Hereman
  42. Zygophyllum fruticulosum DC.

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